Steel Cut oats… cookies…


ok, I decided I wanted to make oatmeal cookies out of steel cut oats.. Here was my thought process… steel cut oats are much harder,and take much longer to cook.. so I thought, lets soften them some first by soaking them in water… that will work right? um.. no.. first.. the dough turned out gummy… add more flour, now no flavor… add more spices… more flour…some rolled oats for texture… Dough is now the perfect consistency to lay bricks. Because I can’t just throw it out without trying to bake the cookies, I spooned out 12 cookies on to a cookie sheet, topped with chocolate pieces (because I wasn’t wasting the chocolate for an entire batch by mixing it in like I usually do)  and baked…

The kids say they are good… I think they are being way nicer than usual… They each ate two, begged me to make more, so I am baking up the rest of the batch… We will see what Hubster thinks of them.. and no, I won’t be telling him about the brick laying bit… What he doesn’t know, won’t stop him from trying them… me not eating them won’t be abnormal, I am rarely interested in a cookie once it is cooked.


fall means real food…

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You can always tell when the weather has cooled off to a livable level around here.. I actually start cooking real food again, and not just the “what can I make fast so I can get out of the hot kitchen” fare we have during the summer… I enjoy cooking, I like finding meals that my family likes, or loves, and I really don’t mind elaborate meals. In fact, cooking Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners are some of my favorite parts of the winter.

Pumpkins are being cooked and frozen for the winter meals, bread baked, pies and cookies have started making appearances… as well as longer cooking meals in the oven… Lasagna, enchiladas, etc. Things that just don’t turn out as well in the Crockpot.

I think I may have to pull out one of my turkeys soon, that sounds about perfect…

One day there was

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a little boy, he was only three years old, but pretty quick thinking… He ran into the kitchen, where his mama was working, and asked “What ‘cha doing, Mama?” His mama tells him that she is making banana bread, because she realized that they had some bananas that were getting ready to go bad. At the same time she is measuring and adding the flour to the mixer, and greasing the loaf pans to bake the bread. The little boy looks at her for a minute, and says “I want some ‘nana bread!” then he looks into the oven. The oven is not yet hot, and is still empty. At which time the small boy sits on his butt on the floor in front of the oven and tells his mama that he can’t see the ‘nana bread and it needs to get in there soon so he can eat it.

He waited very impatiently for the bread to make it into the oven…. all of 5-10 minutes… But he was very patient for the hour that the bread took to bake. By then, his older sisters had gotten home from school, and they were all impatient to have some bread as an after-school snack. The bread had a very short life span, and was deeply mourned when it was gone.

The Cookie Incident We Do Not Speak of….

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ok.. apparently my cookie dough was not dry enough. I chilled it, I rolled it out, I put the cookies on the cookie sheet, baked in oven preheated to 325, just like the directions said… and I pulled out of the oven one big wafer. They melted together, and flat.

I am glad my camera is out of town.

No pictures mean you can’t prove this ever happened.

But they still taste good…..

We shall never speak of this again.

Getting things done.

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Today has been the day of accomplishments. I got up and got one lunch packed, as the other child was eating off the school menu today (they are limited to once a week for cost reasons.) Took the kids to school and ran to the store for the one item I forgot yesterday, a printer cartridge for my printer. I never realize how much I rely on that little sucker till it is gone, plus my printer only takes one cartridge, that cartridge is only $20 and lasts between  6 months and a year, depending on how much printing I do. And, I don’t do a small amount of printing, I print things several times a week, between book labels for mailing, recipes, knitting patterns, school menus, etc.

I have also made 4 loaves of bread this morning, I am almost out of white bread for sandwiches, and since the kids are taking it in their lunches, I need that. Plus, I made myself a grilled cheese with it yesterday, talk about super delicious! And over the weekend I made DH a stew in the crockpot and put it in individual bowls in the freezer for him to take in his lunch. Well, he likes to have buttered french bread with his stew, understandable. But if I am going to go to the effort of making the stew to save money, I am not buying french bread at $2.50 a loaf when I can make 8-10 loaves for that at home. So I have french bread in the oven and white bread rising to bake. It smells heavenly in here.

Plus I have been doing laundry. And I have a couple loads done, I just need to fold and put them away. I also cleaned the kitchen and ran the dishwasher this morning.

Sometimes it seems like I do everything early in the morning, then very little in the afternoons, it is true, I do. For a reason, our power rates are more than double between noon and 7pm than they are for the rest of the day. So I get up, get lots of things done, then relax in the afternoons. This also give me a little bit of time to read and knit too, which translates into me keeping my sanity.

life gets in the way…

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of all my online fun…  Between kids being out of school for the weekend and Hubster having days off. I am working on another pair of socks, about 3/4 done with those. And I have been reading some as well.

I baked bread yesterday, it turned out really well. I used the recipe my friend Bethany posted on her blog. Really yummy, escept that I cut the sugar in half, I just didn’t want it quite that sweet.

I’ve been catching up on laundry and housework, gearing up for another week of school.