Why is it,

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that children go on a fruit kick, actually a single fruit kick, as in they will eat only one fruit but tons of it, like 6 bananas a day. And then when you give in and buy enough to last several days so that you’re not going to the store every day, they quit eating them, won’t touch them if their lives depend on it. I had 3 hands of almost black bananas from just such an event. when I discovered that he wasn’t going to eat them I knew that the bananas were going to turn before they got eaten. (I don’t eat bananas.. ewww.) So today I made banana bread. I have 3 loaves in the oven now. I will send one to work with Hubster, give the second away (debating between Father in Law and my Step-Mom at the moment) and keep the third here for the family. I love putting things to use when ever I can.

And my world came to a crashing halt…

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not really, I just have that phrase stuck in my head for some reason, so I thought I would use it. Anyway….

Last month I decided to cut my sugar intake, I mean way cut it, I eliminated soda (not that I was drinking a lot of them at that point, I had weaned myself off them mostly) and I stopped eating anything that was just sugar. I picked up several types of sugarless candy for when I get those, I just gotta have it now sweet cravings that always kill my cut the sugar resolve…some are just plain nasty, but some are really good. The best ones I have found are Werther’s Original Sugar-free Sunkist Citrus Blend hard candies and Lifesavers sugar free.  They are all hits with most everyone in the house, the kids love them, and my 4yo regularly demands ‘Life Guards’ when he wants a treat.  I am doing pretty well, every now and then I fall off the wagon and I want just a drink here or there of a soda, not a whole one, just a little, but otherwise really well.

And now I have decided to add to it. I am going to do my best to cut processed wheat, this means all breads, tortillas, pastas. This one is gonna be hard. I am not touching pasta’s yet, but I am trying not to fall back on them as I cut bread elsewhere. I may end up cooking 2 sets of meals, one for me, and one for my family, but I am determined to at least try it and see how it goes.

Wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday.

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We ended up going out to my step-mother in law’s mom’s house  on Thursday evening, we spent the evening there, had a good time.

On Friday I cooked a traditional Thanksgiving dinner with Turkey, stuffing, sweet potatoes, rolls and several other items. We ended up having a total of 12 people for Thanksgiving Dinner we had a blast. The kids played kickball outside, the adults found a movie to watch, much to my relief, and I didn’t have to listen to football at maximum volume.

Saturday I got up early and put a prime rib on the smoker, and then I went back to bed. I got up at a more normal time, and started my second big meal, scalloped potatoes, more sweet potatoes, grilled asparagus, more rolls. We ended up with 10 for that meal, and  I have to admit, it turned out even better than the Turkey.

The last of the guests left this morning and I have spent most of the day resting, after standing on my cement floors for the last 3 days, my feet, legs and lower back are hurting. Tomorrow the kids go back to school, and I will be thankful for the peace and quiet again.

An end in sight….

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Today the remaining parts for my stove were delivered… the glass top and the recalled panel, I received the moisture seal last week. I called the company that  Frigidaire gave me to have the repair done, they will be here tomorrow, between 1 and 5 to do the repair. I can’t wait… after 3 weeks with no stove top, I am excited…

fall means real food…

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You can always tell when the weather has cooled off to a livable level around here.. I actually start cooking real food again, and not just the “what can I make fast so I can get out of the hot kitchen” fare we have during the summer… I enjoy cooking, I like finding meals that my family likes, or loves, and I really don’t mind elaborate meals. In fact, cooking Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners are some of my favorite parts of the winter.

Pumpkins are being cooked and frozen for the winter meals, bread baked, pies and cookies have started making appearances… as well as longer cooking meals in the oven… Lasagna, enchiladas, etc. Things that just don’t turn out as well in the Crockpot.

I think I may have to pull out one of my turkeys soon, that sounds about perfect…

Tomorrow! Tomorrow!!

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I love you, Tomorrow, you’re only a day away!!!

ok, yeah, I have Annie stuck in my head now, but this does express my excitement about tomorrow. Hubster will be home after 3 weeks away. I can barely contain my joy. He is back in this country again, for which I can only be thankful, I was a little worried about those long flights.

I have done a lot of house cleaning, trying to make sure everything looks good when hubby gets home. Major battling with the Laundry Monster, I swear dirty clothes hide everywhere and I can never get caught up.


I decided to try a shortbread cookie recipe, I found it on the Pioneer Woman website, looks good.  I have lots of serving ideas…

I am preparing for school, what to pack in lunches, what do we still need to buy, what we can get away without buying yet, and what is on sale where.