OMG, I can’t stop laughing

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I was recently given a link, I followed it and found this and I can’t stop laughing. Yes, I know who Urban Femmes is, it is an offshoot of The Board, and I am fairly certain who the unwanted member is :). I really wish I knew who was behind this drama blog, because I would love to help them out! My husband thinks I have lost my mind because I am laughing so hard at this. So, who knows who is behind it?? let me know, I have some things to contribute!

The day has come.


I am done at The Board. I will remain around as admin but I am not going to force my presence on people who resent and revile that I exist and post along side of them. I am who I am, and if that is too brash to suit you oh the fuck well, I am not going to be saccharine sweet, and lie to you to make you like me, unlike some of those who are so loved.

It has been suggested that I could just close The Board, and start a new one, inviting only those I want to see there, but that does not sit right with me, at least not now. I MIGHT consider opening another board, but I will not close The Board over it.

your opinion?

Idjuts surround us.

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i am sick of being attacked for stating my opinion, I am sick of the people who feel they need to educate me until I see things their way (as if, because I do not share their opinion I must be a poor, uninformed hick). I am sick of people who quote  proven unreliable sources as proof of what they say, and then get pissed when you laugh at them. (legal advise on Wikipedia style).

When I apologize for stirring up drama, and state that I will be taking a break for a bit.  I make clear what I am apologizing for, it is not a YAGE, it is not a “I am sorry you feel that way.” it was an apology, it was very clear what it was. If you do not like it , oh the fuck well, ignore me, ignore the thread, go the fuck away, but leave me the hell alone, I don’t want to interact with you anymore. I am sick of trying to placate those who are never happy with anything but ripping people, usually me, to shreds. Then they have the gall to call *ME* miserable? To hell with that…

On with regularly scheduled real life… you know.. the one that matters.

What is it with the crazies?

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Why do we have to deal with some nut job spreading crazy shit all over our board at least once a month? and I mean things that will lead to members calling the local (to the crazy) police or CPS, because they believe that there are children in danger…. WHY?

Bit of advice… keep it in mind…


Scammers, trolls and thieves

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*ducks* yeah, I m proving how much of a dork I am here, I have that stuck in my head… to the tune of Cher’s Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves. Yeah, I know, megadork.

We have had *another* invasion of trolls and scammers recently, I just don’t get it..

And while we are on the subject. Why do  people post on a message board about taking your 15 month old child with you when you go meet these really nice people from the net, the ones you plan on swinging with. Now, personally, I have nothing against swinging, if that is what floats your boat, fine. But leave the kid some where safe. oh. and who takes their kid to meet some stranger off the net?

Then we have the idiot who asks how we think weed will effect the baby she is breastfeeding. Um… Weed is illegal, and you are posting about this publicly? on a mom’s board? Please share your address with me so I can turn you in…

Do something worthy and here’s your sign… “You’re an Asshat!”