once upon a time,

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in a land far far away, there was a small group of women. They were tired of being told what they were allowed to post and what they were allowed to talk about on the internet. The got together and decided what they wanted was a general mom’s group, where everyone was allowed to be themselves, believe what they believe and not be censored, where nothing was locked, or deleted, and only very basic rules were in place. They found a free message board server, and got to work, created the layout, and what they wanted it to feel like.

Once things were all set up, they started inviting people to join, both online friends and people they knew in real life. And slowly their message board began to grow. There were fights, and disagreements, plenty of drama, cause of course, where ever women gather in groups larger than two, there is drama. But Drama dies and life goes on. Within just a few months the small board outgrew the free host they were on, and had to buy software and find a server. Where the board lived, and grew, very happily for several more months. There were improvements and things added to make the board a more pleasant place, not saying there wasn’t problems, but the problems were pretty insignificant. Along the way the board morphs some, it stops being a mom’s group and becomes a women’s group, all women ae welcome, any race, religion, stage of life.

Then one day, shortly after the board’s one year anniversary, members get up and try to log onto the board, and it is gone. Just disappeared. The Admin start looking into things and the server they are using has crashed. And come to find out, the host is not doing the backups he has been paid to do. So the original group of women scramble to get things back up so that their members have a home again. Just over a month after the great crash, one of the founders decides she wants nothing to do with the board ever again, and drops everything in another founders lap and leaves, breaking several policies as she goes. The remaining founders, and other admin continue to build and improve the board. Within a month the board starts out growing the host again. Time to look for something bigger and better. Along the way they pick up a male techie (gasp) which causes some stir among the members, but he is too much of a help to women who had no clue what they were doing to let him go. The board ends up moving to a dedicated host, where things are much nicer for the members. And the board continues to grow. So fast infact that it is shocking.

Holy Growth Batman!

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my board is growing way faster than we ever anticipated. Over the last month we have averaged 3 new members a day, which, in the grand scheme of  things, and large commercial message boards is not much. But when you consider that we are not a large commercial board, and we started out to just be a small friendly board, it is huge. I am shocked at how fast we are growing. I am in awe at how many people seem to want to be a part of our group.

Asshat at 9 o’clock

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Why is it that in every group there is at least one who feels the need to make sure everyone follows the rules as they see them, even if those really aren’t the rules?

Yes, this is more crap from The Board. Small bit of drama today, there was one member who had some kind of security issue, and was temporarily banned, while the member and administrators could get things worked out and the security issue solved. Before it was all dealt with, another member, who has been called on this before, drug the banning public, demanding answers. Spanking ensued.

I guess my problem is with certain members of message boards, the ones who feel entitled to know every breath that goes on, and that it is their right to police the people who run the board.  This is the way I see it, you are a member here, not an administrator, or an owner,  a moderator, or even a financier of the message board, you have NO right to tell the people who are in these positions how to do things, or call them out for doing them. You are a member, not Internal Affairs to investigate and penalize inside happenings.

Basically, back the fuck off or it can be managed to make you go away permanently.

ahh… drugs..

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Find the right medication and even the death bug can be masked!

Feeling better. Managed to leave the house and run a couple errands today, then a little bit of knitting in the afternoon, before I rested for a little bit while the baby took his nap. After that I was feeling much much better.

Working management stuff for The Board and other drama for another board (not The Board) along with a few other things around the house and family… life goes on, and the bug from hell didn’t kill me… it just made me wish I was dead

What is it with Trolls?

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What is so entertaining about joining a forum / message board, just to cause trouble?  Honestly, I don’t get it.

On The Board we have recently had such a member. This member joined several months ago, but has only recently started posting. Very nearly all of her posts are something that is inflaming, or getting belligerent that you are offended by her inflaming comment. Why? Is there really that much entertainment to be had invading a group and harassing them?