Swim lessons over

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and only 2 weeks left till school starts.

I’m glad I have two weeks break from getting up and getting the kids ready to head out every morning. Though it wasn’t really the getting up and getting the kids ready to head out that I hated about swimming lessons, it was the sitting in the heat for an hour waiting for them. The pools here have shade over the seating but one would think that in this heat they would have a mister system, but no… we just sit in the heat and wait. Since I’m sensitive to the heat anyway it’s been miserable. But now it’s over for the summer.

Next big thing is schools starting.. then sports. I think I’ll invest in a spray bottle for sports practices and games… better than relying on the city for misters to keep it a livable degree of cool.


Spring Break Cleaning.


Spring break officially started yesterday. We have two weeks out of school here, and I have decided that we will take this opertunity to do a deep, thorough clean of the entire house. Yesterday we tackled the living room, even moving out couches and cleaning under them. Today I got the home office area. I work for a few minutes, usually 30-45, and then sit down and rest a while, because the heat gets to me very easily, and we haven’t yet set up the air conditioner.  Plus, this lets the kids take breaks and play in between and keeps them productive as well. Plus, with a two week spring break we can do one room a day and still have time left over at the end.

progress… i think.. maybe.

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this morning, for the first time since JUNE we were able to open our windows and let fresh air in… Which we only do when the temperature outside is cooler than what we have the air conditioner set at. in the mornings that is 82. yes. I am celebrating because the temperature dropped below 82 (and yes, I am including overnight lows in that.) Hopefully this trend continues… and even grows. I am so sick of fry  your brain out heat.

Something makes me think we will not have a heating bill this winter… what could it be??

finally, a little rain..

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yesterday afternoon and today we have finally gotten a little bit of rain, after only a month of being so humid you need to sprout gills. and it did cool it off some. but it is by no stretch of the imagination cool…

I have also been working on a blanket that I am knitting, in a waterfall pattern. I found some cotton yarn on clearance dirt cheap (think 36lbs of yarn for under $40) so I am thinking up things to use it all.  A lap/nap blanket sounded perfect.

Fracking Male

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Conversation goes like this…

Me: are you ready for me to run my errands.

Him: Not really, Why?

Me:… fine I will just wait until tomorrow.

Him: you have all day why are you in such a hurry?

Me: I want to get them done before it gets too hot.

Him: you are going to be in air conditioned places anyway

Me: no, I am going to be in and out of air conditioning and in and out of the heat and the hot car… in and out of heat really makes me sick.


So I will wait. Cause he doesn’t want me to go for some reason that I am not privileged enough to be told… When he bitches that we don’t have whatever it is, I will tell him he wasn’t ready for me to run the errands yet.. (and the reason I am wanting him to be ready for me to go is so that he can watch the kids and I don’t have to haul them in everywhere I go… might be easier just to take them!)

I think that APS

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just killed any desires that hubby may have had about remaining in Yuma… we just got the latest electric bill… almost $450. Hubby had a small heart attack, and I understand why. But there just isn’t much more we can do. our A/C is set at 84 during the day and 80 at night so that we can sleep. I only run the dishwasher every other day at most, and we turn off lights and close doors all the time.

Monday morning I am going to call APS and ask them what we can do to lower it, it is unreasonable, and we just can’t continue to pay that.

That Duh bitch slapped me today…


ok, so it is 50 million degrees here… and we know that… we have had an issue with our electric bill recently, last month was over $300 and we just can’t afford it to keep going up, so we are looking at ways to save electricity.

We were doing the obvious stuff, our AC thermostat is set at 84 during the day, 80 at night so we can sleep, turn off all extra lights, running the dishwasher less often, etc. But this one never occured to me..

with being 50 million degrees outside my garage is even hotter…like 70 million. and DUH, it never occurred to me that the chest freezer we have out there is having to work even harder to keep things cold! We have moved the freezer into the house, and dropped the temp on the water heater some, hopefully that will help.

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