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far better than Shout…

Over the years since I have been married and had kids, I have dealt with a myriad of stains on clothing. I have learned a lot of tricks for getting things out…

For small amounts of ink, hairspray works well.

for grease stains.. cola,

but by far and wide the best stain remover I have ever found is Zout, I first found it about 5 years ago, in Walgreens. I picked it up on a whim, and tried it…

We had this little dress for the girls, it was a really cute white dress with blue flowers… but one of the girls had spilled spaghetti sauce on it, long before, and it had become a set in stain, many times washed and dried, I had given it up as play clothes.  As a trial, I just *knew* it would never come clean, but the bottle claimed it would get out set in stains… I applied the Zout to this dress, let it sit about 30 minutes, and ran it through the washer. The stains came out, I was shocked. They came out so well, that my sister used the dress for her little girl, and my sister didn’t dress her in anything that showed the tiniest amount of wear or hint of stain, ever.

Over the years I have used it for many things, nothing as amazing as that first tomato sauce stain, but with 3 kids, I have plenty of opportunity to get stains out. And then this morning… Hubster was getting ready for work, when he discovered that he had left a highlighter uncapped in his uniform shirt yesterday, and now there was a huge yellow highlighter stain on his tan uniform shirt. So I tackled it… Of course, it being ink, I applied hairspray first… and it got a lot of it out.. but not all. So , I dug out my Zout… sprayed the area liberally, front and back, and set it on the washer… 30 minutes later I tossed the shirt in a washer full of cold water and let it run… the water in the washer turned yellow… But by the end of the wash cycle, the stain came out…

Zout saves the day again….


Another day, another dollar…

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Well, I managed to get through August and stay inside my food budget (I am refusing to go to the store tomorrow, the only reason I will leave the house is to take the kids to school, I swear!) which is something I have been struggling with for sometime… why? because things got more expensive, and I was trying to feed us on the same amount it took 2 years ago. (no, the family hasn’t grown.. but how much my kids eat, and cost of food has.) I am excited… and already working on a list for next month… LOL

The girls go back to school tomorrow, with it being Monday and all… I love them being in school, I really do… But there is this wonderful, elusive thing, that I miss so much on school days… it is called Sleep. Hubster gets home at 11pm, and I usually stay up and wait for him, talk to him about his day, etc. and get to bed around midnight… And the alarm goes off at 6. IF I have slept well, I get a max of 6 hrs a night, however, my 3 yo often wakes in the night, needing some attention. I often wake 2-3 times a night for no reason that I can fathom… and then there is that whole getting to sleep issue… sometimes it is easy, sometimes it takes hours. At least on the weekends, if the kids are semi-quiet, I can sleep a little bit later.

The kids and I have no major appointments this week, which is good. Although my oldest hounds me every day “Did the library call yet?” she is waiting for a book on inter-library loan, and is a little bit impatient.

*sigh* Guess I better go put away the laundry before Hubster gets home…

Tomorrow! Tomorrow!!

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I love you, Tomorrow, you’re only a day away!!!

ok, yeah, I have Annie stuck in my head now, but this does express my excitement about tomorrow. Hubster will be home after 3 weeks away. I can barely contain my joy. He is back in this country again, for which I can only be thankful, I was a little worried about those long flights.

I have done a lot of house cleaning, trying to make sure everything looks good when hubby gets home. Major battling with the Laundry Monster, I swear dirty clothes hide everywhere and I can never get caught up.


I decided to try a shortbread cookie recipe, I found it on the Pioneer Woman website, looks good.  I have lots of serving ideas…

I am preparing for school, what to pack in lunches, what do we still need to buy, what we can get away without buying yet, and what is on sale where.

Life goes on…..

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It has been a day so far.

I have worked on sorting out items from a co-op I have co-hosted, still waiting on shipping supplies. but we got some of it sorted. The girls helped, I would sit with a box and my spreadsheet, and tell them how many of what item to bring me, and I would pack it into the boxes. We will finish a soon as shipping supplies get here, both boxes and customs forms, because some of the participants are overseas with military.

We got a movie in today’s mail, it is 2 Fast 2 Furious, which I have not yet seen, mostly because it doesn’t have Vin Diesil in it and what is the point if there is no Vin? But #4 came out on DVD, and Hubster is being stubborn about watching #4 without having seen #’s 2 and 3… *sigh* men.  I am sure that once he gets home we will have a marathon, not only of these movies, but of all the things I have recorded over the last 3 weeks. He will want to catch up.

I have battled the laundry monster. He was threatening to eat my house again. I am always shocked at how much laundry a family of 5 can produce. I have more in the washer but it will have to wait until after 7 to get dry.

I mixed up pizza crust, I talked the girls into pizza pockets for dinner. I will make small(ish) circles of dough, add the toppings each child wants, then fold them up and bake. Great  personalized pizza meals. This way, I can make mine with mushrooms and far less sauce than the rest of the family likes, I swear they want so much sauce your toppings slide off. So we put together 4 pockets… 1 for each kid and 1 for mommy…

I have cleaned up some of the scattered mess that three kids always creates, but I am sure there will be more later.

Maybe after my house apes are in bed I can catch some TV and maybe do some knitting. I am not holding my breath.

Getting things done.

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Today has been the day of accomplishments. I got up and got one lunch packed, as the other child was eating off the school menu today (they are limited to once a week for cost reasons.) Took the kids to school and ran to the store for the one item I forgot yesterday, a printer cartridge for my printer. I never realize how much I rely on that little sucker till it is gone, plus my printer only takes one cartridge, that cartridge is only $20 and lasts between  6 months and a year, depending on how much printing I do. And, I don’t do a small amount of printing, I print things several times a week, between book labels for mailing, recipes, knitting patterns, school menus, etc.

I have also made 4 loaves of bread this morning, I am almost out of white bread for sandwiches, and since the kids are taking it in their lunches, I need that. Plus, I made myself a grilled cheese with it yesterday, talk about super delicious! And over the weekend I made DH a stew in the crockpot and put it in individual bowls in the freezer for him to take in his lunch. Well, he likes to have buttered french bread with his stew, understandable. But if I am going to go to the effort of making the stew to save money, I am not buying french bread at $2.50 a loaf when I can make 8-10 loaves for that at home. So I have french bread in the oven and white bread rising to bake. It smells heavenly in here.

Plus I have been doing laundry. And I have a couple loads done, I just need to fold and put them away. I also cleaned the kitchen and ran the dishwasher this morning.

Sometimes it seems like I do everything early in the morning, then very little in the afternoons, it is true, I do. For a reason, our power rates are more than double between noon and 7pm than they are for the rest of the day. So I get up, get lots of things done, then relax in the afternoons. This also give me a little bit of time to read and knit too, which translates into me keeping my sanity.

Day of fun.. NOT

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I baked up that pie I didn’t get to yesterday.. but before I got to that, I went out into the garage to move laundry, yes, more of it. I discovered water.. where it had run in a stream from the hot water heater, water softener, washer area all the way the length of the garage, and out from under the door…. through the pile of crap we still had stacked in there after moving in… So we proceeded to go through everything that got wet, sorting keep from toss and what has to be laundered… what a pain in the ass. We also investigated the cause of the leak, the drain hose from the water softener had fallen out of the drain pipe… simple simple fix, pain in the ass problem.

On the upside… I have a fresh pumpkin pie, made with fresh pumpkin, just waiting for me to eat it all up.

home… exausted and lots to do.

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we are home. and I have been grocery shopping already (I let us run out of a lot of things before we left) I still have to unload most of the stuff from the truck though.. not fun. and the laundry… but with our power plan I can’t start laundry till after 7 so I am not in a hurry for that.

We are also starting 2 weeks off school for fall break, I think to keep from going out of my mind I may put the kids to work. Let’s call it Fall Cleaning…

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