An interesting observation.

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I realized something the other day and I thought I’d share it. First, some background.

Because of the field my husband works in it’s a good idea for him to have flu vaccine, despite my personal feelings about the whole thing. Because he’s (part time) military and has no allergies to the ingredients, he’s required to have them. So, for the last 10+ years, he has had a flu shot every fall. The children and I do not get them, for several reasons I won’t go into here.

With the widespread outbreak in the news recently, I realized that despite having the flu shot way back in October, my husband has the flu. No one else in the house has contracted it, but since he’s only spent 2 days at home since he got it (2 weeks ago) that’s not all that surprising.

With more thought I remembered that the last time he had the flu (2009) he was home, not only every evening but he also took several days off because he was coughing so hard he couldn’t breathe. Then, as with this time, no one else in the house (me and three children) became ill.

The whole thing has made me wonder, are vaccines really as wonderful as they’re being made out to be?


Round and Round the Mulberry Bush..


The Monkey chased the Wiesel…

some days I feel like I am just spinning in circles…

On Friday I started feeling short of breath, like there was a large elastic band wrapped around my chest making it hard to inhale, and squeezing the breath out of me as soon as I did. I figured I was coming down with something and would give it a few days to see what happened.

On Saturday I started a two week adventure in single parenting, Hubster is gone on his military training. We were also trying to get all the weekend chores done, housework, laundry, etc. This continued into Sunday, I mostly directed the kids to clean up their messes, and didn’t do a whole lot as my shortness of breath seemed to be getting worse, and I had developed a little bit of a cough, but not much. Everyone I mentioned how I was feeling to over the weekend told me how it sounded like pneumonia, and I agreed, but I hadn’t had anything to cause it. By Sunday evening I decided that if I wasn’t feeling better by Tuesday I would contact Father in Law to keep an eye on the littlest munchkin while I went to see the dr.

Monday continued, I sent the girls to school, spent the morning with the smallest munchkin… didn’t do a whole lot. And then, just before the girls got home from school, I walked across the room to refill my iced tea, and when I got to the fridge, I was gasping for air. It was time to do something. I called Father in Law, and he said to bring the kids on over, he would watch them. So I loaded them all up and took them to him, dropped them off and hit Urgent Care.

I ended up spending about 2.5 hrs in Urgent Care. They heard shortness of breath and did an EKG first off, which I totally understand. When that came up fine, they did a chest x-ray, and a breathing treatment. The x-ray showed nothing, but the breathing treatment really helped. They told me it was behaving like asthma or an allergy attack, but since I have no history of either, they were leery to diagnose it as such. They gave me an inhaler, and some steroids to bring down the swelling in my lungs, and sent me home with instructions to return if I worsened.

I am feeling better being able to breathe, but it has given me enough air to cough, but it feels like things are starting to break loose. I am taking it easy hoping to give myself time and energy to heal.

Attack of the Evil Migraine

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I went to bed early last night because I had the start of a bad migraine coming on, and was hoping rest, quiet and dark would help. It did help, but it wasn’t completely gone when I got up this morning, so I got up and started my day anyway. I made coffee for the Hubster,  got the girls lunches packed, and them off to school, I came home and picked up the kitchen from that, fed the monkey boy, and myself, and did a few house hold chores. Then Hubby comes in and tells me he is “Not feeling well” and he is gonna go lay down for a couple hours before he goes to work, and see how things go.  So here I sit, with a headache that is steadily getting worse, taking care of the toddler, because I am the mom, and that is my job. While the man who doesn’t feel well, mostly likely because he stays up way too late and doesn’t get enough sleep, is napping in the other room… Anyone wanna have band practice? I can wear ear plugs and you can wake him up…

Brain drain day.

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I feel like I have been run over by a Mack truck. I have caughed so hard I have almost no voice left, and I am almost totally drained. I am so tired and blah feeling that even reading is too much for me. *gasp, shock* Hopefully it will pass soon and I can get back to normal.

Sleep? who needs sleep?

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4 hrs is all the sleep I got last night. My 2 year old woke up at 10:30 crying. nothing would make him content but laying on my bed next to me. so we laid there and i read for a while. he dozed but never actually fell asleep, till at 12:45 he sat up and puked. So, 1am I am cleaning a 2 year old and changing the sheets on my bed. lay back down… he finally falls asleep. I get to sleep about 3 am. he woke up at 5, fussy and whiny and I just laid there with him. At 6 I heard my oldest daughter, who is 8,  get up, and I asked her to take him, watch cartoons with him, I only got 2 hrs sleep, let me get some rest (she is really good about watching him in the mornings, when all he wants to do is sit and watch tv anyway) so I was able to sleep till almost 8….

I am drained. and Hubby will be home this afternoon. The girls are working on cleaning up some, but I am not going to be up for a huge cleaning thing. Plus, the baby is still whiny and clingy.

not feeling too great today

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but at least I am not alone. Hubby is feeling yucky too… upside, he turned on the AC several degrees before he normally would. Which makes it much more comfortable in here, especially since today is supposed to be 109. Now if only I can manage to keep from getting sicker, especially while watching a small boy gallop around the house.

Sometimes I wonder

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if there is a brain living inside my hubby’s head, or if there is just dead space in there.

We got up this morning, and Hubby tells me he is not feeling good… ok, whatever, I still have to get the kids to school… I continue..   a couple hours later he tells me he has been throwing up, and he feels really bad… then he walks into the kitchen and pours himself a cup of coffee, including sugar and milk. Sits down at his desk and drinks said coffee… less than 10 minutes later he is running for the bathroom. A little while later I went in and told him, what 99% of the population over the age of 8 knows… Milk is not a good idea on a sour stomach. So he laid in bed moaning for a couple more hours, which was handy to me, cause with him home I didn’t have to wake the baby from his nap to get the older kids from school. I get back with the kids, and he has decided he is going to go a head and go in to work. ok… bye… see you later… grow a brain while you are gone…

really… milk on a upset stomach…  *sigh*

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