Tuesday… updated…

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I woke up after only three hours sleep last nigh and I’ve been up for 10 hours now, with at least another 7 still to go, probably closer to 9 before I go to bed, and though my brain feels like it’s on a vacation, I thought I’d update what I’ve gotten done today.

  1. Phone ordered… I hit all the stores, I found the Droid 3, the phone I had picked out, for $124.88 on the Sam’s Club web site, with a $100 gift card to Verizon (which I can use to pay my bill) so basically, the phone will end up costing me under $25. Only down side is that they aren’t offering the gift card in store, so I had to order it online, and now I have to wait for delivery. Still, I’ve waited 6 weeks, another few days won’t kill me.
  2. Still have practices ahead, youngest kids don’t get out of school for 2 hrs.
  3. No, I haven’t started reading yet, as I said, my brain seems to be on vacation from so little sleep last night. This is not conducive to comprehending what I’m reading well.
  4. I did this… it was a problem I caused last night when I reset the settings on the router trying to fix her laptop, I reset the original settings on the router and rebooted both the router and the modem and all works fine.
  5. Still looking forward to NCIS, but I did watch last nights Hawaii Five-0. I was disappointed there were no half naked shots of Alex O’Loughlin
  6. At my last check it was 100.6 outside. Why?  I know it’s my fault for living in the third circle of hell… but can we please have a few days under 100? PLEASE?

Round and Round the Mulberry Bush..


The Monkey chased the Wiesel…

some days I feel like I am just spinning in circles…

On Friday I started feeling short of breath, like there was a large elastic band wrapped around my chest making it hard to inhale, and squeezing the breath out of me as soon as I did. I figured I was coming down with something and would give it a few days to see what happened.

On Saturday I started a two week adventure in single parenting, Hubster is gone on his military training. We were also trying to get all the weekend chores done, housework, laundry, etc. This continued into Sunday, I mostly directed the kids to clean up their messes, and didn’t do a whole lot as my shortness of breath seemed to be getting worse, and I had developed a little bit of a cough, but not much. Everyone I mentioned how I was feeling to over the weekend told me how it sounded like pneumonia, and I agreed, but I hadn’t had anything to cause it. By Sunday evening I decided that if I wasn’t feeling better by Tuesday I would contact Father in Law to keep an eye on the littlest munchkin while I went to see the dr.

Monday continued, I sent the girls to school, spent the morning with the smallest munchkin… didn’t do a whole lot. And then, just before the girls got home from school, I walked across the room to refill my iced tea, and when I got to the fridge, I was gasping for air. It was time to do something. I called Father in Law, and he said to bring the kids on over, he would watch them. So I loaded them all up and took them to him, dropped them off and hit Urgent Care.

I ended up spending about 2.5 hrs in Urgent Care. They heard shortness of breath and did an EKG first off, which I totally understand. When that came up fine, they did a chest x-ray, and a breathing treatment. The x-ray showed nothing, but the breathing treatment really helped. They told me it was behaving like asthma or an allergy attack, but since I have no history of either, they were leery to diagnose it as such. They gave me an inhaler, and some steroids to bring down the swelling in my lungs, and sent me home with instructions to return if I worsened.

I am feeling better being able to breathe, but it has given me enough air to cough, but it feels like things are starting to break loose. I am taking it easy hoping to give myself time and energy to heal.

I give up,

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I can’t do it anymore. Barely the third week  of school, and I can’t handle the sleep deprivation anymore. No more staying up till midnight or later,  just to get to spend a few minutes with Hubster before bed, then getting up at six to get the girls off to bed. Plus waking 2-3 times a night for random crap. As of tonight, I will go to bed by ten, possibly earlier, I am totally drained. Hopefully after a decent night’s sleep I can force my self to get on the treadmill…

YAWN *stretch*

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Another day another list of chores…. I discovered a leak where the water goes into the water softener in the garage last night, so I have a call in to  the property management company to have them send someone out to fix it.

I had to move things around in the garage so that the guy can get to it… I also got the kitchen cleaned up, and the kids bathroom… plus swept the hall. and *gasp* I cleaned out my yarn stash, I got rid of some really really old, brittle, acrylic chenelle, and sorted all my yarn by fiber. Now all my acrylic is in one container.  and I pulled all the stuff that I am not working on right now out of the filing cabinet (read, stash next to my desk)  I also need to pick up the living room, but I think I am gonna take a short break and do a little knitting.

I am drained

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between on line drama crap. and not sleeping well, I am just drained. plus, my eyes just ACHE. I need to get in and have my eyes checked and get new glasses, but that is going to have to wait a couple of weeks at least. *sigh* can I take a nap?