Morning has arrived

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and I greet it grudgingly.

Yes, I did sleep last night, much better than the night before, and I was not happy when the alarm went off and I had to get up. I did the math, Yesterday I ran for twenty hours on three hours sleep. I’m still amazed I survived. And that I didn’t rip anyone’s head off in the process.

And even bigger accomplishment than not ripping someone’s head off? I managed to make seven pages in my current book. That’s as many as I’ve been able to make I 2-3 days recently. Going to have to get off the internet more often.

I didn’t manage to see NCIS last night, Between getting the kids in bed and waiting for the Hubster to do what he needed to do the last of my energy fled and I all but passed out waiting for him in bed. I was still awake enough to know when he joined me, but only barely.

My agenda for today is much simpler than yesterday. I have to take kids to school, run to the grocery store and get gas, after that it’s household stuff till school lets out.. and we have 2 practices tonight, plus a softball game. Luckily Hubster will help out with practices, I just have to drop one kid off, then take the oldest to the game, Hubster will take the youngest to practice, then pick up the middle child on their way home (the timing worked out perfect with that one.)

I’m hoping I can watch last night’s NCIS, and then sit down and focus and get some major pages done today.


Tuesday… updated…

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I woke up after only three hours sleep last nigh and I’ve been up for 10 hours now, with at least another 7 still to go, probably closer to 9 before I go to bed, and though my brain feels like it’s on a vacation, I thought I’d update what I’ve gotten done today.

  1. Phone ordered… I hit all the stores, I found the Droid 3, the phone I had picked out, for $124.88 on the Sam’s Club web site, with a $100 gift card to Verizon (which I can use to pay my bill) so basically, the phone will end up costing me under $25. Only down side is that they aren’t offering the gift card in store, so I had to order it online, and now I have to wait for delivery. Still, I’ve waited 6 weeks, another few days won’t kill me.
  2. Still have practices ahead, youngest kids don’t get out of school for 2 hrs.
  3. No, I haven’t started reading yet, as I said, my brain seems to be on vacation from so little sleep last night. This is not conducive to comprehending what I’m reading well.
  4. I did this… it was a problem I caused last night when I reset the settings on the router trying to fix her laptop, I reset the original settings on the router and rebooted both the router and the modem and all works fine.
  5. Still looking forward to NCIS, but I did watch last nights Hawaii Five-0. I was disappointed there were no half naked shots of Alex O’Loughlin
  6. At my last check it was 100.6 outside. Why?  I know it’s my fault for living in the third circle of hell… but can we please have a few days under 100? PLEASE?


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Tuesday means a lot of things this week.

  1. My long awaited phone renewal date is today. Why have I been waiting for that? Because the external speaker on my existing phone has been cutting in and out for the last six weeks or so, making it very difficult at times to know when I have an incoming call. When the speaker is not working I have to either have the phone in my line of vision so I can see the screen light up or against my body in some way so I can feel it vibrate, not at all handy for a person who often has no pockets. I know what phone  I want, the trick is finding it for a price I’m willing to pay.
  2. A late evening for the family, the kids and I have 2 practices, starting at 5:30 and ending at 9pm, not overlapping, which at least means no rushing back and forth between them to get the kids there on time, or pick them up, but because Hubster also has class until 8:30, it means that all 3 kids will be getting into bed after bedtime.
  3. Three books on my want to read list are released today. Most notably, or more accurately, the one I’m most eager for, is Spider’s Revenge by Jennifer Estep, it’s the latest in the Elemental Assassin series.
  4. I need to go to my step-mom’s house and see if I can figure out what’s wrong with her computer, it’s connecting to the internet but not letting her browse, I suspect I accidently disabled something last night when I was trying to get her to connect, before I remembered that Dell computers running XP use the Dell utility to connect to wireless networks. It really shouldn’t take me that long to fix.
  5. It’s Tuesday… That means NCIS is on, even if I’ll be busy when it airs, my DVR will catch it (and my other Tuesday night shows) and I’ll get to watch it once I get home.
  6. Another hot day. It’s officially fall now, but it seems someone has forgotten to tell Mother Nature that 100+ degree temperatures are not a fall thing, they’re supposed to be relegated to the days of summer… I want cooler weather.

Time flies by

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when you’re as busy as we’ve been. Between school, after school activities, and things having to do with Hubster’s work and military, we have been running since school started. I have been taking the time to get some writing in, but it’s hard to make the time some days.

Life goes on and I know we won’t always be this busy, but some days I fantasize about a nap.

Life, or something like it.

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has been taking over here. Between the kids school, errands, housework, Hubster’s school, kids activities, and rewrites I have been busy all week. I have put my Mother’s Day present to good use, and in doing so I’ve managed to finish rewrites on four chapters so far this week.

We still have plenty on our too do list, but I’m enjoying the sense of accomplishment I have so far.

And then one day, she remembered she had a blog….

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life has been one thing after another. We had a bit of a scare when my grandfather (who will be 83 next month) had a stroke, and my ex-brother in law called me to let me know what he knew, but no one in my family thought to let me know until I contacted them asking what was up. Grandfather was shipped to the VA hospital 2 hrs away and ended up staying a few days, but most of the stay was to run all the tests they would have made him make the trip for in the next few months, They were ready to release him for the stroke, two days after the stroke occurred, with the expectation of a full recovery, I am so relieved over that.

The kids had the Labor day weekend, My mom came to visit, we ended up going to the zoo, and in general we had a great time, and a great visit. While she was here I took her to the store to buy lottery tickets for the draw she was here for, and while we were there I bought a couple… spent $2.  Now let me explain, I almost never buy lottery tickets, I just don’t think about it, plus, I very rarely stop at convenience stores, unless I am on a trip, plus, added to the fact that I don’t carry cash, I just don’t buy them, I couldn’t tell you the last time I bought a ticket. Anyway… almost 2 weeks later, I am cleaning out my purse and run across the tickets… I go online to check them, and low and behold, I have a $3 winner. I know, I know, $3 is nothing, but hey! I got the money I spent back!

Oldest daughter is selling chocolate as a fund raiser for school, so that her class (the entire 5th grade) can take some field trip later this year, which is fine.. but why sell chocolate now? when the temps easily hit 110 in the afternoons? Why not wait a month or 6 weeks, when the temperatures are cooler and all the snow birds um.. winter visitors, are here and there are that many more people to sell to?

And my two girls have decided they don’t want to share a bedroom anymore, so we ended up sorting out everything in the playroom in to what belongs to who so it can go into the bedrooms, and yesterday we moved furniture. We shall soon see how well the like the new arrangement and who can keep their room clean and who cannot.

What is it?

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National Run Around like a Chicken with your Head cut off week?

The girls went back to school on Monday (HURRAY!!) and between dentist appts (hubster), training (again, hubster) so that work hours are changed, late notice on more training, so that I had to reschuedule my surgery, rescheduling said surgery, and then there is everything in my online life (yes, how pathetic, I have an online life..)  I have been busy this week.  But, good things have come…

dh is home in the evenings, this week and next, which is great for the kids, we get to have family dinners (which I am cooking, and enjoying!) and they are somewhat easier for me to deal with.

a birthday.. today my littlest girl is 7.. *sob* she is so big!

a new venture. A few friends and I have started a new blog, it is basically living well on a budget, money saving ideas, recipes and such. We just got it up yesterday but so far it is going great. For those interested it is Frugal Not Frumpy.