NaNoWriMo day 4

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I feel I am making good progress. At the moment, I have just over 11,000 words, and the day is not yet half over. I’m really enjoying this year, and finding that those couple of weeks of planning I did last month are really paying off. I have an outline of where I want this book to go, and I still have more ideas popping into my head and these may possibly lead to another book, with the same characters, possibly more. I set this up to possibly become a series, if I could come up with enough plots, twists, and reasons to write more books.

I am finding that my 4yo is not all that fond of my beginning habit of putting my headphones on and working on writing as soon as his sisters get off to school, he thinks he needs some attention first, so I am working that in. Along with the regular interruptions that occur when you are not the only person in the house.

Thankfully my girls, who are older, understand that I need some time, and some peace and when they are home they help to entertain their brother and keep him out of my hair. Now, if only I could convince the laundry to do itself and meals to cook on their own for me.


I did it…


I submitted the book I wrote last year for NaNoWriMo to a publisher. Now it is just a waiting game until I get an answer. I think it would be best for my peace of mind if I can just forget about it for a while.

I think I will work on my basic storyline for NaNoWriMo this year, it starts in less than a month, and it will help to keep my mind off what is happening with the last one. hmmmm… What shall this one be about?


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I am having a day. A day where I have a lot of things I want to do. I want to work on my book, I want to get house work done, I want to strangle the kids for irritating me. I work on some of it, and refrain myself from others.

I did finally share the file on my laptop of the book I started while visiting family, so that I can work on it on my desktop too, I opened the file this morning, but since it has been at least 10 days since I worked on it last I read through the whole thing (all of 4200 words) and added and tweaked and edited a bit, then continued with the story. The whole time I am working on it, I am listening to music, whether through headphones or with the speakers on my computer, and most of the day I get through less than a full song before a child comes up and needs attention. ALL DAY LONG.

Also, in an attempt to get something other than just writing done, and to get me up and moving some, I have instituted a new policy. I sit down and write, I work for 45 minutes, then I get up and do something around the house for 15 minutes, pick crap from the kids up, clean up the kitchen, fold and put away laundry, gather and sort laundry, the WHAT I do for 15 minutes doesn’t matter much as long as it is something having to do with housework. Then, when the 15 minutes are up, I can again sit down and work on my book.

I haven’t gotten a huge amount done, on either the house, or the book, but the progress on both shows. Now if only the kids would not pester me all day long, I might get more done.

ok, Here is the plan…

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I have created another blog, with the sole intent of publishing my (previously mentioned) book on it.  Be warned, it is an Erotic Fiction book and does have graphic content.

My plan is to publish one chapter every Monday until the entire book is published. All comments are welcome, and encouraged.  The first chapter will be posted on Monday Dec 7th.

E. N. Stephens Books The link can also be found —-> under Links

Update on me…

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What is going on around here? um… lets see…Preparing for the holiday. I love Thanksgiving, growing up it was a bigger deal than Christmas and it is one of my all time favorites still. As I have gotten older and had a family of my own, and a place big enough, I have started hosting holiday celebrations. I totally love this. I love having friends and family come, the time we spend together and cooking the big feasts for us.  This morning I did the last of my shopping, except for salad for not one but two meals, one on Thursday, very traditional, Turkey, dressing, etc. and one on Sunday, with prime rib, YUM.

I have also been working on knitting and crocheting some Christmas gifts, I have almost all of them done, I am working on my last pair of socks, as well as a sweater for myself,  and tonight I crocheted up a scarf, the whole thing in just a couple hours, out of a skein of yarn I bought just to check out. Not sure who that will be for yet, but it is in the gift bag.

I have also read several books in the last couple of weeks, for more details on those, check out Book Central, the link is over there —>

I also have started writing my second book. Not that I have done anything with the first one yet, but the second story is one that has been haunting me for several years. I dreamed it um… 3 houses ago so at least 3 years ago, and it keeps coming back with more and more details popping into my head. I have spent most of the last week, since I finished the first book, working out details, developing characters, and a basic story line. Something I didn’t do with the first one, so we will see which works better for me.  I can tell you that so far (and right now I am still on the first chapter) it is much easier to know basic details like how a person looks, and what they do and where they live, before you start instead of trying to come back later and fill those in.

I did it!!

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50,221 words, and a complete story, in 29 days. do you have any clue how happy I am?

I have realized

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that I will not be able to publish my book here.. unless I want the blog to be labeled for adult material, as the book I am in the middle of almost done writing is an erotic romance. But… what I CAN do is open another blog and mark it as containing adult content, and then link to it from here.

As of right now I have less than 3000 words to go!!

Is anyone actually interested in reading it? Should I go to the hassle of opening another blog?

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