Getting things done.

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Today has been the day of accomplishments. I got up and got one lunch packed, as the other child was eating off the school menu today (they are limited to once a week for cost reasons.) Took the kids to school and ran to the store for the one item I forgot yesterday, a printer cartridge for my printer. I never realize how much I rely on that little sucker till it is gone, plus my printer only takes one cartridge, that cartridge is only $20 and lasts between  6 months and a year, depending on how much printing I do. And, I don’t do a small amount of printing, I print things several times a week, between book labels for mailing, recipes, knitting patterns, school menus, etc.

I have also made 4 loaves of bread this morning, I am almost out of white bread for sandwiches, and since the kids are taking it in their lunches, I need that. Plus, I made myself a grilled cheese with it yesterday, talk about super delicious! And over the weekend I made DH a stew in the crockpot and put it in individual bowls in the freezer for him to take in his lunch. Well, he likes to have buttered french bread with his stew, understandable. But if I am going to go to the effort of making the stew to save money, I am not buying french bread at $2.50 a loaf when I can make 8-10 loaves for that at home. So I have french bread in the oven and white bread rising to bake. It smells heavenly in here.

Plus I have been doing laundry. And I have a couple loads done, I just need to fold and put them away. I also cleaned the kitchen and ran the dishwasher this morning.

Sometimes it seems like I do everything early in the morning, then very little in the afternoons, it is true, I do. For a reason, our power rates are more than double between noon and 7pm than they are for the rest of the day. So I get up, get lots of things done, then relax in the afternoons. This also give me a little bit of time to read and knit too, which translates into me keeping my sanity.

Did you know?

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My internet was down all day today (argh, let me tell you, I am not at all fond of Time-Warner Cable.) So I got lots of cleaning done around here.

Did you know that my desk has a really nice cherry wood surface? And really is not surfaced with 12” of whatever the kids have tossed up there this week? I have also discovered that my coffee table has a glass top (inset in wood) and not a surface made up of papers, crayons, books, hotwheels and other random toys.

I can do your job better….. FAIL.

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ok… 12 days in… he has yet to complete (fold and put away even) a SINGLE load of laundry… if i weren’t sneaking in and doing some, the kids and I would be naked by now…

Last night, when we were totally out of flatware, and he hadn’t even unloaded the dishwasher for 3 days, I went in and did it, and cleaned the rest of the kitchen, myself… While helping my 8yo with her math homework at the same time.

and… he has changed maybe 6 diapers in 12 days… and no… my 2 year old does not wear one diaper for two days… I have been changing him cause hubby won’t….

Plus, I can multi-task, and he is not capable of it.

So… can he do my job better… possibly.. but he is as lazy as I am and doesn’t!!

Dentist appt this morning

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just a cleaning and exam today.. but they discovered I need two fillings and a crown (where I chipped a tooth years ago) my first appt is tomorrow morning (holy fast appointments batman!!!) then they will do the crown on Monday. at least it will all be done then.

Time to get busy

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school starts tomorrow and I would really like to get the house all cleaned up today so that the first day I have the baby, who is so not a baby anymore,  home alone all day will be easier…

Now to motivate the kids…



and cleaning and cleaning, that is how we spent our day. I am talking MAJOR cleaning. moving couches and cleaning in and under them, moving all the things on the counter top and wiping down behind them and all.

And OMG the mopping. I must have mopped 8 times, I mopped until the mop didn’t come up dirty. Mind you, I have tile floors… in the desert. it is NEVER completely clean.

I am so ready for it to be bed time so I can have the relative peace of no running or screaming kids.

Hubby brought me home

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a filing cabinet. a tall, 5 drawer, metal jobbie. it is perfect for what I needed, it sits in the corner that I had to move my desk from because of the water leak, and gives me a platform for my printer, while at the same time, providing tons of storage to help with the overload that is my desk top. We got the truck unloaded this morning. I cleaned up the computer area and moved in the cabinet this afternoon, and I have spent the evening working on cleaning off my desk. There is a chore. I am not sure why everything in the house has to spend at least some time living on my desk, but it does.

If the girls are unsure what to do with something while cleaning up, they dump it on my desk. If they don’t want to walk down the hall to put it in their room, they dump it on my desk. So I regularly have to go through with the trash can and a front loader to clean the thing off. I am not done yet, but I can see desk surface!! and I did manage to finish the first of two steering wheel covers, one for each car. Now I can cast on for the other.

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