Inspiration has struck.

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Unfortunately, it’s not inspiration on what to do with the chapter I’m trying to write, it’s knitting inspiration. My hands are cold and don’t want to do what they are told to do. so I was thinking I need ‘typing gloves’ only I can’t find a pattern for what I want. I guess I will just have to create one. Downside? I’ve never knit gloves before. Am I going to let that stop me? No… it might slow me down a little but it won’t stop me.


Lacy Cotton Shopping bag


I have a large amount of cotton yarn around the house, and in an effort to work on knitting down my stash, I determined I needed to make something from it. I always need more shopping bags, so I started on this, and I really like it. So I decided to post the pattern, incase someone else likes it as much as I do.

grocery bag


Cotton yarn, I used Sugar N Cream Confectioners colours. it took about 7 oz,

size 9  24″ circular needles, DPN’s of same size if you don’t magic loop.

stitch marker

Cast on 9 stitches, join, being careful not to twist, and knit one round.

place marker so you know where round begins, yo,k1 around (18 st), k3 rounds. yo,k1 around (36 st), k6 rounds. yo,k1 around (72 st), k 12 rounds. yo,k2 around (108 st), k for 3 inches, begin lace pattern.

Lace pattern:

R1: yo,k2tog around

R2: k around

repeat rounds 1 and 2 until lace measures 12 deep, garderstitch (k 1 round, p 1 round, repeat) for 1.5 inches.

Straps: on a knit round, k16 stitches, bo 38 stitches, knit 16, bo 38, you should be back to your first set of 16 knit stitches, knit these, then turn and purl them, continue knitting in stockinette stitch until approx. 20 inches long, kitchener to the 16 stitches still on the  cable on other side of bag. Weave in ends.


shopping bag, filled, has a box of saltines and two canisters of oatmeal, still has lots of room.

pattern adaptions

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I have decided I want to make myself a hat, just a quick project for ME.  I found the pattern I want to use, Beret Tam, but I don’t want mine solid color, I want to use both black and red, the yarn I have chosen is a wool blend, in the weight that the pattern calls for, but it has a slight sparkly bit to it, which I think will make a wonderful hat.

The question is, how exactly to make it two colors, I could do the bottom (headband, increase and flat to the point where you start decreasing,) in one color, and the top in the other. I could do stripes, whether thin or thick, alternating the colors. I could do thick stripes of one color and thin of the other. I just don’t know. Any input?

I have spent my last few days

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other than walking, and since I try not to dwell on the evil, i won’t discuss that. Knitting and reading. I am still working on my pi shawl. but it is getting closer and closer to done. I am almost done with the second cake of yarn, and will start the edging with my third cake. Right now I am at 1152 stitches per round. and I won’t get any bigger around… except for the 4 I need to increase for my edging pattern.

I searched and searched. 3 stitch dictionaries and 3 pattern books plus Ravelry, to find the lace edging I want for my shawl. I finially found it, in Victorian Lace Today. It is a simple diamond pattern border, called a Torchon lace pattern. it should be pretty eas, and turn out great, now if only I can get it done!! I am so excited, I still totally love this project.

K2, sl1, psso, Habla Englais?


learning to read a knitting pattern is like learning another language.

For example:

R 7-9: *K6, P2* around
R 10: *K6, p2, C6F, P2* around

make absolutely no sense unless you are familiar with the language. and this is just a couple rows in the pattern you think that is confusing, try lace, then you get to things like yo, sl2, k1, sl2pss, yo. Which all in itself is not that big of deal, till you face pages and pages of lines full of this. Your eyes get crossed and you start going “Ba ba ba ba” like Goldie Hawn did in Overboard after she cut the scarecrow up with the chainsaw.

In reality, once you know the terms, and have a little practice it really isn’t difficult, the hardest part is keeping your place, there are several methods for this, my two  preferred methods are magnet for single page patterns (or even double page) I slide the page into a clear page protector and I use magnet strips, that come in strips at your local craft store, one on each side, it slides down the page so that you can keep track of what row you are on. The other method I use often is post it’s I use this mostly in books, so that I am not marking up my books.