Decorating weekend.

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I’ve spent the day getting ready for the holidays the tree is now up, along with a lot of our lights. I finally got a couple of picture frames up that have been waiting a while (mostly to be filled, one frame that holds 15 snapshots, I have added a few pictures to it every time I had prints made and it’s finally full!) Stockings and wreaths are up, and just awaiting holiday visitors. I got most of my cards done, but I need to pick up another package of cards to get them finished.

I am testing a recipe at dinner tonight for Christmas dinner, I’ll let you know how it turns out!!


Getting ready for Christmas.

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I have all the shopping done, and it would remain that way if only Hubster would stop dreaming up things to give the kids… *sigh* men. I have the tree up, and have started wrapping things.. All of my Holiday knitting is done, and I have been working on some relaxing things, I finished my Lady Sweater, I need to take pictures of it still but I love it, it turned out great. I am working on yet another shawl too…

I am also hunting down things that I need to pack into the trailer for a trip to No. Cal for New Years. It is much colder there than here, so I am digging out winter coats and sweaters and such. We haven’t worn these things since we moved here 2 years ago, and can’t buy things for truly cold weather here, so the kids will probably get a bunch of new stuff once we are up there  (we have coats, but the kids have few warm clothes.)

I am also working on putting together our Christmas Dinner menu so that I can get that shopping done and all the prep for that taken care of.

Friday is the last day of school here, until Jan 11th, so the kids will spend the next 3 weeks driving me totally out of my mind.. We will be able to take some of their Christmas presents with us on the trip but definitely not all of them. It will still help with the boredom of a long car trip.

post holiday daze

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ok, here we are 4 days after Christmas, life is getting back to normal, the kids are calming down, life is settling in. I keep reminding the kids to clean up their new toys out of my living room,  usually about 15 times a day. I have taken down my Christmas tree, and packed things up. We still have another week of school vacation, so I am working on getting the kids back on schedule before that is here.

It has been 12 days since my surgery, and so far, I have lost about 4 lbs, I have not excercised much, and I have eaten tons of holiday crap, so hopefully once the holidays are past and all the junk is gone, I will start losing weight much faster. If I lose enough weight, mu husband will have no choice but to get me a whole new wardrobe as all the clothes I have now will be two big.  See, I am plotting against my husband..

Emotional Blackmail

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isn’t that how all families function?

ARGH, my mother and sister are attempting to use it to convince me that I need to load my kids up and make a 6 hr drive, each way, for a 3 hr Christmas party at my sister’s house, because all holidays must happen at my sister’s house (do I need to go into this?) I have said we are not going to make it this year, for several reasons, one of which being that my husband is working, ( I have not yet mentioned that it will be just two weeks after my surgery, I am not going to want to sit in the car for 12 hrs!)  and by not trapping my children in the car for 12 hrs on a holiday I am hurting them, and all just to spite my mother and sister. *insert eye roll here* yeah. whatever, we will have a great holiday, whether they choose to attend or not (I am not going there, but they are welcome to come here, any or all, and not just at the holidays but anytime.)

Life goes on, and I don’t mind not seeing my sister or mother for the holiday. I do however regret that I won’t see my uncle.

The favorite child.

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I have known for many years that my sister is my mom’s favorite child, it really doesn’t bother me most of the time, because it means less interaction with them both (trust me, this is for the best.) However, my mother has decided that we MUST all get together for either Thanksgiving or Christmas this year. She called me last week, saying that my sister has to work on both holidays, so if we are going to do something it has to be at sister’s house… (which is a 6 hr drive from me, one way.) She goes on about these really great plans (which actually do sound good in theory) then asks, so, what is (my husband)’s schedule like? I told her I didn’t know, since his schedule is somewhat erratic, and I would check and get back to her. I have been putting her off for a week, not wanting to face this bit of family drama.

So, after my sister grilling me about schedules (she works for the same co. as my husband, but a different location, so she thinks she knows how everything works top to bottom) they have finally accepted that we will not be making the trip on Christmas day… now they are pushing for the Saturday after, and using the family guilt thing.. “I am so looking forward to it…” blah blah blah… I am trying to figure out how to tell them that no, I am not driving 12 hrs for a 3 hr ‘party’ that will revolve around my princess sister and her spoiled brat children (because, her children have inherited the preference from my mother) while I am lectured on how to raise my kids to suit them.