Tuesday… updated…

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I woke up after only three hours sleep last nigh and I’ve been up for 10 hours now, with at least another 7 still to go, probably closer to 9 before I go to bed, and though my brain feels like it’s on a vacation, I thought I’d update what I’ve gotten done today.

  1. Phone ordered… I hit all the stores, I found the Droid 3, the phone I had picked out, for $124.88 on the Sam’s Club web site, with a $100 gift card to Verizon (which I can use to pay my bill) so basically, the phone will end up costing me under $25. Only down side is that they aren’t offering the gift card in store, so I had to order it online, and now I have to wait for delivery. Still, I’ve waited 6 weeks, another few days won’t kill me.
  2. Still have practices ahead, youngest kids don’t get out of school for 2 hrs.
  3. No, I haven’t started reading yet, as I said, my brain seems to be on vacation from so little sleep last night. This is not conducive to comprehending what I’m reading well.
  4. I did this… it was a problem I caused last night when I reset the settings on the router trying to fix her laptop, I reset the original settings on the router and rebooted both the router and the modem and all works fine.
  5. Still looking forward to NCIS, but I did watch last nights Hawaii Five-0. I was disappointed there were no half naked shots of Alex O’Loughlin
  6. At my last check it was 100.6 outside. Why?  I know it’s my fault for living in the third circle of hell… but can we please have a few days under 100? PLEASE?

Ok, I admit it,

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I am a bit obsessed. I totally love NCIS. I will watch episodes over and over. New episodes are great, but if I can’t get a new one, reruns will work. I enjoy the interaction between the charicters and each one’s quirks. The problem solving and crime investigations. The individual charicters, Gibbs, McGee and Abby are my favorites,  but Ducky and Ziva follow close behind.

So, I realize I am crazy, that is ok, everyone is allowed at least 2 freebies on being crazy (my other has to do with books… but don’t get me started there.)

after only 8 months…

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without network tv, because I refused to pay the cable company on top of my satalite company, the local networks have FINIALLY made a deal with Dish Network, and I can have network tv again…. Just in time for the new season, and now I have to go thorugh and set it to record my programs… I am a serious NCIS junkie… and CSI.. I love the original and Miami, and, even though I am a huge Gary Sinise fan, I am just not all that into NY. We also really enjoy Numbers, and Two and a Half Men, that is one of the funniest shows on network tv.

Weird ass mood

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I want to play. Make totally odd posts, and off the wall comments… unfortunately, no one will play with me. *sigh* I guess I will have to go back to reading, and knitting, and listening to NCIS reruns.