An interesting observation.

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I realized something the other day and I thought I’d share it. First, some background.

Because of the field my husband works in it’s a good idea for him to have flu vaccine, despite my personal feelings about the whole thing. Because he’s (part time) military and has no allergies to the ingredients, he’s required to have them. So, for the last 10+ years, he has had a flu shot every fall. The children and I do not get them, for several reasons I won’t go into here.

With the widespread outbreak in the news recently, I realized that despite having the flu shot way back in October, my husband has the flu. No one else in the house has contracted it, but since he’s only spent 2 days at home since he got it (2 weeks ago) that’s not all that surprising.

With more thought I remembered that the last time he had the flu (2009) he was home, not only every evening but he also took several days off because he was coughing so hard he couldn’t breathe. Then, as with this time, no one else in the house (me and three children) became ill.

The whole thing has made me wonder, are vaccines really as wonderful as they’re being made out to be?


the insanity continues moves forward.

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The sun has started peeking into the hole I’ve buried myself in for the last few weeks. I’ve managed to get a handle on my position for the FRP, laying down the ground work so that my job each month is minimal.  I’ve made good progress on my NaNoWriMo novel, I’m up to 38k with nearly two weeks still left to go.

I’m working on planning and prepping for Thanksgiving, Looking forward to a great holiday with our family.

As we move into the home stretch (final days leading up to the holiday and end of the month) we will see if my sanity continues to hold.

It begins

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Tomorrow is the start of NaNoWriMo, and the beginning of my November insanity. I’m the municipal liaison for my area, and we have two events scheduled most weeks. I still have two kids in sports, and I need to write a newsletter for the FRP. Added to all that we have Thanksgiving, have I mentioned that I host a family meal, generally serving 15-18?
So, tomorrow my trip to crazy begins, wish me luck.

I’ve realized over the last few days,

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that the more I immerse myself in my writing the more bizarre and memorable my dreams become.

It’s not that I’m dreaming about my characters or what I’m writing about, I’m not… Rather, I’ve come to believe that working on my writing is strengthening my imagination and it’s using dream time to run wild.

In the past, when I’m stuck I would go lay down and ‘rest’, not really nap, just try to this that in between state, and see if things would jog loose. My theory is that in that in between state, my conscious mind is relaxed enough that it’s not hindering my subconscious from what it needs to do. I’ve used this method to get past several kinds of blocks, from having no clue what to do next to knowing what I need to do, but being unable to make it work.

Night before last I dreamed that my best friend from childhood was kidnapped by terrorists from another country… they demanded ransom from our little league umpire, who was of no relation to either of us. When the ransom wasn’t paid fast enough they started torturing my friend… for some reason he was calling me instead of his family… and then the ransom was paid and they released him… how did I know he was released? Kid Rock was playing on the radio…

Now, I only talk to my friend occasionally, and not in the last few weeks. I haven’t seen my old little league umpire in at least 5 years (I grew up in a small town, we knew every one and were friendly with most,) and I’ve only every heard a few Kid Rock songs.. and I don’t listen to music while I sleep. I have no clue where all of this came from.

Last nights dream was a little less bizarre, I dreamed we were all near a dear friend of my fathers as his time got near and he died of cancer. The eerie part of that is that he really did die of cancer but lived away from all of us and we weren’t there when he died.

What really has me is that I’m remembering the details of them both and I can’t get either out of my mind for more than a very short period of time.. it’s like they’re haunting me.

Anyway, it’s not something that will keep me from writing but it’s an interesting side effect of as much writing as I do.

Life and what’s new…

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We’ve had a mostly laid back weekend… Watched a couple of movies, did a little shopping, got some writing done, lots of time with family.

I really need to find better movies to watch, the last two have been pretty bad, and I can’t even blame Hubster for them, because I chose one (though he chose the other) Luckily though Fast Five comes out on Tuesday, and yes, I’ve preordered, I can’t wait for it to arrive so I can have my Vin fix. Besides, I love this particular series. I’ve also heard rumors he’s going to be doing another xXx movie, and I’m eagerly awaiting that too.

In other news, I’ve managed 9 pages so far this weekend, and while 9 pages is not great for two days, when you consider it’s two days with the Hubster and 3 kids home, it’s outstanding.

I’ve contacted the local library events coordinator and I’m trying to figure out what I can do in the way of a opening party for NaNoWriMo. I’d love to be able to use library facilities, I think it’s the perfect local for a writing event, but I’m waiting to see what she has to say.

Morning has arrived

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and I greet it grudgingly.

Yes, I did sleep last night, much better than the night before, and I was not happy when the alarm went off and I had to get up. I did the math, Yesterday I ran for twenty hours on three hours sleep. I’m still amazed I survived. And that I didn’t rip anyone’s head off in the process.

And even bigger accomplishment than not ripping someone’s head off? I managed to make seven pages in my current book. That’s as many as I’ve been able to make I 2-3 days recently. Going to have to get off the internet more often.

I didn’t manage to see NCIS last night, Between getting the kids in bed and waiting for the Hubster to do what he needed to do the last of my energy fled and I all but passed out waiting for him in bed. I was still awake enough to know when he joined me, but only barely.

My agenda for today is much simpler than yesterday. I have to take kids to school, run to the grocery store and get gas, after that it’s household stuff till school lets out.. and we have 2 practices tonight, plus a softball game. Luckily Hubster will help out with practices, I just have to drop one kid off, then take the oldest to the game, Hubster will take the youngest to practice, then pick up the middle child on their way home (the timing worked out perfect with that one.)

I’m hoping I can watch last night’s NCIS, and then sit down and focus and get some major pages done today.

Yes, I’m alive…

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Life has just been insanely busy. Three kids on three sports teams, plus two school, on top of Hubster being in school too has led to a totally insane schedule. With the exception of nights that storms cancel things, we have had at least one event every weekday night for weeks. And now we’ve started soccer games on Saturdays. There are evenings when I do nothing but drive for 3 hrs straight trying to drop each kid off, and pick them up on time. I need more time in the day… I need fewer things to do.. and I need a car (at least for around town driving) that gets better gas mileage.

To top it all off, my A/C quit on Saturday… Hubster was in a tizzy, understandably to an extent, we just replaced the water heater, we can’t afford a major A/C repair right now… We called the maintenance company anyway (we’ve been using the same company since we moved in.) They told me a Saturday call is over time, that’s $90 an hour… how much is weekday calls? $75 an hour… really? I expected the difference to be much larger…  After about 10 seconds consideration, I told them to come out anyway… My justification? I would have spent far more than $15 on food for the weekend after I refused to cook in a house that’s 90 degrees inside. See… I was saving us money.

Anyway, the A/C guy shows up… looks over the thermostat inside, sees what’s going on, and goes up on the roof to look at the unit… He was up there less than five minutes before the A/C turned on. HALLELUJAH!! (btw, that’s a funny looking word) He billed us for a full hour, as they charge travel time too, I don’t really care, I had my A/C back and that’s what really mattered. Turns out it was a burnt wire and Hubster stressed that whole time for a very small issue, typical.

Back to the point, I’m alive, at least for now… Our family’s insane schedule hasn’t killed me yet..

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