4 year old boys.

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I have one. and he is a hoot. He is the youngest of my children and there is 4.5 years between him and his next oldest sibling. I will state that he is a bit advanced for his age, It’s normal for him to wander around the house counting to 100, or spelling the names of everyone in the house. He plays the computer and video games that his older sisters (ages 9 and 10) play, with as much ease and skill (unless it requires reading, He’s being stubborn about actually reading) as they do.

This morning he is going through my games cabinet (which is not small, and packed) and pulling out one game at a time, playing it by himself for a little while, before putting it away and getting out something else. He told me this morning as I was walking by the cabinet where he was pulling out a new game that he couldn’t play chess, as he had already played it, and he has already gotten his 34 points and won the game. After further investigation, I discovered that 34 points in any game means you win.

This makes me wonder several things.

  1. How do you score points in chess?
  2. How did he arrive at 34 as the magic number for winning?
  3. How on earth did he manage to score 34 points when he was playing Yahzee by himself?
  4. Monopoly?
  5. Life?
  6. Candy Land?

I could see it when he was playing Ants in the Pants, but he has played a large array of games that are way above his age level today, and I guess, if you don’t know the rules, you just make them up.

Hubby socks

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ARE DONE!!!!  I finished them yesterday, with just 4 days left until he returns (today it is 3 days, but not like I am counting or anything)  They are in hiding with the rest of the Christmas stuff…

On the other hand, I am seriously wondering about my children’s sanity. The oldest (9) and the youngest (3) are each holding pencils rolled up in  washcloths, and then a rubberband to hold it on.  They will at random point them at each other and shout things. Things like “Expeliarmus”  and “Impedimentia” but I think my favorite is from my 3yo. He is pointing his at his sister and yelling “Expelidavra” I am wondering if it will kill the wand that flies across the room?

Ahh… the joys of children…

I will let them do this until I can’t stand it anymore, and then I will find work for them to do.

See, Mom’s not so dumb.

Kids Games

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I am sitting here eating brunch (ok, it was after noon, but it was my first meal) and I hear  my 2 year old yelling “Help!! Help!! ‘pider!! Help!! and I look over and he is rolled up in a quilt off one of the girls beds… so my oldest tells him “I’ll help you!” and unrolls him. then she rolls up in it.. aparently they are pretending that there is a giant spider who has caught them and wrapped them in web and is getting ready to eat them. All I could do was laugh, it was funny!

We have succumbed


to the Wii craze. It is so hot here I can’t bear to drag myself out in this killer heat. So I sit here at home, dealing with kids, reading, and just not getting much exercise. I have been looking at Wii Fit for several weeks thinking it might help, and would be good exercise, but could I really justify that kind of money just for me???  Well, Hubby came home last night, he had been talking to a co-worker, and a superior at work, and talking about the different games, and how many people are ending up in dr’s offices with sore muscles from this game system, simply because they are not used to using those muscles.

So we discussed it, did a little shopping around online… and I went out this morning, hunting… Best Buy, Target, Toys R Us didn’t have them in stock, Target has no clue when they will get more, couldn’t find anyone at TRU to ask, and Best Buy will get more in on Sunday. So I hit Wal-mart. Wal-mart has 3 in stock, but no Fit. They do however have Wii Play, which has several games, and an extra controller. So I called and talked to Hubby. I could get the Wii there, and go back across town to the Target, that had the Fit in stock, or I can just wait on the Fit for a while and play what games we will have with the system (sports) and the Play. So I got the system and the Play, and decided to wait a bit for the Fit.

I got it home, and took about 20 mins to get it all set up, between wressling with kids and moving things to reach the back of my TV. and We started. I sucked royal ass at the tennis, but then.. I suck royal ass at tennis anyway, I tend to hit it too hard and drive the ball through the fence… it comes from playing baseball too long. Then we switched to the baseball… THAT was fun. I had a blast at that.  I have since played most of the games on both disks, loved the boxing, normally I am not much into boxing but it gave both arms a good workout… and I KO’d my opponent in the second round!

Now I can work with it a little each day, and hopefully lose some of this weight I have been fighting.

Stupid Myspace games

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I discovered this afternoon the application on myspace that allows you to buy and sell your friends, and give them titles too. I have had a blast with it… between buying my friends… buying an idiot internet scammer and changing her title, and buying my friends back from the stupid scammer, I have been oddly entertained… Just what I needed to help lift my spirits from the oh so depressing heat wave we are having.

Stupid Internet Games

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A member of TheBoard has come up with a great game, you never use pronouns or proper grammar, you all ways refer to yourself in the third person, and best of all, you call yourself The. So TheBoardBitch is having a blast.  Reading messages left on TheBoard  in this manner is hilarious, and TheBoardBitch has carried it into real life, referring to herself as TheMommy to her family, the family is not so amused by this, but it makes for a good fun day. My husband is also less than amused as TheBoardBitch giggles and even flat out laughs at posts made on TheBoard, but honestly, TheBoardBitch could careless, it is fun, if a bit stupid.