OMG, I can’t stop laughing

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I was recently given a link, I followed it and found this and I can’t stop laughing. Yes, I know who Urban Femmes is, it is an offshoot of The Board, and I am fairly certain who the unwanted member is :). I really wish I knew who was behind this drama blog, because I would love to help them out! My husband thinks I have lost my mind because I am laughing so hard at this. So, who knows who is behind it?? let me know, I have some things to contribute!


you know…

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For the last year, since it was dumped in my lap, every time there was major drama, I was told that we should just close the board, it wasn’t worth the stress, it wasn’t worth the tears, it wasn’t worth what it was doing to me. And every time I would tell who ever was telling me it at the time, that no, I couldn’t do that to my members, to my friends. I had sworn not to just drop it in someones else’s lap, like was done to me, not to just close up with no warning, like I had been told I would eventually do. I stood up and refused to do what I felt would be a disservice to all the members of the board.
Now, a year later, when I have decided that I can’t take it anymore, I am doing my best to create a smooth, well thought out transition so all the members have a place to go and are not lost in the transition, or just dumped. I am giving, not selling and creating an income, or making this place a “cash cow” for myself, everything, including the bank accounts that run this place, to the new owners. And still, nothing I can do is right, I am “flouncing off in a huff” and dumping the board, at least according to some extremely vocal members.
Is it any wonder I can’t take this anymore? if you were on the receiving end of the attacks I have received how would you stand up? Would you have managed to keep it open, and flourishing for the last year when you were told repeatedly that it wasn’t worth it?
I realize that no matter what I do, I can’t please everyone, and there are some, and it appears many at this moment, that no matter what I do, they will find fault, even if I am not involved, it must somehow be my fault. I understand that.
I am trying to continue to make this a smooth transition to the new place, for the members, because after all this, it is more than clear that I am not welcome or wanted at the place, and I won’t be going.

Carry on.

Idjuts surround us.

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i am sick of being attacked for stating my opinion, I am sick of the people who feel they need to educate me until I see things their way (as if, because I do not share their opinion I must be a poor, uninformed hick). I am sick of people who quote  proven unreliable sources as proof of what they say, and then get pissed when you laugh at them. (legal advise on Wikipedia style).

When I apologize for stirring up drama, and state that I will be taking a break for a bit.¬† I make clear what I am apologizing for, it is not a YAGE, it is not a “I am sorry you feel that way.” it was an apology, it was very clear what it was. If you do not like it , oh the fuck well, ignore me, ignore the thread, go the fuck away, but leave me the hell alone, I don’t want to interact with you anymore. I am sick of trying to placate those who are never happy with anything but ripping people, usually me, to shreds. Then they have the gall to call *ME* miserable? To hell with that…

On with regularly scheduled real life… you know.. the one that matters.

What is it with the crazies?

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Why do we have to deal with some nut job spreading crazy shit all over our board at least once a month? and I mean things that will lead to members calling the local (to the crazy) police or CPS, because they believe that there are children in danger…. WHY?

Bit of advice… keep it in mind…


eeeks, gasp,

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oh no! I did not!!!

I am in shock, I have just made myself feel old. I called one of my members (the Board) Kiddo. *sigh* she really isn’t a kid, but she makes me feel so much older than she is. Blah. Next thing I know I will be calling everyone younger than me ‘Child’! Deep breath. don’t panic. I will get through this. lol


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I have realized that little hurts more than realizing that you are no longer wanted or very welcome in a place that you have built to be a safe haven for you and your friends.

All I can do is move on.

Not yo mama!

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What is it with people on message boards thinking that the admin of a board is there to parent them? I run a very loosely ruled forum, I am not into 500 stupid rules and constant policing of the members to make sure they follow the rules. I am not going to police my members personal lives, I am not the police to help you sort out all your personal problems. I am not your mother and I will not parent you.

I have 2 requirements for membership,

1. that you are a woman, it is a womens board, not mens, not couples, NO dangly parts allowed.

2. that you are an adult. no kiddos allowed, 18 and over only.

and I have 2 forum rules.

1. Act like an adult, and own your words.

2. Leave the kids out of it.

I do reserve the right to ban your ass if you can’t behave, but if you qualify you are more than welcome to join

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