Christmas is over

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The hubster has gone back to work after 10 days off. The kids still have another 4 days at home, but things are finally starting to get back to normal.
I’ve spent much of the last ten days working on learning to fully use my new Kindle Fire, and waiting for amazon to make the wordpress app availible for it in their aneroid market. As of this post, they still haven’t,  however I have found a way to side load it, and it’s working great.
The other major project I’ve been working on is a final edit of a book for publication, as well as getting my author sites and profiles up all over the Internet. I’ve learnedly that there’s as much networking to publishing and selling your work as there is writing and editing.
I still have lots to get done, and the time to get it done is shrinking as my deadline looms.



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Hubster and I were discussing gifts for the kidlets last week, we had most of the stuff we wanted to give them figured out and lined up, but we were one gift short for each of our girls, I had no clue what to give them, and Hubster got a brilliant idea (note sarcasm here) He suggested that I knit each of them a skirt. Well, immediately I had a response.. I can do that, but Girl 2 isn’t allowed to wear skirts much, as I am tired of seeing her butt. She is just way too much tom-boy to get away with them, so I decided I could go with a skirt and a sweater. 

So the next morning, the 7th, I went to the store and bought the yarn for the projects and got started I finished the skirt first, all but sewing in the elastic for the waistband, on the 10th and I moved on to the sweater. I have done little more than knit since. I have listened to more daytime tv in the last 11 days than in the entire last year, but I did it. Last night I weaved in all the ends, sewed the elastic into the waistband and I boxed and wrapped both gift.

A skirt, (for a girl who wears a size 10) and a sweater (for a girls size 8) in 11 days. My hands hurt and I am sick of stupid daytime tv. but it is done.  Now to catch up all the stuff that has been neglected while I got those done, and get ready for our holiday visitors.

Wonderful Christmas here.

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and I hope you had one too,

My kids made out like bandits, lots of toys, very few that take batteries or make noise, so a plus for me, a few movies too! That is something we will all enjoy.

I got 4 different books, 3 from my kids and a knitting book (EZ’s Knitting Workshop) from my mom, do they know me or what? Hubster got me a bath set and a car charger for my netbook, which I had specifically asked for. I am pleased, nothing huge (but I got a new computer a few months ago, and it was agreed that i would be my big Christmas present)

We had  plenty of family here, my mom and uncle were here for Christmas morning, and opening presents, and then my in-laws came for dinner. I fixed Prime rib and a whole spread, it was really great.

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas too.

Getting ready for Christmas.

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I have all the shopping done, and it would remain that way if only Hubster would stop dreaming up things to give the kids… *sigh* men. I have the tree up, and have started wrapping things.. All of my Holiday knitting is done, and I have been working on some relaxing things, I finished my Lady Sweater, I need to take pictures of it still but I love it, it turned out great. I am working on yet another shawl too…

I am also hunting down things that I need to pack into the trailer for a trip to No. Cal for New Years. It is much colder there than here, so I am digging out winter coats and sweaters and such. We haven’t worn these things since we moved here 2 years ago, and can’t buy things for truly cold weather here, so the kids will probably get a bunch of new stuff once we are up there  (we have coats, but the kids have few warm clothes.)

I am also working on putting together our Christmas Dinner menu so that I can get that shopping done and all the prep for that taken care of.

Friday is the last day of school here, until Jan 11th, so the kids will spend the next 3 weeks driving me totally out of my mind.. We will be able to take some of their Christmas presents with us on the trip but definitely not all of them. It will still help with the boredom of a long car trip.

Project Progress!

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I did manage to finish the hunting socks night before last, and have put some major time in to the Christmas socks for the Hubster, doing good, they are now half done. Just a few more days and they will be complete, and I can hide them until Christmas.  Since I have a week left before he gets home, that should work out well.

Still not sleeping well at all, I didn’t get to sleep until 5 this morning. I have decided that I have had enough of this, I am going to take a couple Benadryl in few minutes, and in a half hour to an hour, I should be out like a light. Sleep, precious sleep…. I am just waiting for the end of the girls reading time (they are required to read for at least 30 minutes every night before bed) to take my meds, or I won’t be up to tell my oldest (a totally reading fiend like me) to turn out the light and go to sleep.

I have been working on a list of things that we need to get done, both before Hubster gets home, and after. Things like enrolling the girls in their new school (new district with the new house,) school shopping, grocery shopping, returning books to the library. Mainly just day to day crap, but it adds up.

Christmas in July…

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Since I would like to make a lot of my gifts, if at all possible, it has occurred to me to start early, as knitting, and other crafts, can be time consuming, as I am sure you know.

First I decided to look at what I have on hand, my Christmas list, and what each person might like.

  • sock yarn, about enough for 5-6 pairs, if the pairs are short, ankle socks like I wear.
  • fun fur type yarn, 5-6 balls of it, none the same.
  • random skeins of acrylic yarn, in random colors, mostly pastels, and left overs from baby blankets
  • wool, some really nice, some not so nice, some undyed, some hand dyed. Various amounts of each.
  • Some cotton yarns, mostly in earth tones, all kitchen cotton.

People on the list, who might appreciate hand made items.

  • mom, she really likes the socks I have been making, might  like a pair or two
  • kids, my 3, and my niece, would love scarves made from the fun fur, if nothing else will make great dress up toys.
  • hubster, says he will wear socks I make him, but not in “foofy” colors
  • dad, he will wear anything I make him, any color, he likes bright colors too.
  • brother, he is hard, he is 11, but they live where it gets cold, maybe he would like a hat and scarf?
  • step-mom, she would appreciate a lot of things, but she is allergic to all animal fibers, so anything I make has to be non-animal, maybe hat/scarf or a set of facecloths..
  • Mother in law
  • father in law
  • step mother in law
  • grandfather, he gets cold in the winter, maybe a hat, in green, his favorite color.

I have more on my list, but I don’t think some of them would appreciate a hand made gift, and some, we have other things in mind for already.

Second, What I have done so far…

No, no pictures, at least not now. For two reasons. #1, though I don’t think any of my family reads this, lets not take chances, huh? and #2,  And really, the one most influencing the no pictures decision… Hubster has my camera in Germany.

Looking through my stash I found 3 skeins of an alpaca / acrylic blend in a bulky weight, having no clue what else to do with it, I cast on my size 15 needles, and in 2 days I had a hat, and 6 1/2 foot long scarf.  No clue who it will be for, it will go in the Christmas Bag, and that will be decided later.

On the same needles (after the hat and scarf were done, and off of them) I made several (I think I have 4 so far) fun fur scarves. Very simple, garder stitch scarves, from a single skein each. I made 3 in just a couple hours, very fast, but that stuff is a pain in the ass to work with. The kids will love them. Dropped them in the  Christmas Bag too.

Knowing my father (really, I have know him all of my 31 years…) I opted for a washable wool product, and I decided I wanted to make him hunting socks, so they need to be thicker… best washable worsted weight wool I can get around here? Wool-ease, yeah, it isn’t the best thing available for socks, but it should last better than the $30 pair of wool socks he bought last year, and wore a hole in the first day. I picked up 3 skeins, cast on a week ago, and I am about 3/4 done with the pair, and let me tell you, a mens size 12? These things look like you could fit aircraft carriers in them. When they are done? You guessed it, into the Christmas Bag.

I also had on hand 2 skeins of Knit Picks Risata, in biscuit (off white), which is enough to make real socks, that you know, go up the leg a little bit, not just the hide in your shoe style I wear.  So I will make these for Hubster. Off-white counts as non-foofy, right? Anyway, they are about 1/4 done, when they are done, they too will go in the Christmas Bag.

Hopefully I can finish these two projects, and maybe another fun fur scarf or two before hubby gets home, and have moved on to more.. We all have dreams.

Wonderful Christmas…

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my son LOVED his race car bed, I believe we will have no difficulty getting him to sleep in it, (he is still camped in the girls room for the remainder of mother in laws visit)  The girls were thrilled with their hauls too, and have spent the last day and a half trashing my house with all the new toys and stuff.

My oldest daughter got me the robe I have been drooling over, the younger one got me the new Mummy movie, and my son got me a scented candle (yes, I actually like them! he even (with the other’s help) got me a fruity one which is what i prefer to floral scents) Hubby got me a crock pot cook book, I love it, it looks like great fun, and in my stocking he stuffed a Nancy Drew computer game. Now if only I can figure out what is wrong with the dvd drive on my computer… it is a driver issue and I am getting , frustrated with it, it may be time to dig out the disks for this computer (eeks that was 3 moves ago, can I find them?) Oh… have I mentioned my big gift? Hubby got me a new treadmill, so far, I love it. it is huge, but I still love it. *sigh*

My husband and Mother in law leave for the airport in about 12 hrs, and my mom will be here this evening, as we are having our BIG family meal on Saturday with my mom and my FIL and his second family, that is 12 for that meal. We are making a big turkey and another meal almost like Thanksgiving.

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