the insanity continues moves forward.

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The sun has started peeking into the hole I’ve buried myself in for the last few weeks. I’ve managed to get a handle on my position for the FRP, laying down the ground work so that my job each month is minimal.  I’ve made good progress on my NaNoWriMo novel, I’m up to 38k with nearly two weeks still left to go.

I’m working on planning and prepping for Thanksgiving, Looking forward to a great holiday with our family.

As we move into the home stretch (final days leading up to the holiday and end of the month) we will see if my sanity continues to hold.

Life and what’s new…

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We’ve had a mostly laid back weekend… Watched a couple of movies, did a little shopping, got some writing done, lots of time with family.

I really need to find better movies to watch, the last two have been pretty bad, and I can’t even blame Hubster for them, because I chose one (though he chose the other) Luckily though Fast Five comes out on Tuesday, and yes, I’ve preordered, I can’t wait for it to arrive so I can have my Vin fix. Besides, I love this particular series. I’ve also heard rumors he’s going to be doing another xXx movie, and I’m eagerly awaiting that too.

In other news, I’ve managed 9 pages so far this weekend, and while 9 pages is not great for two days, when you consider it’s two days with the Hubster and 3 kids home, it’s outstanding.

I’ve contacted the local library events coordinator and I’m trying to figure out what I can do in the way of a opening party for NaNoWriMo. I’d love to be able to use library facilities, I think it’s the perfect local for a writing event, but I’m waiting to see what she has to say.

Yes, I’m alive…

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Life has just been insanely busy. Three kids on three sports teams, plus two school, on top of Hubster being in school too has led to a totally insane schedule. With the exception of nights that storms cancel things, we have had at least one event every weekday night for weeks. And now we’ve started soccer games on Saturdays. There are evenings when I do nothing but drive for 3 hrs straight trying to drop each kid off, and pick them up on time. I need more time in the day… I need fewer things to do.. and I need a car (at least for around town driving) that gets better gas mileage.

To top it all off, my A/C quit on Saturday… Hubster was in a tizzy, understandably to an extent, we just replaced the water heater, we can’t afford a major A/C repair right now… We called the maintenance company anyway (we’ve been using the same company since we moved in.) They told me a Saturday call is over time, that’s $90 an hour… how much is weekday calls? $75 an hour… really? I expected the difference to be much larger…  After about 10 seconds consideration, I told them to come out anyway… My justification? I would have spent far more than $15 on food for the weekend after I refused to cook in a house that’s 90 degrees inside. See… I was saving us money.

Anyway, the A/C guy shows up… looks over the thermostat inside, sees what’s going on, and goes up on the roof to look at the unit… He was up there less than five minutes before the A/C turned on. HALLELUJAH!! (btw, that’s a funny looking word) He billed us for a full hour, as they charge travel time too, I don’t really care, I had my A/C back and that’s what really mattered. Turns out it was a burnt wire and Hubster stressed that whole time for a very small issue, typical.

Back to the point, I’m alive, at least for now… Our family’s insane schedule hasn’t killed me yet..

One more day of craziness

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and then all three kids will be in school and whole different kind of craziness ensues.

Kid one has really liked her new school in the first two days. She loves that it keeps her engaged, never letting her get bored, or have nothing to do.

The remaining two are excited to start tomorrow. We met their teachers and found their classrooms yesterday. Both backpacks are already packed with the supplies for their first day of school and lunch money paid to the cafeteria.

I’m ready to get up and get them off to class, then come home for a date with my treadmill and a bit of housework before I sit down at the keyboard. I’m hoping to establish a habit of exercising, picking up around here and making pages.

Bwahahaha, things are going well

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On Tuesday I finished rewrites of my short story. Yesterday I wrote up the synopsis and submission letter and submitted it to publishers.

Today I’m working on the sequel to my book. I had to go back and re-read the last chapter to refresh my mind on where I ended and what needed to be done next but I’ve made good progress. I wrote up a basic outline for what I plan to happen (I realize that it may change as my characters talk to me, and possibly refuse to do what I want, but I have to start somewhere.) And now I’m starting work on the opening scene. It may take me a couple of days to get back into the minds of these characters, but it will be worth it.

He’s home!!

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We survived a month without Hubster, he’s home and I am so, so glad.

I spent much of the time he was gone like this.

cartoon and there were moments here and there that were more like that scene in Overboard where she’s sitting in the chair spaced out going “ Bu bu bu bu bu…”  I’ll admit it was harder in the beginning, and got easier as time went by. I think that something that contributed to how difficult the adjustment was, is that we went from vacation to gone. I went from having him around to help 24/7 (at least that last week) to nothing. I’m almost certain that if he’d worked some at his civilian job between the two the adjustment, for me, would have been much easier.

That said, we’re preparing for another trip. Another just for fun (escape the hellish heat, for a not quite as hellish heat.) My mom will be joining us on this trip, as well as my niece (shock of all shocks! Did I post about my sister going psycho on me and my blocking her? After checking through thing, I find I did… Here.. ) No, I’m still not talking to my sister, but apparently when she’s not picking fights with me, she can talk to our mom… So I am now getting things ready to spend a week with 3-4 adults (we’re not yet sure if my uncle’s going) and 4 kids… it will be fun, it will be a great get away. We’ll go play in the river, let the kids run wild with water guns and annoy all our neighbors. Then we’ll come home and start life again.

After we get home we’ll have more swimming lessons and it will be time to get ready for school to start. For the first time ever all 3 of my kids will be in full time school *gasp* how will I survive?? By using the time to write of course.


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I realized while editing this evening that I am halfway through my book (chapter 21 out of currently 41 chapters) and I have yet to introduce my male lead. It’s ok though, he will be introduced soon. Plus, I have to admit, I have added two chapters since I started editing.

I’m ok with not having him yet. This isn’t a romance, and it’s a series. We have lots of time to see him.

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