70 minutes…

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SEVENTY minutes on the treadmill tonight. Without it making me batshit crazy, or any pain.. See.. it’s not that I can’t walk long term, it’s that I find it terminally boring. Even with music I love blasting through headphones, inside or out, I find myself counting the seconds, the minutes and each one seems like hours.

I know that there are people out there who find running, walking, jogging, exercising in general soothing. I have never been one. I understand the calm, I understand what I call that ‘zen place in your mind.’ I have one, I get there by knitting.

I’d recently decided that I need to figure out how to find that ‘zen place’ in my mind by exercising, most likely by walking/running.I talked about this with Hubster last night, he says he just zones out, and next thing he knows he’s gone several miles… so I thought about this.. The easiest way for me to zone out is my writing.. I am easily absorbed into what ever I’m working on.. Unfortunately, that’s very very difficult to do while walking or running.. Second easiest way is to read… not listen to audio books, those are merely ok, because I read about 15 times faster than they do and waiting on them to get on with the story annoys me unless the narrator is very, very good. This is possible, but a pain in the ass, and unless the book is just very gripping, the constant button hitting for page turns on my Kindle (because the font has to be set larger to be seen from the shelf on the treadmill) makes me lose stride while walking, making it a hindrance. (wonder if the Kindle fire has text scrolling?) I’ve tried TV, but the treadmill makes noise, and then my movement makes noise and in order to hear the TV I have to turn it up so loud they can hear it in the next state.

Anyway, I decided that I’ve been working on loosing weight for a little over a month now.. I’ve lost 10% of my big goal, which is great, but I know that cutting sugar is only going to work for so long. I need to get into the habit of exercising. so I decided to get on the treadmill and tough it out for at least twenty minutes. Twenty minutes won’t make me sit in the corner doing an Overboard. At least hopefully…

So I dug out my mp3 player, and climbed on the treadmill. I walked, I concentrated on my goal, I thought about my results, I pictured what I plan on rewarding myself with when I reach my goal, and then I continued walking for another nine and a half minutes before it occurred to me. I really wished I could watch a movie, one with lots of action that just sucks you in. I’d been on the treadmill for about ten minutes when the answer occurred to me. Netflix. on my phone. I can instant stream movies to my phone, watch them if I choose, or just listen.

When I first got the phone (a Droid 3) I downloaded the Netflix app just for fun. I wanted to see how well it worked. I was amazed at how crisp and clear the picture was on the screen, but I couldn’t foresee actually using it much. Partly because it would use up so much bandwidth and I have a limited data package on phone. But at home my phone uses my home wi-fi to connect to the net, and I can stream all I want

So I had a kid hand me my phone, and I started a movie (the new Star Trek for those who want to know.) and I walked, I was aware of time passing but I didn’t care. I walked as I watched, I watched the movie and didn’t mind the passage of time.

I’m going to have to continue doing this. I’ve gone through and added some new movies to the instant queue on my Netflix account so that I have a variety of things to watch as I walk.

New Years Resolutions..

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I normally don’t make them but I actually have 3 this year… two of which I have been working toward for some time and it is just a good time to state the goals… so here goes.

  1. Edit and submit to publishers the book I wrote for NaNoWriMo in 2010.
  2. Write a good portion (at least 50k workds) of book 2 in the same series.
  3. Participate in a 5k. Walking or running, I don’t care (though it will have to be walking to start) I want to finish at least one 5k.

I have already started with the editing, I print out a chapter at a time and have at it with a red pen, it often looks like a grade school essay after the teacher has had it but it is making progress. I have a notebook that I carry around with me where I write ideas and plot lines for more books in the series, and I have a basic idea of where I want book 2 to go.

As for the 5k, I have a couple of options. There is one here in town that conflicts with none of my scheduling on Feb 12, can I be ready for that one? I don’t know… there is another one on Mar 12,  but Hubster has drill that weekend so I will have to find someone to keep the kids if I participate in that one, other wise I will have to wait till fall (it is just way to fricking hot to do that kind of thing in the summer here.) 

I am seriously considering doing the Feb race, then asking my in-laws to keep the kids while I do the  March race. and then continuing to train all summer so that in the fall I can do the 10k instead of the 5k. I’ll have to see how things go.

Goal reached!

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I did it, I managed almost 5 1/2 miles yesterday, pushing my total for the week (5 days so far, today makes day 6) up over 20 miles. And man was I sore!! I am sure part of it was the pushing to keep going, but part of it was new walking shoes yesterday, my old ones were just falling apart.

Hubby is pushing me to rest one day and I am thinking a light day, just a mile or mile and a half.  We shall see how things go today.

Work out TV.

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I got a treadmill for Christmas, it is a high quality, fairly quiet machine, which means I can actually watch TV while I am on it. Now to find something that will totally engross my attention to watch while I am on it.

Last night I found the end of Independence Day, and that worked well. Which got me to thinking… What movies do I have, or can I get, that would totally distract me from walking nowhere (I hate the boredom of walking somewhere too, I am equal opportunity anti-boredom.) I sometimes read, but the corner where my treadmill is set up is kinda dark, plus with the motion of walking, reading gives me a headache.

Well, this morning I was doing my usual, getting the majority of the housework done before power rates skyrocket at noon, when I remembered the one commercial that I really LOVED during the Stupidbowl on Sunday. The commercial for the new movie Fast and Furious with Vin Diesel. I was so excited, I LOVE the first movie, and the second and third, with out Vin, just SUCKED.  Which lead to the thought, that THAT is the kind of movie I need for when I get on the treadmill.

So I went and dug out the original movie, and I will use that when I get on the treadmill in an hour or so, but one movie isn’t gonna last forever, I am gonna need several, if not lots, more.

Anyone have any suggestions?

Wii Fit

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I had gotten out of the habit of using it, but recently (in the last week or so) my husband has made an effort to get involved, so every morning, while the kids are at school right now, we get on the fit and take turns.

First we both do the Body Test, then all of the Yoga, then the Balance Exercises, then on one day we will do the aerobics, and on the next day we will do the strength exercises, usually just once through each.  I always end up working longer than he does, partly because I have used it more and have more exercises unlocked, and on some, because I have unlocked the more advanced modes, or longer workout times.

Then, in the evenings, when hubby is at work, right now I am using the elliptical every night. But soon, the new treadmill will be here (we are replacing an old one that quit, for Christmas.) and I will do treadmill one night, and the elliptical the next. I am seriously considering setting it so that on days I do the strength excercises on the Wii, I will do treadmill that evening, and on aerobics days I will use the elliptical.

getting better

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Hubby and I recently decided on an exercise plan, where we would work together trying to get me to lose some weight and get him ready for some military training he is going to have to go to soon. So the starting stage is walking. Now mind you, temperatures have been over 100 every day, and recently (last two weeks or so) we have had, what is to us at least, killer humidity, 50% plus.

The first day we went to the park and back, almost a mile and half, round trip, on the way there I had to stop and work my calves several times, as they were  cramping and burning.

Second work out day, we walked another direction just over a mile each way. and by the time we got to the turn around point, I was in pain, but able to continue, when we got home, I was dying.

Today was our third work out day, and a teacher in service day, so my older kids were out of school, so we just took them with us. We walked to the park, just over half a mile away, and I didn’t need to stop and work my legs once. At the park, the kids played a while (and I watched them, and played with them some) while hubby jogged around the park several times, after about 15 minutes we continued our walk, taking a long route home, so that the round trip nears 3 miles. I was tired, but not dying till we got to the end of our street. and when we walked in our front door and I hit the 80 degree cooled air, it was like heaven. I sat down and rested in front of a fan, drinking fluids (we took lots of fluids with us too, we have been desert dwellers for a long time.) I also dug out my mp3 player this morning and wore it, with only one headphone on, the other hung on my shirt, that helped, because a lot of my hate for exercising is bordom, and being bored, I think up so much stuff I would rather be doing.

This evening I am a bit sore, not really for all the time movements like walking etc. but anything that stretches muscles is a bit painful. I will do  yoga tomorrow and sunday, and we will repeat the routine on Monday, again with the kids because it is a holiday.  After that Hubby and I will just take the baby (in a stroller) every Monday, Wendsday, and Friday. We will see how long it will take for me to start dropping some of this weight.

omg my back…

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my arms… they are both sore already… guess that means that the boxing on the Wii is helping. I’m gonna keep pushing it. I really want this weight gone.

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