Time flies by

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when you’re as busy as we’ve been. Between school, after school activities, and things having to do with Hubster’s work and military, we have been running since school started. I have been taking the time to get some writing in, but it’s hard to make the time some days.

Life goes on and I know we won’t always be this busy, but some days I fantasize about a nap.

My Meet and Visit

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I got up early, early Saturday morning, loaded into Hubster’s car and headed north. I left my house at 4:15 it was dark. and I was traveling a road I had never travelled on before. and that probably caused me to drive a little slower, a bit more carefully.

I got to watch the light of the day crawl across the sky, darkness slipping away, as though hiding from the ever advancing sun. I fully admit that I don’t see the sunrise often, I believe it’s way to early in the day and under normal circumstances, it would take a nuclear bomb to get me out of bed that early (of course that could be, at least partially, because I generally get to bed about midnight.)

I chronicled my progress north my texting Hubster (who had gotten up with me, actually, he’d woken me up because he was unable to sleep) the gas prices I encountered along the way. I was surprised told him that Quartzite was slightly more expensive than here, and Parker, a small town along the Arizona/California state line, was slightly cheaper than here… I crossed into California and gas prices jumped more than a dollar a gallon.

I stopped a couple of times along the way to take pictures. The first picture I couldn’t pass up was this…


As you can tell this is a statue of a chicken on top of a building… Why is this picture worthy? Because since I first read about Beyoncé over a month ago, I have laughed and laughed and wanted a Beyoncé of my own.

This one’s not the same, but it’s bigger… Now to find someone with a truck, willing to drive two and a half hours north and help me steal it at midnight one night. Volunteers?





After spotting the chicken.. and taking the appropriate pictures I continued on. I had a brief encounter with this strange wet stuff falling from the sky and hitting my windshield, I almost didn’t know what to do. Thankfully it didn’t last long (or it wasn’t very big and I drove through it quickly) and was able to continue on with no further panic.

By the time the sun was well up and I could clearly see everything around me I was in the Mohave Desert. Now, I grew up in the desert so much of the terrain was normal for me, but I grew in the Sonoran Desert… and the biggest difference between the Sonoran Desert and the Mohave Desert?  The ground in the Mohave is PINK!


It’s not so noticeable in the foreground but look off in the distance (click on the pic for a bigger version if you need to) some of the ground is a light, pale pink and some of it is a dark, rust red,


There’s a zoomed shot for better contrast. the pink was really neat to see and in a lot of places, even the highway was pink from the sand that had blown across it.


Eventually I made it to Henderson, and my hotel. I met up with Daisymoon, and her husband.


We laughed and giggled, ate, gambled, went down on the strip in Vegas (and giggled like teenage boys every time we mentioned the strip) for a bit before we decided it was too hot and went back to the hotel. I met her wonderful kids and we played at the arcade for a while before she took them home and put them to bed for the night.

After the kids were in bed we met up again and gambled some more. when we got tired of that we went to the bar and listened to the live band while we drank margaritas from glasses as big as our heads and generally drove her husband crazy with our silliness.

We met up again the next day and just spent time together and visited before I headed home again,

The trip home was faster than the trip up (and it actually was, it didn’t just seem that way) maybe because I had more daylight and was more familiar with the road? I don’t know..

Anyway I had a wonderful time, and can’t wait to do it again. Which of my great friends is going to come that close next?


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one of those high pitches squealing noises made by girls, and really excited women.

Why am I excited? Because early tomorrow morning I will be leaving for Vegas… Normally my reaction to Las Vegas is “Wow… hellish heat, obnoxious crowds and drunk tourists… a thrill a moment.”

Why am I so excited this time? Well, I have a couple of reasons..

  • I get to meet DaisyMoon of Knit Wits & What Knots, she and I have been online friends for several years, but never actually met in person.
  • I get to go alone. No Children. I won’t have any one pestering me to feed them, to clothe them, pestering me for a goodie, for a whole 36 hours at least.

Plus, the Hubster can spend some quality time with the kids, I think he’s planning to take them to see the new Harry Potter movie while I’m gone… (who know’s maybe I’ll go see a movie too!)

He’s home!!

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We survived a month without Hubster, he’s home and I am so, so glad.

I spent much of the time he was gone like this.

cartoon and there were moments here and there that were more like that scene in Overboard where she’s sitting in the chair spaced out going “ Bu bu bu bu bu…”  I’ll admit it was harder in the beginning, and got easier as time went by. I think that something that contributed to how difficult the adjustment was, is that we went from vacation to gone. I went from having him around to help 24/7 (at least that last week) to nothing. I’m almost certain that if he’d worked some at his civilian job between the two the adjustment, for me, would have been much easier.

That said, we’re preparing for another trip. Another just for fun (escape the hellish heat, for a not quite as hellish heat.) My mom will be joining us on this trip, as well as my niece (shock of all shocks! Did I post about my sister going psycho on me and my blocking her? After checking through thing, I find I did… Here.. ) No, I’m still not talking to my sister, but apparently when she’s not picking fights with me, she can talk to our mom… So I am now getting things ready to spend a week with 3-4 adults (we’re not yet sure if my uncle’s going) and 4 kids… it will be fun, it will be a great get away. We’ll go play in the river, let the kids run wild with water guns and annoy all our neighbors. Then we’ll come home and start life again.

After we get home we’ll have more swimming lessons and it will be time to get ready for school to start. For the first time ever all 3 of my kids will be in full time school *gasp* how will I survive?? By using the time to write of course.

Annual camping trip, day 1… Arrival.

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*this post written and saved while away from the internet, it was published once we arrived back home. Therefore dates and references are not accurate to the publish date.*

We left home at 2am this morning. After 4 road / ramp closures and detours to get back on the right route, and stopping for lunch, we made what Google maps called a 8.5 hr trip in around 11 hrs. all and all, not to bad.

We like to camp in what is called ‘overflow’ camping, it’s in a campground. and there’s no reservations. First come first serve only, the only restrictions are that you can only stay for two weeks max, and you can’t build a fire if the forest you are in has fire restrictions. Hubster was worried about getting our spot. I listened to him worry about getting our preferred spot for 11 hrs. Not my idea of a fun drive. (Not to mention that somehow all ramp closures were some how, my fault.)

Anyway, we made it to the campground at about 1 this afternoon, and low and behold, our spot is available. YAY!! We backed the trailer in (yes, we camp with a trailer, don’t hate on me.) and got it leveled. I set to getting the trailer cleaned up and organized, beds made, food put away, so that we can live in here for the next week. Hubster rounded up the kids and set out gathering fire wood (yes, we gather and cut dead wood to burn, instead of buying firewood.)

After I have camp mostly set up (not totally, but  mostly, and Hubster has hauled in 3 large trees to be cut up and burned he sets about getting the fishing gear ready… Kid 1 opts out of first day fishing and chooses to stay at camp with me, but Kid 2 and Kid 3 are loaded up to go get water and go fishing.

Kid 1 and I finish setting up camp, setting up chairs and prepping for dinner. Once those chores are done we played a few games before she decided to take the hatchet out and chop the smaller branches off the trees they hauled in while I worked on writing some.

I have little doubts we will all sleep well tonight, my only question is did I get enough blankets on all the beds?

6 days at Disneyland

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is exhausting. Six days of showing up with the park opened. Lugging around a backpack filled with water and sandwiches, riding all the rides we can manage, standing in line, herding 3 kids… My feet and ankles were ready to jump off my body and run away from home.

We hit every single ride in both parks at least once. There were only two rides which my 5yo didn’t go on, and only because he was too short. He didn’t ride the Indiana Jones ride in Disneyland, and California Screamin’ (big roller coaster) in California Adventure. His favorite was the Matterhorn, though we road Space Mountain and Big Thunder Mountain several times each.  He particularly loved Autotopia, where he got his drivers license (several of them in fact, one for each time we rode) and when he got in the car to start driving he would say “Boogady boogady, boogady, lets go racing boys!” And once we started moving he would whip the wheel back and forth and tell me “This is how you drive Drunk!” he was hilarious.

We told the kids at the very beginning that they would each get one souvenir, on the last day we were there, so no begging for things through out the trip. They did really well until day 4 when my little got to participate in the Jedi Training Academy show. After that all he wanted was a ‘light saver’. On our last day we took him to the shop and let him build his own. He is in love with it. He has impaled, and severed all the limbs of everyone in the house, and at 5 am this morning Hubster had to tell him to turn it off and go back to sleep. Yes, he is sleeping with it.

My middle daughter chose a Tangled doll, it has hair longer than the doll is tall, she is thrilled and loving it. My oldest is out growing the toy stage. (*sob*) She chose a Mickey necklace instead of a toy. And she won’t be 11 for another couple of weeks. (*cries*)

This is our third day home, the girls are back to school, and Hubster is back to work. I’m barely recovering.

Soccer games today

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Kids 2 and 3 each had a game today. Kid 2’s game was at 9:15 and it was a chilly 40 degrees out there but they did great. Wiping up the field with the other team and winning 3-0.

Kid 3’s game was at noon, and it had warmed up quite a bit and was pushing 70 by the time I drug the hobbling Hubster out to the field. We cheered and cheered as a large group of 4yo’s ran from one end of the field to the other, often kicking the ball in the wrong direction.

A good time was had by all, and now it’s back to regular life.

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