Life and what’s new…

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We’ve had a mostly laid back weekend… Watched a couple of movies, did a little shopping, got some writing done, lots of time with family.

I really need to find better movies to watch, the last two have been pretty bad, and I can’t even blame Hubster for them, because I chose one (though he chose the other) Luckily though Fast Five comes out on Tuesday, and yes, I’ve preordered, I can’t wait for it to arrive so I can have my Vin fix. Besides, I love this particular series. I’ve also heard rumors he’s going to be doing another xXx movie, and I’m eagerly awaiting that too.

In other news, I’ve managed 9 pages so far this weekend, and while 9 pages is not great for two days, when you consider it’s two days with the Hubster and 3 kids home, it’s outstanding.

I’ve contacted the local library events coordinator and I’m trying to figure out what I can do in the way of a opening party for NaNoWriMo. I’d love to be able to use library facilities, I think it’s the perfect local for a writing event, but I’m waiting to see what she has to say.

A New Look.

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I was in a mood today, so I decided that I needed to change things up.

School is starting (and my wallet sure knows it after supplying half the school with paper!) soon, and all our supplies are bought, I still need to find a few pairs of pants for my munchkins, but all else is done. My dining room table is covered with supplies to be hauled to class during the first week. My 4 year old is both excited to see his sisters go to school, and sad to see them go. He will miss being able to play with them and harass them all day long, but he will enjoy the time to himself too.. He will get to pick what he watches, what he plays, what toys he uses, and not have to share with his sisters. He will also enjoy spending his time with Mom, and not having to share my attention with the girls.

One major change though, when school let out, Hubster was working a swing shift, and now he is working days, so he won’t have Mom AND Dad to himself in the mornings. But I think he will manage. I am looking forward to fewer fights, less bickering, and way way less “Moooommmm, can we _____“ oh, and dragging all 3 to do what ever shopping I need to get done, where they always find 500 more things that we just HAVE to have. Plus, and this is a big one, if they are not here all day long, they are not making messes for me to clean up all day long.

Getting ready for Christmas.

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I have all the shopping done, and it would remain that way if only Hubster would stop dreaming up things to give the kids… *sigh* men. I have the tree up, and have started wrapping things.. All of my Holiday knitting is done, and I have been working on some relaxing things, I finished my Lady Sweater, I need to take pictures of it still but I love it, it turned out great. I am working on yet another shawl too…

I am also hunting down things that I need to pack into the trailer for a trip to No. Cal for New Years. It is much colder there than here, so I am digging out winter coats and sweaters and such. We haven’t worn these things since we moved here 2 years ago, and can’t buy things for truly cold weather here, so the kids will probably get a bunch of new stuff once we are up there  (we have coats, but the kids have few warm clothes.)

I am also working on putting together our Christmas Dinner menu so that I can get that shopping done and all the prep for that taken care of.

Friday is the last day of school here, until Jan 11th, so the kids will spend the next 3 weeks driving me totally out of my mind.. We will be able to take some of their Christmas presents with us on the trip but definitely not all of them. It will still help with the boredom of a long car trip.

Preparing for surgery

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I am having my tubes tied tomorrow morning, so in preperation I wanted to make sure we had groceries, and the last of my shopping was done (taking the kids shopping for their father) because by the time I feel up to taking 3 kids out again, it will be too close to Christmas for me to be willing.  So, I got the kids dressed and ready to go out this morning (well, kinda) and we pulled out about 20 minutes after noon. I informed the kids that they had $15 each, they could each spend it seperatly or they could pool their funds, and get something big, it would be up to them.

We hit target first, and the girls didn’t find anything that they liked, my oldest wanted to get her dad a hat, as he is a big baseball cap wearer, but Target didn’t have any hats he would wear, my younger daughter looked at fleece sleep pants, and ties, and didn’t find anything she liked, and we looked at the gift boxes for men, found two that he would actually use, one was a ‘travel poker set’ it was two decks of cards in a zipper case, which would be handy for traveling, except that to just buy 2 decks of cards is $3 and the zipper case is so not worth $7.  The other gift box item that they found was a shoe polish set, which, because of the nature of both my husband’s jobs (civilian and National Guard) he tends to use a lot of, and for everything included it was worth the $10,  so we picked that up, from my 2 year old. I also found some flavored coffee samplers in the dollar aisle, that I picked up for his stocking.

Then we went to Joann’s (mostly because it is right next to Target, and when I am that close I have to go in and see what yarn they have on sale. Then Michaels’ because the kids think that when we hit Joann’s we have to hit Michaels… and we didn’t find anything there either.

Our last stop was Walmart, of course, did you expect anything else from me? We had saved it for last because part of the reason for going out was to make sure I was stocked up on groceries for the two days that Hubby is taking care of the kids and house. So we hit mens clothes first, because we wanted to look for a hat, we found the perfect cap, for only $5, which left the kids with a balance of $30 to spend on their father. We shopped around for a bit, and I regularly asked what they wanted to get, only to get the ‘I don’t know’ answer… We ended up finding him a pair of fleece sleeping pants, a Wii game, and non-holiday coffee cup (he is a big coffee drinker.)

Nothing huge, but several small things I think he will appriciate, and none of it just junk he will wonder what we were thinking when we bought it.  Plus we got groceries, not bad for a 4 hour shopping trip with 3 kids, huh?

is it too early

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for me to be throwing a party? All my Christmas cards are addressed and ready to go out, a few are still missing the gift cards, but the cards are ordered and as soon as they get here they will be tucked into cards and mailed out, the rest will go out friday. Also, with the exception of one big ticket item, and stocking stuffers, ALL of my christmas shopping is DONE!!!

I still need to hit the furnature stores here in town and see if I can find a race car bed for a certian small monkey, but other than that, it is all ordered and should all be here by Monday… at which time I will have to hide it all well until I can get it wrapped and ready to go under the tree.. I love shopping online!

A good day, so far…

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I got to sleep in a little bit.. except that the kids kept coming in and wanting things… *sigh* it was cool enough last night to leave windows and such open all night and save a little bit on the electric bill by turning the AC off. After we closed the windows we sent the kids outside and let them run and play for a while. We played a little bit of Wii, the kids love the bowling. After I laid the 2yo down for his nap, I took the older girls to the library, and then to do a quick shopping trip because there is some all important football game on tonight that we just had to have chips and dip for… *roll eyes*

I started a roast in the crock pot this morning, and for the most part, have been relaxing and knitting and reading.. will have to actually get things done tomorrow but going to enjoy a slow day today.

Shopping Jackpot today.

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Today is hubby’s one day off this week, so I took the opportunity to run errands child free, while he spent time with the kidlets. I had several stops I had to make, first was the library to drop off books due tomorrow and see about getting new cards (to replace the ones lost with my wallet) only to discover, that yes, I could get new ones, but the new ones would cost $2 each, cash only, and I didn’t have cash with me… ok. next stop…

I hit Best Buy, just to check and see if they had any Wii or Fit in stock… I checked the shelf, nothing. Not really disappointed, didn’t expect them to have one but I had to check since i was in the area… on the way out a manager asked me if I found what I was looking for, I told him, “No, you don’t have what I am looking for.” So, he asked what I was looking for, and I told him.. a Wii and a Wii Fit. He said they were out of Fit, but he was sure they had a couple Wii…so he went in the back and got one for me, they just hadn’t made it out to the shelf yet.. (the store had JUST opened.) So now I have a Wii for my mom. I called her and left a message for her, letting her know. Next stop.

I went across the street to Jo-ann’s I just had a few things I needed here, a skein of Patons classic, a leather thimble… got a couple of other small knitting items…  I get up to the register and tell the cashier that I have my own bag, as I pulled out one of my Chico bags, and as he checks me out he finds a 40% off coupon for every item I have!  So for $20 in items I paid about $12!! WHOO HOO!!! Next Stop.

I walked next door to Target, since I am right here, I might as well check and see if they have a Fit… I get back to the electronics department and YES!! there is a Wii Fit on the shelf!! so I got it.. then I walk towards the food department to get a couple six packs of Alaskan Amber. and on the way I find 3 aisles of items on clearance, and marked down, including diapers, cleansers, paper goods… not things I normally buy at target, but the prices are more than worth it. So I ended up stocking up there… Next Store.

Next I hit the grocery store and just picked up what I needed for Hubby to make dinner tonight (yay!! I don’t have to cook!!) and along the way I had realized that I forgot Hubby’s dry cleaning, so I would have to go back out today… I came home, unloaded the car, got everything put away. I got my girls dressed and ready to go out, picked up the money for library cards… and the dry cleaning. Laid the baby down for his nap and out we go again.

We dropped off the dry cleaning.  Ok, so it really isn’t dry cleaning, I have his uniforms laundered and pressed so I don’t have to… pressing uniforms with patches on them is a royal pain in the arse. Then I took the girls Michaels.

In Michael’s I was just browsing, and found they had Paton’s Classic,  in Too Teal, one of my fave colors, on clearance for $2 a skein, so I bought all two skeins they had left… and then, I found that they had Sugar’n’Cream Confections Colors, 14oz skeins on clearance for $4 a skein, so I got 2 skeins of that, in 2 different colors, I can make tops for myself out of this!!!

Then the girls and I went to the library, since the library is going to be closed for the next 3 weeks as of tomorrow I let them get more than the usual standard of 3 books each. I found a couple things, but not a lot. But that is ok, because I have several books sitting here waiting on me.

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