I woke up after only three hours sleep last nigh and I’ve been up for 10 hours now, with at least another 7 still to go, probably closer to 9 before I go to bed, and though my brain feels like it’s on a vacation, I thought I’d update what I’ve gotten done today.

  1. Phone ordered… I hit all the stores, I found the Droid 3, the phone I had picked out, for $124.88 on the Sam’s Club web site, with a $100 gift card to Verizon (which I can use to pay my bill) so basically, the phone will end up costing me under $25. Only down side is that they aren’t offering the gift card in store, so I had to order it online, and now I have to wait for delivery. Still, I’ve waited 6 weeks, another few days won’t kill me.
  2. Still have practices ahead, youngest kids don’t get out of school for 2 hrs.
  3. No, I haven’t started reading yet, as I said, my brain seems to be on vacation from so little sleep last night. This is not conducive to comprehending what I’m reading well.
  4. I did this… it was a problem I caused last night when I reset the settings on the router trying to fix her laptop, I reset the original settings on the router and rebooted both the router and the modem and all works fine.
  5. Still looking forward to NCIS, but I did watch last nights Hawaii Five-0. I was disappointed there were no half naked shots of Alex O’Loughlin
  6. At my last check it was 100.6 outside. Why?  I know it’s my fault for living in the third circle of hell… but can we please have a few days under 100? PLEASE?