Brooks and Dunn, The Last Rodeo

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For my birthday this week, Hubster bought tickets to see Brooks and Dunn in their farewell tour, The Last Rodeo. We ended up taking the long route to the concert, towing our camp trailer half way, setting it up in an RV park, where my mother met us, and she stayed with the kids for us while we went to the concert, knowing that after the concert we were going to stay the night, then head further from home, into the mountains for camping for a week.

So we get to the concert, early, so we can get to our seats with plenty of time, we had front section seats, the best I have ever had for a stadium concert. We sat for a little while, playing stupid games on our phones, and in general being patient. Just before the scheduled start of the show, at 7:30, the opening act came out, a kid (literally) named Trent Dickerson. He claimed he was 16, and looked it if you could see under the cowboy hat he kept pulled low over his face. He sang 4 songs, and surprisingly enough, they were all age appropriate. One called “I Dont’ Have Time for a Girlfriend” and another titled “Sell me a Fake ID” After Trent came Jason Aldean, he performed for an hour, we really enjoyed his performance. He engaged the audience, and played to the crowd.



He played for a good hour, playing a lot of his big songs, and for fun, he played an old rap/country song, originally done by Cowboy Troy. I spent a great deal of the show trying to figure out who  his lead guitarist reminds me of, I didn’t get a great picture, but here he is.


Of course, after Jason Aldean, they had to do a set change, which gave us time to use the restrooms and get more drinks.


When Brooks and Dunn came out on stage there was huge cheering, they started out very upbeat, playing a lot of their more recent fast songs, with projection screens in the back of the stage showing things related to the songs. Very much a modern Country concert. Ronnie Dunn sang probably 90%of the songs they did on stage, and it soon became apparent why they are retiring, something has happened to Kix Brooks’ singing voice. He seemed very upbeat and lively, having lots of fun while he was playing, guitar or harmonica, but when he sang it was subdued, almost as if in pain, and his voice sounded very off.

About 1/3 of the way through their show, Kix sat on a stool out on that peninsula of stage that is so popular, and they played stump the singer, played some very old songs, some things off their first album. When Kix started telling the story behind ‘Lost and Found” I knew what the song was right away, but those around me, who haven’t been listening to country music as long, or are a bit younger than me, had no clue what he was talking about and didn’t recognize the song when he started singing it.

After a bit they picked up the pace a bit, and started doing some more fast paced songs again, Kix took the camera from one of the camera men, and started panning the crowd with it.


One of the last few songs that they did before the encore was Courtesy of the Red, White and Blue, and they brought out a trio of Marines onto stage for the song, and set of a bunch of red white and blue streamers into the crowd and over the marines, it was very touching.

In this last group of songs, Ronnie explained that he has always been a cowboy, since he grew up on the ranch his father was foreman of. But on of his biggest regrets is that he can’t wear a cowboy hat, and never has been able to, he said he looks like a peanut head when he tries… So he did something… and when he sent a picture of it to his wife, she sent an email back stating she wants a seperation. Her next email back said she was so angry she was shaking and he should “go to hell and stay there.”  Then he showed us what he did… and he rolled up his sleeves, which had been around his wrists the whole night, and he would off and on mess with the cuffs, which had caught my attention but I couldn’t figure out what was up…


check out the right forearm…. he said it was real.. and I watched it, there was no sign of it running, or rubbing off like even a permanent marker would from that kind of exertion or sweating. I can understand her anger, I was that angry when Hubster buzzed his head about 8 years ago. I cried, it was that bad…

Despite the requests, they held off performing Boot Scootin’ Boogie until the Encore, which only made it more popular, it was their last song on stage, and while Ronnie sang, Kix pulled up this little girl out of the crowd and danced her around on stage, I am sure that is a memory she will have forever.


All in all it was a great show, and I really enjoyed it, it is too bad they are retiring, but I can understand it.

A birthday, and Mother’s day…

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Friday was my now 10yo daughter’s birthday, she has been begging for a party with all her friends so we talked about it… She didn’t have a lot of people she wanted to invite, but she wanted more than a family party. I talked to Hubster, we decided that she could have a slumber party, if she got her chores all done before hand.

She got all her chores done and she ended up inviting 5 girls for her sleep over. Only two ended up making it, but they spent most of the night up, playing on the Wii, watching movies, and talking in general. I gave up waiting for them to go to sleep around two am. Supposedly they stayed up until 4:30. We got up the next morning, and I baked muffins. Once all the guests were gone the kids and I did very little, we lunged around the house, and dozed most of the day. It was a nice relaxing afternoon.

10 Yo’s favorite gift is an ereader, she loves it, she keeps finding hiding places, plugging in her headphones, and listening to music while she reads.

Mother’s day we didn’t do much, we did clean up the house after the party, and did the laundry the weekend chores that had to get done. It was a nice relaxing weekend, but I will be glad when Hubster gets home again.

He had me order a reader for me for Mother’s Day, the same model we got for the 10 yo, but she got purple and I got red.. it will be here in a few days and after some use I will do a review.

been thinking

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trying to come up with something profound and deep to say about turning 30 today. I failed. I woke up this morning to my grandfather calling to tell me happy birthday, which I really appreciate, he has 5 grandkids, and 13 step-grand kids, and I am the only one he can remember when their birthday is. He knows about when all the others are, but he never remembers the exact day. (He has never been great with the passage of time)  So him remembering mine always makes me feel special.

The kids are out of school today (school doesn’t let out till mid June here) and I have them convinced that even the school district realizes that Mommy’s Birthday is a holiday, one of my better ideas. After that we got the kids all ready, and Hubby took us all out for breakfast.  So much nicer than having all 3 kids beg for something different, and hubby want yet another breakfast.

After we got home I went and hit the local Starbucks for a Mocha for hubby, black tea for me, and all the coffee grounds I could find. We are still gathering coffee grounds and spreading them on the grass to keep cats away. It is really working, but it takes a LOT of coffee grounds to cover a 1/3 acre lot. Plus, it is really good for the grass too.

I also managed to get a nap in this morning, before hubby went to work, it was so nice. The girls are watching TV in the other room, while the baby is napping. I think I may read and knit my afternoon away. and considering little pizza’s for dinner. hmm…



I turn 30 next week. I have been trying to think up something really great to do for my milestone birthday, and have been unable to come up with anything.. and  really, 30 is just another number, and not really a big deal, I could care less that *some* people (namely, hubby, he was all depressed when he turned 30. said it made him feel old) make a big deal out of it. I just wanted the excuse to do something fun.

Then… A few days ago I had a moment. You know.. one of those moments when you think to your self “OMG, I am officially old!” What triggered this thought, you may ask?  Well…. I was driving in traffic, and pulled up in the left turn lane, behind a mini-van. What do I see hanging in the window of this van? One of those suction cup hazard signs that says “Baby on Board” I actually said out loud to my self (I was the only one in the car) “OMG, that is SO 1980’s!” That is when it hit me… I am officially old.

it’s here!!!

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my Mother’s Day / Birthday present. I managed to talk hubby into a new camera, it got here yesterday. I love it. My kids are gonna be sick of me and said camera by the end of the weekend. I got some really amazing shots. This was taken from 6 ft away, and you can see such detail, even the hairs on the tomato plant.

and I have a thing for flags… this one is my neighbor’s

not to mention the over 100 pictures of the kids I have taken so far.

My Baby!!

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Tomorrow is my baby, my first baby’s eighth birthday. I can’t believe that that itty bitty, 5lb 15oz tiny little thing is eight years old. She is so big, and tries so hard to be independent. She really is a big help when it comes to dealing with her siblings, though sometimes she tries too hard. She loves to try to take care of them, and to help me cook and serve meals, even the rare occasion when I let her make sandwiches for everyone for dinner.

It has been such a joy watching her grow so far… and I know there is a lot more to come, not all of it so much fun. I still can’t believe my baby is 8!