Teh Happy…

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It eludes me…

I think a big part of it is not enough sleep last night. Hubster got home from his weekend drill around 9:30, and after we talked for a few minutes, he settled on the couch and started watching his recorded NASCAR race (BORRRRIIINNG… what is entertaining about a bunch of men driving in circles for hours continues to baffle me.) So I disappeared into the bedroom to work on the story  I have been writing. I worked for about an hour and at 11:00 I let him know I was going to sleep, and turned out the light, knowing that sleep would be slow to come since I was working out plot details, but confident it wouldn’t take too long.

I was just drifting off to sleep (after only having popped back up once to jot some notes on the story) when I heard a child cry. *sigh* I got up and dealt with the cold, wet child, and his bed. and by the time I made it back to bed it was a quarter to midnight.

I start to fall asleep again… and again, just as I am –><- this close to being asleep, more noise… this time it is the herd of elephants that is my husband. Crash banging into the room, using the restroom, and getting into bed. I feign sleep, cause I really don’t want to be bothered, but while he is in the bathroom, I sneak a peek at the clock… 0:18, for those of you who don’t have their bedroom clock set on military time (it is a big help when setting the alarm, no more setting it for pm instead of am) that is 12:18. The Elephant climbs in bed, shuffle, wiggle, cough, squirm, cough, wiggle.  (I feel the need to state here that I don’t necessarily need quiet to go to sleep, but I do, however, need still, this was my biggest problem in adjusting to sleeping with another person in the bed, every little wiggle wakes me up again, at least until I reach a sound sleep.) at one point he got up, and I could hear him hunting for his glasses, then 37 seconds later he was back, climbing back in bed.  He did finally settle down and let me go to sleep, but it was after 1 by then.

Needless to say, being a good mommy and going to bed on time, knowing you have to get up at 6am, doesn’t always do what it is supposed to.

Note to self:

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Unless you are in the mood to hear outbursts of yelling, and random obscene words shouted at inanimate objects, don’t let the adult male in the house assemble things.  Whether setting up a computer, or assembling a computer chair or a bookshelf, it is easier just to do it yourself than listen to the outbursts. Ask me how I know….

Why do men

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wait until less than 12 hours before they have to get on the plane to begin packing? The Hubster had a flight this morning, at a large international airport, in a city more than 2 hrs drive from us, at 10 am this morning… this means he left before 6am to get there. He started packing at 9:30 last night. I am not kidding. He about drove me insane. Then he got up at 5 and left… *sigh* at least I didn’t have to pack for him.

Off for the weekend.

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have spent the morning doing last minute packing and loading, I am getting ready to head out of town for my knitting retreat, after I drop my 2 year old at my in-laws.

I have packed and printed patterns, and gathered my knitting, packed the older girls for their trips. We have been ready for ages, I don’t leave till 11:30. Hubby informed me last night he had to leave by 9:30… it is now pushing 10:30 and he is not ready to leave… why do men have NO sense of being on time?

The differences between men and women.

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one big difference struck me  up side the head at about 2 o’clock this morning. When I woke up to my husband SCREAMING… why? He had a leg cramp… ok, so I might have screamed from the initial shock of a leg cramp. What I would NOT have done was continue screaming for the next 5 minutes as I did nothing to work out said cramp, except scream and make sure the entire neighborhood, much less my house, was awake and aware I was hurting.

How do I know how I would react?? I have had leg cramps before. They are extremely common during pregnancy, and I have had 3 of those… I dealt with them. I don’t think I even woke  up the person sharing the bed with me over them…. much less the entire freaking house!! (I am not exagerating here.. he screamed till he woke everyone)

Why are men such babies?

plug it in!

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I tried to call my husband while I was out today. Was gonna have him make sure dd2 had brushed out her hair, and was waiting for me, so I could just pick her up and take her to school. Unfortunately, there was something wrong with his phone, and I couldn’t get a hold of him… so I came home, got her ready and took her to school, dropping a comment about something being wrong with his phone (and knowing what it was, but not saying so) when he comments.. “it is dead” um… yeah, that is something wrong all right… but why is it dead??? Cause he can’t be bothered to plug it in till it is dead!! We have 2 cords in the house to plug the phone in… and he has a jack in his car, that he is in AT LEAST an hour a day, if he would just plug the phone in for his commute, it would never be dead, and would stay  fully charged (our phones charge really fast) but NOOO… that would be like… intelligent! *sigh* just frustrated with men who can’t do anything for themselves!

Rearranging Day.

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I spent this morning rearranging my living room. See…. when we first moved in, I decided how I wanted things arranged, and told my husband so that things could be put where I wanted… he proceeded to tell me why that was wrong, and how his way would be better.  So, I let him put things where he wanted, instead of arguing, cause it was just easier, and I try to pick my battles. (What is it with men thinking that furniture must be arranged for optimal viewing of the idiot box from all seating options?)

Last night my husband offered to start an exercise program, and we could “motivate” each other. Now… Skinny people should NEVER give weight loss advice. His idea of “motivation” is condescending and insulting. But at least him getting up off his ass will help me to too, I will probably put my headphones on and ignore him so that he can keep his teeth, and his life.

Anyway, I re-arranged the living room this morning, the way I wanted it to start with, and that makes room for my treadmill and elliptical in the front room (as opposed to the garage, which is about 5 million degrees during the day) where they can be used.  I have the elliptical here… now I just have to fix the treadmill and haul it in.

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