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Several weeks ago I got a craving to see an old favorite movie of mine. Point Break. I went to my DVD stash, only to discover that the copy I knew I had must have been in VHS and never made the conversion to DVD. *sob*. No problem, it’s old enough and was popular enough it should be instant on Netflix right? um. No.

Put out, I added the DVD to my queue and went on with life… When Hubster left almost 3 weeks ago I bumped it to the top, and I have been waiting for it ever sense.. I’ve gotten several movies since, all newer, some really new, but they can’t send  me the one movie, that’s 20 years old, that I really want to see.

I got tired of waiting, I went to the local Wal-mart, figuring the disk shouldn’t be more than $5-10 and we searched. All three kids and I dug through huge bins of movies looking for the film for over an hour. No luck. I know I saw it at Circle K last week when getting the kids slushes… so we head over there… nope. ARGH. Now I’m getting frustrated. I decide to go to Amazon.. only to discover that they want $22 for it. I mean really? REALLY? I don’t pay that for a new movie, much less one that’s 20 years old.

I’ve looked on my DVD swapping site, they don’t have a copy available, Hastings doesn’t, Target doesn’t, and Best Buy doesn’t either. I may be down to calling all the movie rental places and asking them if they have a copy for sale.  (I don’t want to rent it, I know I will watch it over and over and over, it *should* be cheaper just to buy it.)

I’m not sure what to do next.


Movie Review ~ District 9

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Sci-Fi /Action, Released 2009, Starring Sharlto Copley, David James and Jason Cope

An alien race comes to Earth and is forced to live in slum conditions in South Africa. When a government agent is exposed to their biotechnology, he discovers that they are  not quite what we have always thought, but can he survive long enough to help them?

This was really strange. Filmed in a timeline that cuts in and out to interviews of people who knew the guy. Not really my usual kind of thing. Not bad, but not particularly good either.

Movie Review ~ The A-Team

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Action / Adventure Released in 2010, starring Liam Neeson, Bradley Cooper  and Sharlto Copley, Jessica Biel.

Four Army Ranger veterans of the Iraq war are convicted of a crime they didn’t commit try to clear their name while completing the mission they were framed on. Off shoot of 1980’s tv series. The charicter names are the same and basic personalities, but very little resembles the original show.

I enjoyed it. I was a small child when the series was on tv and I have only vague memories of it. We did a lot of laughing and the action was good. There was some foul language but not a great deal, even my children enjoyed it.

Life goes on…..

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It has been a day so far.

I have worked on sorting out items from a co-op I have co-hosted, still waiting on shipping supplies. but we got some of it sorted. The girls helped, I would sit with a box and my spreadsheet, and tell them how many of what item to bring me, and I would pack it into the boxes. We will finish a soon as shipping supplies get here, both boxes and customs forms, because some of the participants are overseas with military.

We got a movie in today’s mail, it is 2 Fast 2 Furious, which I have not yet seen, mostly because it doesn’t have Vin Diesil in it and what is the point if there is no Vin? But #4 came out on DVD, and Hubster is being stubborn about watching #4 without having seen #’s 2 and 3… *sigh* men.  I am sure that once he gets home we will have a marathon, not only of these movies, but of all the things I have recorded over the last 3 weeks. He will want to catch up.

I have battled the laundry monster. He was threatening to eat my house again. I am always shocked at how much laundry a family of 5 can produce. I have more in the washer but it will have to wait until after 7 to get dry.

I mixed up pizza crust, I talked the girls into pizza pockets for dinner. I will make small(ish) circles of dough, add the toppings each child wants, then fold them up and bake. Great  personalized pizza meals. This way, I can make mine with mushrooms and far less sauce than the rest of the family likes, I swear they want so much sauce your toppings slide off. So we put together 4 pockets… 1 for each kid and 1 for mommy…

I have cleaned up some of the scattered mess that three kids always creates, but I am sure there will be more later.

Maybe after my house apes are in bed I can catch some TV and maybe do some knitting. I am not holding my breath.

Work out TV.

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I got a treadmill for Christmas, it is a high quality, fairly quiet machine, which means I can actually watch TV while I am on it. Now to find something that will totally engross my attention to watch while I am on it.

Last night I found the end of Independence Day, and that worked well. Which got me to thinking… What movies do I have, or can I get, that would totally distract me from walking nowhere (I hate the boredom of walking somewhere too, I am equal opportunity anti-boredom.) I sometimes read, but the corner where my treadmill is set up is kinda dark, plus with the motion of walking, reading gives me a headache.

Well, this morning I was doing my usual, getting the majority of the housework done before power rates skyrocket at noon, when I remembered the one commercial that I really LOVED during the Stupidbowl on Sunday. The commercial for the new movie Fast and Furious with Vin Diesel. I was so excited, I LOVE the first movie, and the second and third, with out Vin, just SUCKED.  Which lead to the thought, that THAT is the kind of movie I need for when I get on the treadmill.

So I went and dug out the original movie, and I will use that when I get on the treadmill in an hour or so, but one movie isn’t gonna last forever, I am gonna need several, if not lots, more.

Anyone have any suggestions?

Note to self…

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don’t let the two year old watch Monsters Inc. right before bed, unless, of course, you WANT to be up till 5:30 am with a little boy who is terrified every time you walk out of the room. *sigh*

Happy 4th of July

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hope you have a great day!!

We spent our morning playing games with each other on the Wii. We competed at Bowling, and Baseball, and in general had a blast, this afternoon we went to movies. We went and saw Wall*E, it was pretty good. And the theater was COOL… probably around 75 or so… OMG it was worth the ticket just for that… later tonight we are going to the in-laws for a BBQ then fireworks. It should end up being a good 4th.