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What is going on around here? um… lets see…Preparing for the holiday. I love Thanksgiving, growing up it was a bigger deal than Christmas and it is one of my all time favorites still. As I have gotten older and had a family of my own, and a place big enough, I have started hosting holiday celebrations. I totally love this. I love having friends and family come, the time we spend together and cooking the big feasts for us.  This morning I did the last of my shopping, except for salad for not one but two meals, one on Thursday, very traditional, Turkey, dressing, etc. and one on Sunday, with prime rib, YUM.

I have also been working on knitting and crocheting some Christmas gifts, I have almost all of them done, I am working on my last pair of socks, as well as a sweater for myself,  and tonight I crocheted up a scarf, the whole thing in just a couple hours, out of a skein of yarn I bought just to check out. Not sure who that will be for yet, but it is in the gift bag.

I have also read several books in the last couple of weeks, for more details on those, check out Book Central, the link is over there —>

I also have started writing my second book. Not that I have done anything with the first one yet, but the second story is one that has been haunting me for several years. I dreamed it um… 3 houses ago so at least 3 years ago, and it keeps coming back with more and more details popping into my head. I have spent most of the last week, since I finished the first book, working out details, developing characters, and a basic story line. Something I didn’t do with the first one, so we will see which works better for me.  I can tell you that so far (and right now I am still on the first chapter) it is much easier to know basic details like how a person looks, and what they do and where they live, before you start instead of trying to come back later and fill those in.


short blanket break

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for a quick, desperately needed project.
I have noticed recently, when I spend much time at all standing in my kitchen or dining room, the ankle I twisted a year and a half ago starts to bother me. Last night I had to mix up and bake a batch of cookies to send to school with my oldest daughter, and in the hour that it took to get those done, my ankle was killing me. So I decided I need a rug in there, and a fairly thick one.

So after a bit of thought, I pulled out some of the 30lbs of cotton yarn I bought a few months ago (I have actually found lots of uses for this, blankets, rugs, etc.) in a color that is nuetral, it is a light brown and white twist, and I wound it into balls with my yarn winder. The I dug out my largest crochet hook, it is this huge plastic q hook. the handle is bigger around than my thumb! I strung 4 strands of yarn together and I started  crocheting, it is a simple rectangular pattern,  in nothing but HDC. which makes it thick and soft, without being nothing but holes, and once washed, a lot of what holes are there now, will close up, because cotton yarn shrinks when washed. I am almost done (I started it last night) it is gonna end up being about 3 1/2 feet long by 2 feet wide, which will work well for standing and working in the kitchen. And I have used almost two full skeins (like 12 oz each) to make it. I am very happy so far, let’s see how it feels when we stand on it.

Library Day

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I took my girls to the library today. Since my 8yo has finished all the Harry Potter books I let her get more than the standard 3 books.  She ended up getting 2 in the juvenile secion, and 1 from young adults.  She got Edge Chronicles 1 we shall see how she likes that.. and I talked her into  Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, since she loves the movie and hadn’t read the book yet. And she chose Dragon Rider on her own.  She also wanted to look at crochet books, since I have taught her to crochet, and she found the Stitch and Bitch Happy Hooker book, she was thrilled.

My younger daughter found some easy to read kids books, which are at her level, but not very interesting to me, and I found the Stitch and Bitch Nation book. That is ok, I have some here that I need to read too.


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it has been weeks and weeks since i have been able to make it to my knitting group.. like 3 or 4 at least. I must get out of the house and converse with someone who speaks the same language.  No one but a knitter really understands why you had to buy that yarn, or needles or stitch markers, that you found at such a great deal, even though you have more than enough of said item, you don’t have EXACTLY that item (or maybe you do, but you couldn’t pass up the great price, and you can never have too much right??)  And no one but a knitter understands when you start talking about this great pattern you found at — wherever.

I have found that knitters are a generous and helpful group in general. If you find that you have forgotten some important tool, someone else will usually have it, and be more than willing to share..  or if you are having trouble with your work, and can’t figure out where, you can usually find another knitter who is willing to sit down with you, your knitting and the pattern and try to figure out what went wrong, and help you to figure out how to fix it.

Usually, if you show up at a Stitch and Bitch (knitter/crocheter group) with yarn and needles or hook in hand, and ask for someone to help you to learn… there will be someone who is more than willing to help you out. To me, the knitting/crocheting community is a great example of the way community and neighbors used to be, and a great example of how we should treat all of those around us.

Knitting progress

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I have finished the body of the bag I am knitting, now I just have to finish about 6 feet of icord before I felt the two and assemble it. I can barely wait to see how this bag is gonna turn out, I have plans for it to become my traveling knitting bag.

My next project is as a test crocheter, it is a summer top, I think it will turn out really cute, and I can’t wait to work it up.

The concept of knitting or crocheting and getting paid for it, I just love it, this is a dream job, second only to reading and getting paid for it! I can’t wait to see if I can do more test knitting and crocheting for people. and companies.

Hand Crafts are on the return.

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Ok, first, I will admit it, I am a knitter and crocheter.

Over the years I have encountered several attitudes towards the crafts. From my sister’s opinion of, “it is stupid, and every knit item I have ever seen looks stupid, and I would NEVER wear anything knit” ( I didn’t point out that half of what she was wearing was machine knit.) To my father in laws, attitude of only old people knit, and if I knit I must be ready for the nursing home. To my husband, who really doesn’t care one way or another, but he does enjoy the sweaters and blankets that he gets out of the deal. The last type seems to be a little less common, or at least to me, it is those who think it is really cool, and would like to learn how. I have one daughter like this, she is working on learning to crochet. We also have people coming up to us and comment on how cool it is, at my local Stitch and Bitch meetings. (Just a local group of knitters, who get together, share what they are knitting, and visit once a week)

I am glad that the popularity of such crafts has risen over the last several years, I have seen both ends of the scale, when it was seen as an outdated craft, and no one was interested, especially since I learned to crochet more than 20 years ago, my grandmother taught me as a young child. Knitting was JUST starting o make it’s comeback, 7 years ago, when I decided I wanted to learn to knit as well as crochet, and now, that among some, it is a wildly popular craft. With the availability of patterns online, it has made it much easier for the the lone knitter to find things that they would like to knit, are useful and fun, as well as the materials to make them out of.

Argh, that was totally out of left field, told you this place was random ramblings!