Christmas is over

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The hubster has gone back to work after 10 days off. The kids still have another 4 days at home, but things are finally starting to get back to normal.
I’ve spent much of the last ten days working on learning to fully use my new Kindle Fire, and waiting for amazon to make the wordpress app availible for it in their aneroid market. As of this post, they still haven’t,  however I have found a way to side load it, and it’s working great.
The other major project I’ve been working on is a final edit of a book for publication, as well as getting my author sites and profiles up all over the Internet. I’ve learnedly that there’s as much networking to publishing and selling your work as there is writing and editing.
I still have lots to get done, and the time to get it done is shrinking as my deadline looms.

Time flies by

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when you’re as busy as we’ve been. Between school, after school activities, and things having to do with Hubster’s work and military, we have been running since school started. I have been taking the time to get some writing in, but it’s hard to make the time some days.

Life goes on and I know we won’t always be this busy, but some days I fantasize about a nap.

First full week of school

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for all the kids, and so far it’s kicking my ass.

Yesterday I hadn’t gotten to bed till 1am (drill weekend, Hubster didn’t get home till almost midnight.) and the alarm unmercifully went off at 6. I wanted to throw it across the room.

I got kid 1 and Hubster off, then an hour later took Kids 2 and 3 to school, and drove straight over to my step-mom’s. She’s moving into a much larger unfurnished house, from a furnished condo. She needs all new furniture, so we hit every furniture store in town trying to determine what was available and what would look good in the space. We got through with that in time for me to rush back and pick up kids 2 and 3 from school, Mondays are early release days.

We came home, got homework done and snacks and it was time to drive across town and get Kid 1, again to return home for an hour before driving back to town to take her to softball practice. Thankfully Hubster was able to meet me and take the younger two for the evening so they could eat and be ready to bathe when we got home, so they could go to bed and we could start over this morning.

Today, of course, we started again. For the next three days I’ll pick up kids 2 and 3, then immediately go pick up kid 1. Friday kid 1 has no school, so that makes that easier, however we have softball practice 6 days this week.

I’m sure I’ll survive, but I’m not sure how.


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one of those high pitches squealing noises made by girls, and really excited women.

Why am I excited? Because early tomorrow morning I will be leaving for Vegas… Normally my reaction to Las Vegas is “Wow… hellish heat, obnoxious crowds and drunk tourists… a thrill a moment.”

Why am I so excited this time? Well, I have a couple of reasons..

  • I get to meet DaisyMoon of Knit Wits & What Knots, she and I have been online friends for several years, but never actually met in person.
  • I get to go alone. No Children. I won’t have any one pestering me to feed them, to clothe them, pestering me for a goodie, for a whole 36 hours at least.

Plus, the Hubster can spend some quality time with the kids, I think he’s planning to take them to see the new Harry Potter movie while I’m gone… (who know’s maybe I’ll go see a movie too!)

Count down till school starts…


I have one starting school on Aug 8, and the other two on the 10th. Starting the 10th I’ll have some previously unheard of time to get things done…

  • Time to get on the treadmill without worrying about small children sticking their fingers in it while I have my music cranked up…
  • Time to clean things around the house and have it last more than 12.3 seconds.
  • Time to work on my writing, uninterrupted. I have no clue what it’s like to be able to concentrate on what I’m doing without being poked or prodded every 2 minutes for something like “Can I have a drink?” or “Can I go to the bathroom?” cause I make the child ask permission to use the bathroom /sarcasm. 

I’m excited. I’ve never had any kind of time like that. I worked until after both the girls were born and when the boy was born the younger girl was in part time preschool a couple hours three days a week, and she had just started it.

I’ve been blessed

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with kids who enjoy reading… mostly. It’s taken me 9 years to find a book that will draw in my middle child, will interest her enough that she will curl up and read without being forced to. The key? Ramona. I swear, this kid could be Ramona. Seeing her curl up with a book and discover the world that unfolds at your fingertips as you become engrossed in a good tale thrills me.

I’ve lost my mind…

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I signed my kids up for fall sports this morning… 3 kids, 2 sports, 3 teams. How on earth will I manage them all?  I have no clue, but I’m sure I’ll manage.

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