baby blankets…

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my sister is due with a baby in just 2 weeks, we didn’t know for most of her pregnancy what the sex was (the baby’s daddy didn’t want to know, so even though she found out at the U/S, she didn’t tell anyone, now the daddy is out of the picture, so the sex is public knowledge) so when I started the blanket, I used white, something basic, and yet gender neutral, I finished the blanket night before last, I love how it turned out.


It is done is a spider web pattern, the center panel from the Spider’s-web Shawls pattern in Victorian Lace Today.  Instead of the lace-weight yarn and size 6 needles that the book calls for I used a worsted weight cotton (it’s for a baby, it MUST be washable!!) and size 9 needles. If I hadn’t let it hibernate for several months on my end table, I probably would have finished it in about 3 weeks…

I got this huge rush as I cast off the last few stitches and wove in my tails, I had finished the blanket before the baby arrived!! And then I realized… my step-sister is due in just 6 weeks. I have another blanket to make, and fast this time.

So I searched. and looked and dug through my yarn stash. I found another cotton (yeah, I like cotton for baby blankets) this time in shades of pink (since I know at the point of casting on that this baby will be a girl) and I cast on… I have been knitting hard for the last 2 days,  and I am some where between 1/3 and 1/2 done with it. When I get it done, I will share pictures. I am pleased. it is turning out well.

short blanket break

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for a quick, desperately needed project.
I have noticed recently, when I spend much time at all standing in my kitchen or dining room, the ankle I twisted a year and a half ago starts to bother me. Last night I had to mix up and bake a batch of cookies to send to school with my oldest daughter, and in the hour that it took to get those done, my ankle was killing me. So I decided I need a rug in there, and a fairly thick one.

So after a bit of thought, I pulled out some of the 30lbs of cotton yarn I bought a few months ago (I have actually found lots of uses for this, blankets, rugs, etc.) in a color that is nuetral, it is a light brown and white twist, and I wound it into balls with my yarn winder. The I dug out my largest crochet hook, it is this huge plastic q hook. the handle is bigger around than my thumb! I strung 4 strands of yarn together and I started  crocheting, it is a simple rectangular pattern,  in nothing but HDC. which makes it thick and soft, without being nothing but holes, and once washed, a lot of what holes are there now, will close up, because cotton yarn shrinks when washed. I am almost done (I started it last night) it is gonna end up being about 3 1/2 feet long by 2 feet wide, which will work well for standing and working in the kitchen. And I have used almost two full skeins (like 12 oz each) to make it. I am very happy so far, let’s see how it feels when we stand on it.

Blanket #1 done.


it was a simple garder stitch blanket, with alternating stripes of color, that is more than big enough for my toddler’s bed. I finished binding in all the ends, and I gave it to him. He hauled it all over the house all evening cuddling in it. And he drug in it into bed with him when it was time for that. So glad he likes it.

Then, I started the log cabin afghan, so far, not much is done, but it will look really good when it is done.

I finished!!

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The custom knitting order that I started the week of Halloween, it is done, and in the mail to the purchaser, I am so glad! Now I can continue working on the blanket I started in September, I had intended to drop stitches, and have a waterfall afghan, but it is just the right size to be a blanket on my 2yo’s new car bed (that he will be getting for Christmas) so I think I will leave it without the dropped stitches and do that with it…

At the same time I am considering what I want to make next. I have, for some time, wanted a log cabin pattern, but I don’t want to sew one, it occurred to me recently I could knit one, so I think that may be my next big project, I will knit a log cabin afghan… probably out of the several pounds of cotton yarn i have stashed. perfect, soft, washable, cozy!

skating through the week.

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nothing earth shattering happening around here… general house hold crap, I have been working on my blanket, it is as long as my 6yo is tall so it is about half way done, and now I am debating whether or not to drop all those stitches to make it waterfall, I just love the way it looks and feels as is.. We shall see how I feel about it when I get it full length. I also finished a water bottle sock that I have had on the needles for a few weeks and never bothered to finish.

OH. my oldest daughter, she is 8, she finished the 6th Harry Potter book today. She started it 10 days ago. She has been talking to me about it through the whole thing, and I kept asking her if she had figured out who Harry’s girlfriend is yet… she could never get it, till the very end. Sometimes I wonder about her.

maybe?? Maybe??

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With Ike getting closer and closer it looks like the Hubster may be activated for it, his unit is already on alert, so he is preparing, doing laundry and packing his gear so it is all ready.

I have been working on a blanket, I know, I am nuts to be knitting a blanket in this heat, but it is mostly garder, that later I will drop stitches down, so it is mindless knitting for while I read, but still getting something accomplished.

finally, a little rain..

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yesterday afternoon and today we have finally gotten a little bit of rain, after only a month of being so humid you need to sprout gills. and it did cool it off some. but it is by no stretch of the imagination cool…

I have also been working on a blanket that I am knitting, in a waterfall pattern. I found some cotton yarn on clearance dirt cheap (think 36lbs of yarn for under $40) so I am thinking up things to use it all.  A lap/nap blanket sounded perfect.

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