Visiting Vacation, day 5

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Last night, a stray power surge knocked off my grandfather’s computer.. it would power up, and give me the option of normal boot or safe mode, but it just couldn’t manage to get all the way booted, in any mode. He was dreading having to haul it out to be serviced, both because it is a bit heavy for him these days (my grandfather will be 83 soon) and they really don’t have the extra money to pay someone to fix it..

I was pretty sure it was a corrupt boot file and could be fixed without a complete wipe of the system, so I called the family who lives in the area, and found where all his disks are kept and managed to do a system restore, from the windows disk, and though it wiped all windows updates, back to the day it was installed, that is about all they lost. All the documents, pictures, and even all the bookmarks are still there.

I was glad that I was around and able to do something to help, and he was glad he didn’t have to haul it in, pay someone to fix it, and be without it for days or weeks.

Plus, I managed to finish the baby blanket I have been working on for my sister’s baby while I was waiting for the computer to do it’s thing…. Good thing, she is at the hospital in labor now!

The kids did well, they went to VBS and played with their cousins… I showed a 10 year old cousin how to build card houses… and my 4 year old caught on really quick and spent his evening building a house that pretty much covered the living room floor… he was a bit disappointed when I told him it was time to break it down and put the cards away… Until I told him he could build it again tomorrow, then he was happy again. oh… to be that easy to please again!

Visiting Vacation, day 4

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Not a really happening day, I took the kids and signed them up for Vacation Bible School first thing this morning, they will spend their mornings there this week. And while they were there I had the oil changed in my truck, washed it, hit all the second hand, and craft stores in town, and hunted down the fuses to fit the car cords for the kids travel DVD players.

When VBS was over I picked up my 3 kids and my niece and they played for a while before I took her back to her mother. We did find out today that Sister’s doctor decided to break her water tomorrow (in hopes that will get her labor moving) so likely by the end of tomorrow I will have a new niece.

I took the kids to the park and visited with some friends before taking them to get a couple new movies to watch in the evenings, and then to dinner. The smallest monkey ate about a bowl and a half of chips and salsa then passed out at the table before his food got there, and slept the whole time we were there, even through carrying him out to the truck.

It has been a busy day, but a good one. No major plans for tomorrow, more VBS… The kids have been hounding me to go to the pool, but with my sister going to be in the hospital, I am not sure when we might make it.

Visiting Vacation, Day three

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We all slept in this morning, I didn’t hear a peep out of them, they didn’t wiggle the trailer, until the smallest monkey climbed into my bed and snuggled up to me at 8. I asked him what he was doing, he told me ‘’Loving on you, Mom!” and then he told me that both his sisters were still asleep and he cuddled with me some more.. I love mornings like that, when we don’t have to jump up and get running, when he is all calm and not hyper and jumping on the bed, and he just wants to snuggle with me.

We drove out to my dad’s new place today, new is relative, he has been there over 2 years, but every time we have been in town it was either raining or I didn’t have time to make the trip! He lives on 40 acres on the edge of a string of mountains, that you have to drive down almost 3 miles of up and down out of canyons, and rough, rocky, dirt road to get to. That 3 miles takes about 20 minutes to drive. But I did like the place, it is quiet, lots of space to have animals if you wish, or grow things. We hung around and visited all day, and then came back to town. 

Visiting vacation, day two..

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our first full day.

I managed, even with my childless self, to get all of.. about 4 1/2 hours sleep… why? I had to get up by 6 to go get the kids from my sister by 7… she decided late last night that she was going to go yard saleing this morning, so I had to then up early… plus, I stayed up late, past midnight, I have a hard time sleeping that first night we get some where, plus, the trailer was hot, and it took a while to cool off. And on top of that I have this thing about sleeping alone… it never goes well. I ended up waking up half an hour before the alarm… oh, joy, oh, bliss…but it did let me clean up and get dressed with plenty of time to go get the kids… should I do some yard saleing too?  Nah, I really don’t need anything , and I would just end up finding lots of crap I don’t need..  one thing I do need is to get a decent pair of tennis shoes, but I wasn’t really sure what I wanted..

I hung around my grandfather’s house, and visited with him quite a bit, and my father and step-mother came by and we visited a bit. While we were visiting, I noticed that almost everyone was wearing the same shoes… the Sketcher’s shape-ups.. my 83 year old grandfather, my step-mother, and both my pregnant sister and my pregnant step sister. After having done some research on them, I knew these were not cheap shoes, so I asked what is up with them. They all raved… not about the weight loss or toning of leg and butt muscles that is advertized about them, but how sore they weren’t after wearing them.. My grandfather told me that after he got used to wearing them (and they do take some getting used to) for the first time in years his lower back didn’t hurt him every night. My step mother said something similar.. They said that a couple of my aunts had been wearing them a while, and recommended them, even went together and got my grandfather his, and everyone loves them.

So since I had been needing new tennis shoes, and Hubster had been talking about getting me some good walking shoes, I went down and tried on a pair… I really loved the way they felt. So I bought them. I walked around in them a bit, and they felt really great.. We shall see how I like them over time…

In the afternoon, it clouded over a bit, the weather had a heavy rain warning, and it did finally start raining about 9pm, it rained off and on for a couple hours, cooled it off nicely.

I let the kids watch movies on their travel DVD players before bed and they finally all crashed about 11. We are gonna miss the cooler weather when we go home.

Visiting Vacation day 1

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Hubster has a week long National Guard drill, so instead of staying home, in the 115+degree heat, we decided that the kids and I would pack up, and take the trailer to see my family on the eastern side of the state… we know it is still hot there, but it is 10-15 degrees cooler than the third circle of hell, and the eastern side of the state gets monsoon rains, which  cools it off more…

So, this morning, I got up at 6:30, only to discover that Hubster had gotten up at 5, and done nothing towards the last minute loading and hooking up the truck to make the trip.. so I got started..

We didn’t make my 8am departure goal, but I knew we wouldn’t when I set the alarm at midnight last night. We did manage to pull out of town by 9, which worked for me.

We made the 365 mile trip, in just 6.5 hrs, which is really good considering we had 3 kids, towed the trailer (which slows the trip some) and we stopped and ate on the way.

Once we arrived here, we got the trailer all leveled, which is the only part that is difficult for me to do by myself (I can, but all the in and out, in and out, as I jack it up and check the level bubble is a pain in the butt.) I loaded everyone back into the truck and ran the errands that Hubster needed before dropping him off at the armory. His drill this month isn’t here in town, they took him to Phoenix this evening, I won’t see him for probably a week. Then I took the kid to see my sister and niece, where my sister (who is 9 months pregnant) volunteered to keep all 3 of my kids there with her 6 year old daughter.

So I found myself with an evening to myself.. and big partier that I am.. I came back to the trailer and got it all squared away, water and power all hooked up, made a list of the food we need.. (yea, we are at my grandfather’s but I can feed my kids, and not let them eat up all the food in the house) and I hit the store.. After I got back I did a  bit of cleaning up.. put all the food away, and I sat down at my laptop to see if I could get any writing done… I managed to do lots of avoiding, creating playlists, playing cards… But I managed a good start, the beginning of my tale, a general idea of what I want and a full 2 pages of story.

I have found that more than a general idea of what I want in a story, hinders me too much, it keeps the characters from developing personalities of their own as i try to shape them to fit the idea in my head, instead of letting who they are determine how they face a situation.

I will pick up my monsters in the morning, I am just hoping that I get to have some quiet each evening to continue the story, I think it has good potential, and really want to see where it goes.

Wonderful family visit

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We spent the last weekend on a trip across the state to visit my family, it has been a long time coming, we were initially supposed to make the trip in December, but something came up and we couldn’t. Then we were supposed to go in January, but my grandfather was very sick and I didn’t want my kids colds to complicate things, plus we didn’t need to wear him out, so we waited, but we finally made it, and we had a blast.

We left here at 8 am Friday morning, and got there about 3pm that afternoon, and set up the trailer at my grandfather’s house. Visited with my dad, and my grandfather, got to see my sister, niece, cousins and aunt. My kids had a blast, I had a great time, Hubster had to work all weekend (drill weekend) and didn’t get off till 7pm Sunday night, so we had a late start home. We pulled in at home at 2:30am, that was a long drive! But we made it safe and are all very glad we made the trip.

Now if only I can get back in the swing of life…

I came home to corn stalks that were almost 2” tall, they weren’t even poking through the ground when we left! The kids are excited to see their garden growing, just wait till I make them start pulling weeds…

Time to start stashing alcohol.

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Hubby tells me yesterday that he wants to bring his mother down for Christmas. so we start looking at schedules and such. We wanted to fly her down the monday before, and send her back on friday. But she can’t get a ride to the airport on a weekday, even the week of  Christmas, so  it looks like it will have to be Sunday-Saturday.

Mind you, an hour in this woman’s presence makes me want to drink. Plus, the only days my husband will have off are Tuesday and Wendnesday, so he will go get her early Sunday morning, get back to the house with her and immediately have to leave for work. Work again 2-10 on Monday, off Tues and Weds, here for present opening and working again 2-10 on Thurs and Fri. Then will take her back to the airport early Saturday morning, rushing back to be at work by 2. (it is a 2 hr drive to the airport).

She is very much a drama queen, everything is about her, she must be the center of attention or she has failed in life and raising her children, etc. etc. etc. So, this is what I need. I need to come up with drinks that I can have alchohol in, but not be obvious it is alcohol (so no blended stuff). If I mix myself a drink in her presence, she must have some, and lecture me about drinking too much, plus her psychosis only gets worse with alcohol. I am gonna hide alcohol in my bedroom, so I can slip in there with a glass and spike what ever I am drinking. but the key is… what should I make?? I have a bottle of Pomegranite Schnapps that I add to cranberry juice, but that won’t last a week, and I will get sick of them. Give me some ideas.

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