Poo-less update.

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after a month on no shampoo, I am happy to report that I love it. I do occasionally miss the fruity odor associated with a lot of shampoo’s on the market, but I can add an essential oil to my vinager and have that too, I just haven’t yet. But I love my hair. I have also started taking the extra baking soda mix after I have worked it into my hair, and kinda  using it as a body wash, it works great for exfoliating, which is a must in this dry desert climate. The only two negatives I have found to the No Poo Method are:

  1. Vinegar smell, it is there in the shower, and on your hair until it dries, once dry, no odor.
  2. Vinegar stings if you get it in your eyes or a wound. If you have a cut or scratch (and having an active 3 year old boy in my house, I end up with lots of scratches) and the vinegar runs over it, it STINGS, but think about it, vinegar is acidic, it is gonna sting, on the upside, it is cleaning it out.

all in all, these are fairly minor, and easily dismissed, I just try to keep aware of wounds so I can avoid having the vinegar run over them.

Who needs ‘Poo, Day 11


ok, almost two weeks in, I love it.  My hair feels great, looks great, I can even go a day between washings if I want, and my hair doesn’t look like I dipped my hair in a deep fryer. Plus, I have noticed that I seem to be shedding less. Not to say that I am not shedding, I have hair past my waist, it is GOING to shed, but not as much as before. Now… Think I can convince hubby?

The Anti-‘Poo, Day 5

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Ok, so I didn’t shampoo last night, just rinsed well with hot water, and brushed through it well. This morning I brushed well again, and even tonight, after 48 hrs you can’t tell I didn’t wash it last night. I am loving this no shampoo thing.

Down with ‘Poo, Day 3

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I had a migraine last night, so I didn’t manage to get my shower, I crashed very early and slept just over 10 hrs. On the upside, I wasn’t planning on washing my hair anyways, but I was planning on  rinsing it in hot water. And, this morning my headache was down to a dull throb, and I am able to knock it into the background.

I had brushed out my hair last night before I crashed, and I brushed again this morning, part of the reason this is so important is to distribute the oils through your hair. Today (it is about noon here) my hair looks a little bit oily, not nearly as bad as it normally does on the second day if I don’t get it washed, but noticable. I will wash tonight and see how things go. So far this is much simpler than I had thought it would be.

No More ‘Poo, Day 2

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so I washed my hair again last night, and this afternoon it is getting a little frizzy. My plan is to not wash tonight, just rince well and brush out,  and see how things look tomorrow. I am hoping that I will not have to wash my hair every single day to keep it from looking like a grease ball on my head.

No More Shampoo Day 1

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I have recently determined that I am sick of the cycle of shampoo. Every couple of months I have to change shampoos because of build up and generally icky hair. Over the years I have tried almost every shampoo out there, and honestly, it is expensive and old. So I decided to try the No ‘Poo Method. This is a fairly simple method, and honestly, really really cheap.

Day 1, I did this for the first time last night, and honestly, my hair feels great.  I have been told to give it a full two weeks before I decide if I just can’t handle it.

Also, if it means I don’t have to wash my hair every day to keep it from looking greasy and nasty, it will be a definate plus!!