who thinks he needs to practice amateur psychology at 1 am!!! And wake me from a sound sleep to do so!

My husband found a picture that one of my daughters drew last night, not sure when they drew it, prolly several days ago. wasn’t actually a picture just words and faces. it had a smiley face above mom and a frown above dad  then oldest daughter’s name and a frown, then second daughter’s name then son’s name, then another smiley. He decided this was uber important and he had to know what it meant NOW. Well, I was sleeping, how the hell was I to know? I was able to tell him that it wasn’t oldest daughter’s work, it was the other one. He refused to believe me, saying he would ask in the morning (yeah right, oldest daughter leaves for school before he gets his lazy ass up.)

So this morning,  I asked oldest daughter if she did it… she says no… so when my other daughter got up, I took her, and the picture in, and woke my  husband up. I told him it was important enough to wake me at 1 am, he can wake his happy ass up for it. So the explination? both frowning faces are for daddy, (the one next to oldest daughter is under dad) cause he is mean, why is he mean, cause he spanks harder than mommy.. end of story.

SO not worth waking me up at 1 am cause we just HAVE to know what this means NOW. UGH.