Another week in the mountains.

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And we are home. It was a good week, and we’re home again, I’ll type up more of a review once I’ve slept in my bed again… I’m tired.


Teh Happy…

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It eludes me…

I think a big part of it is not enough sleep last night. Hubster got home from his weekend drill around 9:30, and after we talked for a few minutes, he settled on the couch and started watching his recorded NASCAR race (BORRRRIIINNG… what is entertaining about a bunch of men driving in circles for hours continues to baffle me.) So I disappeared into the bedroom to work on the story  I have been writing. I worked for about an hour and at 11:00 I let him know I was going to sleep, and turned out the light, knowing that sleep would be slow to come since I was working out plot details, but confident it wouldn’t take too long.

I was just drifting off to sleep (after only having popped back up once to jot some notes on the story) when I heard a child cry. *sigh* I got up and dealt with the cold, wet child, and his bed. and by the time I made it back to bed it was a quarter to midnight.

I start to fall asleep again… and again, just as I am –><- this close to being asleep, more noise… this time it is the herd of elephants that is my husband. Crash banging into the room, using the restroom, and getting into bed. I feign sleep, cause I really don’t want to be bothered, but while he is in the bathroom, I sneak a peek at the clock… 0:18, for those of you who don’t have their bedroom clock set on military time (it is a big help when setting the alarm, no more setting it for pm instead of am) that is 12:18. The Elephant climbs in bed, shuffle, wiggle, cough, squirm, cough, wiggle.  (I feel the need to state here that I don’t necessarily need quiet to go to sleep, but I do, however, need still, this was my biggest problem in adjusting to sleeping with another person in the bed, every little wiggle wakes me up again, at least until I reach a sound sleep.) at one point he got up, and I could hear him hunting for his glasses, then 37 seconds later he was back, climbing back in bed.  He did finally settle down and let me go to sleep, but it was after 1 by then.

Needless to say, being a good mommy and going to bed on time, knowing you have to get up at 6am, doesn’t always do what it is supposed to.

I give up,

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I can’t do it anymore. Barely the third week  of school, and I can’t handle the sleep deprivation anymore. No more staying up till midnight or later,  just to get to spend a few minutes with Hubster before bed, then getting up at six to get the girls off to bed. Plus waking 2-3 times a night for random crap. As of tonight, I will go to bed by ten, possibly earlier, I am totally drained. Hopefully after a decent night’s sleep I can force my self to get on the treadmill…

Another day, another dollar…

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Well, I managed to get through August and stay inside my food budget (I am refusing to go to the store tomorrow, the only reason I will leave the house is to take the kids to school, I swear!) which is something I have been struggling with for sometime… why? because things got more expensive, and I was trying to feed us on the same amount it took 2 years ago. (no, the family hasn’t grown.. but how much my kids eat, and cost of food has.) I am excited… and already working on a list for next month… LOL

The girls go back to school tomorrow, with it being Monday and all… I love them being in school, I really do… But there is this wonderful, elusive thing, that I miss so much on school days… it is called Sleep. Hubster gets home at 11pm, and I usually stay up and wait for him, talk to him about his day, etc. and get to bed around midnight… And the alarm goes off at 6. IF I have slept well, I get a max of 6 hrs a night, however, my 3 yo often wakes in the night, needing some attention. I often wake 2-3 times a night for no reason that I can fathom… and then there is that whole getting to sleep issue… sometimes it is easy, sometimes it takes hours. At least on the weekends, if the kids are semi-quiet, I can sleep a little bit later.

The kids and I have no major appointments this week, which is good. Although my oldest hounds me every day “Did the library call yet?” she is waiting for a book on inter-library loan, and is a little bit impatient.

*sigh* Guess I better go put away the laundry before Hubster gets home…

Some days I wonder…

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why I bother to get up in the morning.

First, let me state that it took me over two hours, yes HOURS of laying in the dark, listening to Hubster snore,  last night to be able to get to sleep. Part of it, I admit, was enjoying the feeling of having Hubster back in bed with me. Have I mentioned that I really missed him? And then there was that whole pesky, my brain won’t shut off problem.

So I finally drift off to sleep.. only to be awakened this morning (like most mornings these days) to kids fighting. Unlike most days, I ignored it and tried to go back to sleep. I was aware of Hubster getting up, telling the kids to zip it,  and I heard him on the phone, trying to straighten out business that I was unaware of while he was gone. I still pretended, and tried, to sleep.

Hey, school starts next week, and days of sleeping past 6am will be severely curtailed, I was just trying to enjoy it while it lasted….

Anyway, eventually Hubster comes in and starts trying to get me out of bed… Why? Because he wants coffee… Why can’t he make his own coffee you say? Because he’s to lazy, I mean, because mine tastes so much better. *roll eyes*

He eventually sics our 3 year old on me, sets him up on the bed with me, and quickly leaves the room. Said 3 year old proceeds to jump and bounce and tickle me until I get up.

So, I am up, and dressed, and make his coffee… I know I have to go get Hubster’s uniform first thing, so I head out to do that…. After I get back from that Hubster decides he needs gas in his car, and sends me out to get that.

Ok, I know some of you are asking why he can’t just get gas on the way to work? Well, we get gas at Sam’s Club, much cheaper than anywhere else, and it is in the opposite direction from his work, but well worth the trip out of our way for the savings. Yes, we actually save more than the cost of the trip to get it.S

So, Here it is less than 2 hours after I got up, and I have spent less than a quarter of it at home. Blah. At least it was coolish out side this morning (by coolish, I mean it was under 100, barely.)

The rest of the day hasn’t been too bad, just normal day stuff, feeding three house apes,  packing a lunch, searching for missing uniform components, searching for missing locker key, unloading and reloading the dishwasher, gathering up and sorting laundry, feeding three house apes, cleaning up the mess they have made today, maybe a little time for reading and knitting (Currently working on another pair of socks, this one out of Knit Picks Stroll Kettle Dye, in the Bordeaux color, they are working up nicely.)

As Hubster was getting ready to go to work, he was all dressed in his uniform, and bent over his desk, which sits directly in front of mine, checking something on his computer. Something about the uniform and the pose, and well, HIM, just made me go YUM, and I grabbed my camera and took a snapshot… No, I am not going to share it, because of the uniform, and what is visible on his uniform, it is just not a good idea. But trust me, it is a good picture, and is the highlight of my day, and probably several others.

Project Progress!

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I did manage to finish the hunting socks night before last, and have put some major time in to the Christmas socks for the Hubster, doing good, they are now half done. Just a few more days and they will be complete, and I can hide them until Christmas.  Since I have a week left before he gets home, that should work out well.

Still not sleeping well at all, I didn’t get to sleep until 5 this morning. I have decided that I have had enough of this, I am going to take a couple Benadryl in few minutes, and in a half hour to an hour, I should be out like a light. Sleep, precious sleep…. I am just waiting for the end of the girls reading time (they are required to read for at least 30 minutes every night before bed) to take my meds, or I won’t be up to tell my oldest (a totally reading fiend like me) to turn out the light and go to sleep.

I have been working on a list of things that we need to get done, both before Hubster gets home, and after. Things like enrolling the girls in their new school (new district with the new house,) school shopping, grocery shopping, returning books to the library. Mainly just day to day crap, but it adds up.

Sleep? who needs sleep?

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4 hrs is all the sleep I got last night. My 2 year old woke up at 10:30 crying. nothing would make him content but laying on my bed next to me. so we laid there and i read for a while. he dozed but never actually fell asleep, till at 12:45 he sat up and puked. So, 1am I am cleaning a 2 year old and changing the sheets on my bed. lay back down… he finally falls asleep. I get to sleep about 3 am. he woke up at 5, fussy and whiny and I just laid there with him. At 6 I heard my oldest daughter, who is 8,  get up, and I asked her to take him, watch cartoons with him, I only got 2 hrs sleep, let me get some rest (she is really good about watching him in the mornings, when all he wants to do is sit and watch tv anyway) so I was able to sleep till almost 8….

I am drained. and Hubby will be home this afternoon. The girls are working on cleaning up some, but I am not going to be up for a huge cleaning thing. Plus, the baby is still whiny and clingy.

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