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We had a good Halloween. My kids told me some time ago that they wanted to be a witch , a black cat and a broom, the witch and the black cat were easy, generic costume for the witch, ears and tail kit with black sweats and a little bit of face paint for the cat, but a broom.. now that was kind of tricky. I thought about it some… I could have gone to the home improvement store and gotten  the round tubing that is used for pouring cement pylons, but that was expensive, and for what I had in mind, heavy.

In my garage, I still had the box for the hot water heater that we replaced when we moved in (we switched from gas to electric) so I went out and cut out two sides from it.. brought it in and worked the long sides so that it would curl. Wrapped it around the child who would be wearing it ,and cut it so there was only about 3 inches of overlap, not 12. Once I got that cut, I wrapped it around her again, and measured so that if the edge of the cardboard were to sit at her hips, so that she can still walk, where her face would be,  and cut a hole out for her face. after that I cut hole on either side for her arms to stick out, this also means that the weight of the cardboard rests on her shoulders.

Once all the holes were cut, I wrapped it around her again, and taped it, using clear packing tape, into the tube that would be the broom handle. and then we pulled it off over her head. Just before we went trick or treating last night I helped her put the handle back on, over her head and then I took a generic faux grass hula skirt and wrapped around the cardboard at about her waist, making sure that it didn’t quite drag the ground, so she could still walk. taping it in several places around her body. on top of the grass skirt I wrapped two circles of silver ribbon, so that it looked like the wires that generally bind that style of broom. After much discussion the kids had decided that they wanted her to be a Firebolt, like one of Harry Potter’s brooms so I took a magic marker and wrote Firebolt near the top. I think it turned out cute. It won’t win any design or construction contests but it lasted the evening and all the neighbors loved it.


They were adorable, if I do say so myself.


The nerve of some people!

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We have been having cat shit issues in our back yard again, so we have, again, taken to setting the cat trap (that the humane society recommended) in our fully enclosed back yard to catch the culprits so that we can take them into the humane society.

This morning hubby goes out to check it and found that someone had been in our yard and put a stuffed toy cat into the trap, along with a snarky printed letter saying how offended they were that we have a trap. We also found several rocks and other trash items, as well as FOOD… cookies, thrown into the yard. um.. yeah, lets help get rid of animals by throwing food there to attract them.

We contacted the police, not a lot they can do unless we catch someone at it. IF we can catch them, it is trespassing. Called the Humane society, we are fully within our rights to have a trap in our yard and turn any trapped cats over to them (not legal to take the animals out and kill them, not that I would)

Who enters someones enclosed yard to do this shit? I really could care less if you are offended that I have a trap in MY yard, you don’t want your cat trapped, keep them out of my yard. It is that simple. All the neighborhood cats shitting in my yard makes it an unsafe place for me to allow my children to play… sorry, my children’s rights trump your cat’s right to shit in my yard. get over it.

Finally Friday

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not a lot going on the home front.  The never ending battle of the cat. Hubby called the humane society again, they asked him if we were on the waiting list for the traps… um… what waiting list, the woman I have been calling DAILY, has NEVER said anything about a waiting list… then she suggested that we could just buy a trap. I did a little research, the traps are only $30 at the local Harbor Freight!! The Humane Society wants a $50 deposit to borrow theirs… so I just went and bought the fricking thing.

it is Friday… this means at least 2 days of no alarm… not that I am allowed to sleep to the alarm.. but the concept is what counts.

My hand is healing from my incredibly stupid move of the week. While building the science project, I managed to cut my  hand on the drill bit. (don’t ask, I don’t want to admit how stupid it was, especially since I knew better when I did it.) It got really sore, and a bit festered the next day, but I slathered it with my spiked neosporine (lavender oil, love that stuff) and bandaged it, and 2 days later it is fine. Not even sore to prod at.

It’s My Yard, Not Your Litterbox, Round 2

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We have been battling cats using our yard as a litter box since we moved in, 5 months ago. Tried those commercial cat repellents, they did no good. Called Animal Control, they will do nothing except let you rent live traps and accept any cats you trap. Oh.. and there are no traps currently available, every day for the last two weeks,  apparently this is a city wide problem.

So, fast forward to this afternoon, I send the kids out to play, oldest daughter comes in, there is something in the yard she doesn’t recognize… I go out and look… Cat shit, and fresh. PUKE. So I bring the kids in and tell the hubby (after all, all the really gross jobs should go to a man,) and he goes out to clean it up.  In the mean time, I do a little research… Natural cat repellents… Citrus peals…we could do that, but it will make a mess… also listed… coffee grounds, lavender oil, eucalyptus oil, cayenne pepper, all of which I have on hand.

So, while hubby is cleaning up the yard, i go tell him… he sprinkled vinegar over the ground where he found the piles, then he is gonna mow, and water, first thing in the morning he will sprinkle the ground with cayenne pepper. I put a mixture of eucalyptus oil and water in a spray bottle and sprayed the tops of the fence all the way around the yard. Also we will start collecting coffee grounds after hubby’s daily coffee, and that will get sprinkled over the entire yard, coffee grounds is good for the soil anyway, and it will double duty to repel the damn cats!

Hopefully this will get rid of the fuckers, if not.. my next step may be a BB gun.

Freaking CATS!

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Our fenced in backyard seems to be the neighborhood litterbox. When we moved it it was obvious that the place had been vacant a little while, and that all the neighborhood cats had decided that it was their play place. we have cleaned things up… (half a street trash can full of cat shit and bird bodies) and tried to discourage them from coming back… we have bought cat repellent, and everything else we can think of.. nothing works, the realtor could care less, and won’t help.

The last straw was when my 7 year old found a dead bird in the  yard a few days ago, the cats had killed another pigeon and left it laying in my, say it again, fenced in backyard. This is making it unsafe for me to send my children out in the yard to play. My next step is to call animal control, maybe they will give me some traps for the damn cats.. I want them gone.