My Meet and Visit

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I got up early, early Saturday morning, loaded into Hubster’s car and headed north. I left my house at 4:15 it was dark. and I was traveling a road I had never travelled on before. and that probably caused me to drive a little slower, a bit more carefully.

I got to watch the light of the day crawl across the sky, darkness slipping away, as though hiding from the ever advancing sun. I fully admit that I don’t see the sunrise often, I believe it’s way to early in the day and under normal circumstances, it would take a nuclear bomb to get me out of bed that early (of course that could be, at least partially, because I generally get to bed about midnight.)

I chronicled my progress north my texting Hubster (who had gotten up with me, actually, he’d woken me up because he was unable to sleep) the gas prices I encountered along the way. I was surprised told him that Quartzite was slightly more expensive than here, and Parker, a small town along the Arizona/California state line, was slightly cheaper than here… I crossed into California and gas prices jumped more than a dollar a gallon.

I stopped a couple of times along the way to take pictures. The first picture I couldn’t pass up was this…


As you can tell this is a statue of a chicken on top of a building… Why is this picture worthy? Because since I first read about Beyoncé over a month ago, I have laughed and laughed and wanted a Beyoncé of my own.

This one’s not the same, but it’s bigger… Now to find someone with a truck, willing to drive two and a half hours north and help me steal it at midnight one night. Volunteers?





After spotting the chicken.. and taking the appropriate pictures I continued on. I had a brief encounter with this strange wet stuff falling from the sky and hitting my windshield, I almost didn’t know what to do. Thankfully it didn’t last long (or it wasn’t very big and I drove through it quickly) and was able to continue on with no further panic.

By the time the sun was well up and I could clearly see everything around me I was in the Mohave Desert. Now, I grew up in the desert so much of the terrain was normal for me, but I grew in the Sonoran Desert… and the biggest difference between the Sonoran Desert and the Mohave Desert?  The ground in the Mohave is PINK!


It’s not so noticeable in the foreground but look off in the distance (click on the pic for a bigger version if you need to) some of the ground is a light, pale pink and some of it is a dark, rust red,


There’s a zoomed shot for better contrast. the pink was really neat to see and in a lot of places, even the highway was pink from the sand that had blown across it.


Eventually I made it to Henderson, and my hotel. I met up with Daisymoon, and her husband.


We laughed and giggled, ate, gambled, went down on the strip in Vegas (and giggled like teenage boys every time we mentioned the strip) for a bit before we decided it was too hot and went back to the hotel. I met her wonderful kids and we played at the arcade for a while before she took them home and put them to bed for the night.

After the kids were in bed we met up again and gambled some more. when we got tired of that we went to the bar and listened to the live band while we drank margaritas from glasses as big as our heads and generally drove her husband crazy with our silliness.

We met up again the next day and just spent time together and visited before I headed home again,

The trip home was faster than the trip up (and it actually was, it didn’t just seem that way) maybe because I had more daylight and was more familiar with the road? I don’t know..

Anyway I had a wonderful time, and can’t wait to do it again. Which of my great friends is going to come that close next?


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one of those high pitches squealing noises made by girls, and really excited women.

Why am I excited? Because early tomorrow morning I will be leaving for Vegas… Normally my reaction to Las Vegas is “Wow… hellish heat, obnoxious crowds and drunk tourists… a thrill a moment.”

Why am I so excited this time? Well, I have a couple of reasons..

  • I get to meet DaisyMoon of Knit Wits & What Knots, she and I have been online friends for several years, but never actually met in person.
  • I get to go alone. No Children. I won’t have any one pestering me to feed them, to clothe them, pestering me for a goodie, for a whole 36 hours at least.

Plus, the Hubster can spend some quality time with the kids, I think he’s planning to take them to see the new Harry Potter movie while I’m gone… (who know’s maybe I’ll go see a movie too!)

Camping for a week, In Payson…

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We’ve been trying to make a habit of going to Payson for the week of July 4th. It’s not really camping, as the campground is right outside town (like, really, it’s across the highway from the Home Depot) but it’s cooler up there, and it’s a get away from nasty, ebil oppressive heat that I live in.

It was warmer this year, and because of fire danger we weren’t allowed to have campfires, but we still had a great time. It rained most afternoons, and cooled things off. The kids had a blast running around playing in the water and playing with their cousin.

Next year Hubster won’t be with us. At least not if things go as scheduled. We’ll see how things go, I’m able to take the trailer up, set it all up, take it down and bring it back, so we can still go… I’m also working on other plans through the next year…  We want to enjoy time with Hubster while we can.

Another week in the mountains.

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And we are home. It was a good week, and we’re home again, I’ll type up more of a review once I’ve slept in my bed again… I’m tired.

Happy Holiday!

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As I prepare today and tomorrow to go away for the week of Fourth of July I want to take a few minutes to thank those who have made sacrifices for our country.

Thank you to all our military servicemen and women, all branches, past and present. Your service means the world to me.

Thank you to the families of all our military servicemen and women. I know how hard it is to live without your loved one, worried that they may never return to you. I’m only thankful for the technology we have today that makes it easier, I can’t imagine what it was like even 30 years ago when phone calls were rare and mail took a month, and there was no internet to speed an email your way or webcams to let you see your loved one.

That said, I wish you all a wonderful weekend, I’m going to head out to where it’s not so hellishly hot, and try to enjoy some quality family time.

Annual Camping Trip… Day seven.

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*this post written and saved while away from the internet, it was published once we arrived back home. Therefore dates and references are not accurate to the publish date.*

We’ve been here a week, and really enjoyed this trip. My dad came up and spent two and half days with us. I got to spend more time with him in that two and half days than I had spent in the last several years.

We’ve hunted wood, cut wood, burned wood. We’ve cooked on the fire, the kids especially love anything they can put on roasting forks and hold in the flames. The Little Smokies Beef sausages were a hit with everyone.

I’m the only person who hasn’t been to the lake fishing, and while I like to fish, I’m perfectly ok with not fishing too. I’ve enjoyed the time I’ve spent at camp getting things done, both camping stuff and writing stuff. So far (and I never opened the laptop the entire time my father was here,) I have added 13 pages, and finished rewrites on 3 chapters. The rest of the family has brought me trout, which I’ve prepared so we could cook and eat, or I’ve frozen to take home with us.

I like that the trailer only takes 20 minutes to clean… but I have decided that long term living in it would make me insane. Just too many people in such a small space. I could probably handle living in a trailer this size after the kids are grown, when it’s just Hubster and me. But now? No.

Anyway, we will pack up and clean up camp today and pull out early early tomorrow morning. We would like to make it home in time to clean up and to see the new Pirates movie tonight, and let Hubster have enough time to pack as he has to leave before eight on Sunday to go to BNOC

Visiting Vacation, day 4

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Not a really happening day, I took the kids and signed them up for Vacation Bible School first thing this morning, they will spend their mornings there this week. And while they were there I had the oil changed in my truck, washed it, hit all the second hand, and craft stores in town, and hunted down the fuses to fit the car cords for the kids travel DVD players.

When VBS was over I picked up my 3 kids and my niece and they played for a while before I took her back to her mother. We did find out today that Sister’s doctor decided to break her water tomorrow (in hopes that will get her labor moving) so likely by the end of tomorrow I will have a new niece.

I took the kids to the park and visited with some friends before taking them to get a couple new movies to watch in the evenings, and then to dinner. The smallest monkey ate about a bowl and a half of chips and salsa then passed out at the table before his food got there, and slept the whole time we were there, even through carrying him out to the truck.

It has been a busy day, but a good one. No major plans for tomorrow, more VBS… The kids have been hounding me to go to the pool, but with my sister going to be in the hospital, I am not sure when we might make it.

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