and one brother wont’ be showing up, we knew this, his wife is heavily pregnant and can’t travel. Another brother, who didn’t make last year, won’t be here either, apparently he can’t make the 1.5 hr drive to see his brother who just made a 12 hr drive to be here for the holiday.

We are scheduled to go to the sister’s tonight for dinner. No clue what else is planned or going on, getting information out of my husband is like pulling teeth from a rabid bear. I have given up and when he starts bitching later about me not planning for something, I will remind him that he couldn’t be bothered to tell me what the plans were, so how in the hell could I prepare for them?

At least we are in a hotel room and not having to stay with anyone, so end of the day, and before things get moving… plus the baby’s nap time, I can come back to the hotel room and hide from the insanity that surrounds my husband’s family.

At least next year is scheduled to be at our place and they can show or not and I can’t be blamed for it. And… if they make me too nuts, I can retreat to my bedroom and hide.