The favorite child.

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I have known for many years that my sister is my mom’s favorite child, it really doesn’t bother me most of the time, because it means less interaction with them both (trust me, this is for the best.) However, my mother has decided that we MUST all get together for either Thanksgiving or Christmas this year. She called me last week, saying that my sister has to work on both holidays, so if we are going to do something it has to be at sister’s house… (which is a 6 hr drive from me, one way.) She goes on about these really great plans (which actually do sound good in theory) then asks, so, what is (my husband)’s schedule like? I told her I didn’t know, since his schedule is somewhat erratic, and I would check and get back to her. I have been putting her off for a week, not wanting to face this bit of family drama.

So, after my sister grilling me about schedules (she works for the same co. as my husband, but a different location, so she thinks she knows how everything works top to bottom) they have finally accepted that we will not be making the trip on Christmas day… now they are pushing for the Saturday after, and using the family guilt thing.. “I am so looking forward to it…” blah blah blah… I am trying to figure out how to tell them that no, I am not driving 12 hrs for a 3 hr ‘party’ that will revolve around my princess sister and her spoiled brat children (because, her children have inherited the preference from my mother) while I am lectured on how to raise my kids to suit them.


Carseat Police.

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drive me up the wall. Another message board encounter… As long as your seating method is legal where you are, it is fine by me, but I have recently encountered some people who are militant about ‘correct’ car seating. Even to the point that a friend of mine was told that she should have her 8 year old, yes, EIGHT year old, daughter, rear facing, cause she is a small child and still under the rear facing weight limits.

By the time a child reaches a certain age, you have other things to consider as well… like, you can face your 8 year old rear facing, then bandage all the wounds from having the shit beat out of them at school every day.

I will be the first to admit, my 8 year old is in a car seat… a booster, and she wants it, especially for long trips, she says she is more comfortable, and can just lean against the side of the seat to sleep, and she sits higher in it and can see out the window better. I understand this, plus, I like her in the seat. But really, she is 8, and over age and weight limits to be out of a car seat according to my state, so if she really wanted out, I would let her be.

You have to find a balance… really, which is worse? The germs and possible sickness from using a dirty hand rail, or falling down the stairs and breaking your leg, because you were so afraid of the germs you wouldn’t touch the hand rail?

Finally Friday

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not a lot going on the home front.  The never ending battle of the cat. Hubby called the humane society again, they asked him if we were on the waiting list for the traps… um… what waiting list, the woman I have been calling DAILY, has NEVER said anything about a waiting list… then she suggested that we could just buy a trap. I did a little research, the traps are only $30 at the local Harbor Freight!! The Humane Society wants a $50 deposit to borrow theirs… so I just went and bought the fricking thing.

it is Friday… this means at least 2 days of no alarm… not that I am allowed to sleep to the alarm.. but the concept is what counts.

My hand is healing from my incredibly stupid move of the week. While building the science project, I managed to cut my  hand on the drill bit. (don’t ask, I don’t want to admit how stupid it was, especially since I knew better when I did it.) It got really sore, and a bit festered the next day, but I slathered it with my spiked neosporine (lavender oil, love that stuff) and bandaged it, and 2 days later it is fine. Not even sore to prod at.

Sometimes I wonder

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if there is a brain living inside my hubby’s head, or if there is just dead space in there.

We got up this morning, and Hubby tells me he is not feeling good… ok, whatever, I still have to get the kids to school… I continue..   a couple hours later he tells me he has been throwing up, and he feels really bad… then he walks into the kitchen and pours himself a cup of coffee, including sugar and milk. Sits down at his desk and drinks said coffee… less than 10 minutes later he is running for the bathroom. A little while later I went in and told him, what 99% of the population over the age of 8 knows… Milk is not a good idea on a sour stomach. So he laid in bed moaning for a couple more hours, which was handy to me, cause with him home I didn’t have to wake the baby from his nap to get the older kids from school. I get back with the kids, and he has decided he is going to go a head and go in to work. ok… bye… see you later… grow a brain while you are gone…

really… milk on a upset stomach…  *sigh*

We have arrived….

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and one brother wont’ be showing up, we knew this, his wife is heavily pregnant and can’t travel. Another brother, who didn’t make last year, won’t be here either, apparently he can’t make the 1.5 hr drive to see his brother who just made a 12 hr drive to be here for the holiday.

We are scheduled to go to the sister’s tonight for dinner. No clue what else is planned or going on, getting information out of my husband is like pulling teeth from a rabid bear. I have given up and when he starts bitching later about me not planning for something, I will remind him that he couldn’t be bothered to tell me what the plans were, so how in the hell could I prepare for them?

At least we are in a hotel room and not having to stay with anyone, so end of the day, and before things get moving… plus the baby’s nap time, I can come back to the hotel room and hide from the insanity that surrounds my husband’s family.

At least next year is scheduled to be at our place and they can show or not and I can’t be blamed for it. And… if they make me too nuts, I can retreat to my bedroom and hide.


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Why do groups who have major fights online feel the need to drag it to other boards? Fucking Trolls and drama queens drag their public board crap to my semi-private board and smear their shit all over us. I am not pleased.

Forewarning… you show up on my board, and start spreading shit, or pick fights with other noobs, or especially with long term members, you will get your ass locked in the Padded Room.  I will not let you bring your internet cancer to my home and spread it around. End of Story.

Farking Teacher!

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First, we have parent-teacher conferences this week, so short days of school… local idea of short day of school… letting out at 11:40.. and afternoon kindergarten comes in at 10:15 to be let out at 11:40… what a fucking waste of time!

Second, 2nd grade teacher schedules meeting, sends home note with meeting time. I show up for  said meeting, and it is not on her schedule… her schedule is blank for the time I am supposed to be there, but she can’t meet with me, I have to reschedule again tomorrow, because this teacher can’t keep track of what she is supposed to be doing. And can’t deal when she screws up… plus, I have a feeling that she really doesn’t want to meet with me, because I am sure she knows I am unhappy with her teaching. Now I have to drag the kids back over there again tomorrow.

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