I think my mixer

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is dying *sob* It has started making strange sounds, kind of a grinding/bogging down/cyclical noise… I think the motor is about to bite the dust. I have considered having it worked on, but having a Kitchenaid mixer repaired is not cheap, and if the motor needs replacing, I might as well just buy a new one to begin with.

My mixer is 12 yrs old. It was a wedding present. My grandmother-in-law asked me, when we first got married, what I needed for my kitchen. Since my great-grandmother, who had passed away when I was 16, had had two of everything in her kitchen (Yes, two sets of dishes, two sets of cookware, etc.)  and my sister and I were the only members of her descendants who had not yet set up our own households, we each ended up with a fully stocked kitchen. I thought about it a little bit and, being the basically honest soul I am, I told my grandmother-in-law that the only thing I could think of that I needed for my kitchen was a mixer. She handed me her JCPenney catalog and told me to pick one out.

I flipped through the catalog, and I searched and the only mixer in the catalog was a Kitchenaid, I really didn’t want to pick a Kitchenaid, not because I didn’t want one, I did, I had been wanting a  Kitchenaid mixer since I was about 14. (yes, I was that oh so rare teenager lusting after premium kitchen appliances.) But because I knew how expensive they were (reference previously mentioned lust) and I knew that my in-laws were on a fixed income I really didn’t want to choose something expensive. I asked if she had any other catalogs, because I really didn’t need anything that expensive, and she told me to order it anyway, gave me her credit card to make the call (even then her eyesight was failing and she had a hard time reading things like credit cards and catalogs.) So I ordered it.. I have loved that mixer for the last 12 years. It has not seen light use. I use it at least once a week, but more often daily. Made Breads, pie crusts, pies, cakes, muffins, potatoes, frostings, all kinds of things. There is no way I could do all the cooking I do without a mixer.

I have started doing research into replacing it. I am well aware that it won’t be cheap, Kitchenaid never is. But I am considering the options. I can get a 4.5 qt mixer, similar to the one I have, but with a slightly less powerful motor, for around $200. Or I can spend just a little bit more, and get a 5 qt professional model, with a much larger motor, for around $270.  We are still debating which exactly to get, but we have a little bit, I hope, as we won’t actually replace this one until it actually dies. Hopefully by then I can prepare myself to let this one go.


Stove Drama….

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*sigh* I have a Frigidaire glass surface stove. Said stove is all of 3 months old, we bought it when we bought the house, as we didn’t have one, and the house didn’t either.  Fast forward to 2 1/2 weeks ago… I was steaming pumpkin, and had a covered pan on the burner, with a quart of water in it, and a lid on, I set the burner on 3.  Less than hour later, the pot had boiled dry, and the pan had melted into the burner.

I looked up Frigidaire stoves online, and found that there was a recall on certain models, for exactly this problem.  I called the recall number, gave them the model number and the serial number of the stove, the told me it was one of the recalled stoves, and they would ship me the recalled part, when that arrived I needed to call them back and schedule the tech to come out and do the replacement. That tech would have to look at the glass top and determine if it had to be replaced. In the mean time, don’t use the stove.

Three days later I got a call from the same people, calling to schedule a tech to come out and do the replacement, they scheduled for today, and told me that if the part wasn’t here yet, to call them back and reschedule.

So last night, when the part hadn’t arrived yet, I called the recall number, to reschedule today’s appointment. The person I spoke to there tells me that there has been a mistake, my stove is not one of the recalled stoves and I will need to call a different number and speak with Frigidaire. Frigidaire’s offices were already closed for the day.

I called Frigidaire today. I explained the entire thing, the burned pan incident, the calling the recall number, the part not arriving and calling back, and being told my stove is not recalled, the entire story.  He took all my information, he looked up the stove, yes it is recalled, yes, because the pan, which should never have melted into the burner on 3, did melt into the glass, the glass has to be replaced. He ordered both parts to be shipped to me, and because the normal recall technician does not install the glass tops, he found me another local tech. Gave me the company, contact and phone number for them, once the parts are here, I call them and they will come repair the stove. In the mean time, I can use the oven, but not the cook top.

Two hours later, the recall center, calls me, the same center that called and scheduled the install in the first place. They tell me that my part will be here on friday, they can schedule a tech to come install it after that… I politely explained the whole thing, that I had been told it wasn’t a recalled item, by them, but Frigidaire themselves were handling it and they were doing a far better job than the recall center (meaning that they were replacing the glass top without a fight.)

I guess the moral of this story is always call the manufacture if you have an issue after a recall, not the recall help line.

I just want my stove back, my family is getting sick of crockpot and grilled food.

So Not Shocked.

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Hubby’s siblings decided several years ago that they needed to start celebrating a holiday together, that would get them together once a year, so that they could see each other, and their children had some clue who their cousins are.

The first year it was held at one brother’s home. We went. Hubby’s sister went. But the other brother had an excuse. We all had a good time, all was good.

The second year (last year) Hubby’s sister hosted. The first brother had a valid reason not to be able to  make it, dr’s orders not to travel. We made it up, but again, brother #2 had an excuse, even though he lived less than 2 hrs away.

This year, it is our turn to host. It is supposed to be a big year, not only is Hubby’s siblings coming but his Aunt and Uncle are planning on coming, and bringing Hubby’s mom too.  Hubby has a previous engagement the weekend of the holiday, so he contacts brother #1, and his sister, but is unable to contact brother #2, and his mother is unable to be reached as well. All able to be reached agree to shift to one week later and still hold the celebration. Slowly, over time, Hubby’s sister is starting to feel she is unable to make it. And his Aunt, Uncle have backed out as well, which means his mom won’t be coming either. So, as far as we know, only one brother is supposed to be coming. After some discussion, the brother’s agree, it would be best to hold off until later in the year, when possibly, at least the sister can come too.

Now, I have to admit, I really don’t find fault in the reasoning, but I am not at all shocked that when the time comes for Hubby to host, no one (or few) can make it.

And I wonder how things will go next year, when it is time for the brother who has never bothered to show to host. I think that will go over like a lead balloon.

OMG, I can’t stop laughing

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I was recently given a link, I followed it and found this and I can’t stop laughing. Yes, I know who Urban Femmes is, it is an offshoot of The Board, and I am fairly certain who the unwanted member is :). I really wish I knew who was behind this drama blog, because I would love to help them out! My husband thinks I have lost my mind because I am laughing so hard at this. So, who knows who is behind it?? let me know, I have some things to contribute!

The day has come.


I am done at The Board. I will remain around as admin but I am not going to force my presence on people who resent and revile that I exist and post along side of them. I am who I am, and if that is too brash to suit you oh the fuck well, I am not going to be saccharine sweet, and lie to you to make you like me, unlike some of those who are so loved.

It has been suggested that I could just close The Board, and start a new one, inviting only those I want to see there, but that does not sit right with me, at least not now. I MIGHT consider opening another board, but I will not close The Board over it.

your opinion?

5 days left

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until school starts… in some ways I can’t wait… in others, summer has been way to short. I will enjoy having some time with just the baby. I have missed that since we moved to a city that doesn’t believe in all day kindergarten. I will enjoy some totally quite time during the baby’s naps too… ahh… peace… but I dread  having to deal with the schools again. I dread what drama will come up this time around… *sigh*

I am drained

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between on line drama crap. and not sleeping well, I am just drained. plus, my eyes just ACHE. I need to get in and have my eyes checked and get new glasses, but that is going to have to wait a couple of weeks at least. *sigh* can I take a nap?

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