3 more days

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till my wedding anniversary, this one marks eleven years. Hubby has to work his usual evening shift, so I am not sure what I am going to do yet. Maybe have something ready when he gets home… or before he goes to work… I would really love to do something with the kids, and something without… but I just have no ideas… Help?

oops, I did it again.

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I went by Jo-Ann’s to get some more cotton yarn for dishcloths, because I was down to just one  ball left. I get inside and discover that Sugar and Cream is on sale, so I end up getting more than I had intended when I walked in.

I have discovered that I can get 5 cloths out of 2 balls of yarn, so every colorway that I bought I bought in pairs of skeins. I got 5 sets, hopefully these will last me longer than the last 10 skeins I bought…

Hey! at least Christmas gifts will be ready early this year!

Dishcloth pics

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they really are super simple I cast on 35 stitches, knit in garter till they are about square and cast off. The peaches and cream yarn I am using has formed a neat pattern on it’s own.  Now I have to consider what other colors or variegated colors I want to use.

5 knitted dishcloths


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6 dishcloths knit in the last 48 hours. Just simple garter stitch dishcloths, perfect mindless knitting for reading.  And, I needed a few more dishcloths… besides, these things are great! some of the best dishcloths I have ever used. I am seriously considering making tons of them, in several different colors, and giving them at Christmas.

is it wrong?

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to stalk UPS?

my mother’s day / birthday gift was shipped last night, and I have been refreshing the tracking page almost hourly to see the progress. It is due to be delivered tomorrow, though with my luck, we will be the last delivery on the truck, and it won’t get here till 9pm.

I can’t wait for my camera… I am so excited…