My Idiot Sister…

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after picking a fight with me over whether or not her 7 yo daughter could go camping with us, (mind you, I didn’t ask, our mom did) because of forest fires, (prompting me to cut off all communications with her, if you recall) decided to let her daughter go after all.
My Niece, N, was pretty good. She only acted like a pill a few times, but it was more than a little apparent that she is indulged. I mean seriously, any time she didn’t get exactly what she wanted she pouted and sulked… I just ignored it and went on.

I was somewhat shocked about the clothing sent with N though. When N was born I.S. (Idiot Sister) wouldn’t let her wear anything that wasn’t pristine. If there was a single mark, or any sign of wear and tear out it went. but the clothes she took camping? Not bad for stains, but her pants wouldn’t stay up dry much less soaked from water guns, and they were several inches too long. After several days of telling her to pull her pants up, someone, (I think it was Hubster, but I’m not sure) asked if all her pants fit that way. She said they did. I can’t be sure… but it’s what she said.

There were some other things that just seemed off…Comments made about things I.S. does, says, etc. I knew she partied a lot, but MAN, for your 7yo to comment and tell stories about it.. hmm…


Road Trip, Day five.

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Today has been busy. And it was far better than I had anticipated… it started out not so great, but it improved. It started out slow, as, thankfully, all our vacation days have… the kids wake late, we wake late, and it is even later by the time we dress and eat and are moving around. Hubster realized at 9:25 that he was supposed to pick up his mother, who lives 30 minutes from where we are, at 10:00 and take her to the Social Security office. So he rushed off, taking our only vehicle, leaving me here with our 3 kids, thankfully, not the nieces, because school started here today. I had no clue what we were going to do all day long, because I *knew* that a visit to a Social Security office on the first Monday of the month was not going to be a quick thing. I was not a happy camper.

I got the kids all ready to go in to the house and bathe (no sewer hook up here, so we are using limited water in the trailer)  just as I get them in the house and situated, and I am about to climb into the shower my phone rings, Hubster is 15 minutes away, headed through town, and he has to stop, do we want to go into the town with the SS office with him? (it is also the town I was needing to go into to get a bit of shopping done) I jumped at it. I got my girls through the fastest showers of their lives and got them dressed and back out to the trailer, we were just getting hair done when Hubster got here. We finished getting ready and took off.

I was able to get my shopping done, my girls needed some warmer clothes, it is hard to find more than just gray solid sweatshirts where we live, it just doesn’t get cold often enough for most stores to stock them.  I walked into Kmart, which shared a parking lot with the SS office, and found sweats for my kids, with cute prints on them for $3 a piece. and a fleece jacket for my 3yo, for only $4, we got enough to last us the winter, and hopefully into next winter. When we were done in the store the kids and I sat out in the back of our Yukon, we opened the back gate and played games and waited, it wasn’t a long wait before Hubster and MIL joined us and we headed back. 

We stopped and at a local Chinese food place (only our second restaurant meal this trip!!) and took MIL home, and dealt with a little more business there, determined what work needed to be done on her place that we could do in the next day, to help her out and then came back to SIL’s.

We set the kids to cleaning up their mess once we arrived and I worked on cleaning up stuff in the trailer, I find my self doing this a couple of times a day as we are out here, 5 people in this small space, I am always picking up something. 

I discovered a short time later that one of the nieces didn’t come home after school like she was supposed to, and that caused a whole new drama. Her mother knew where she was, but it wasn’t where she was supposed to be. I was very careful not to tell SIL how I would handle it or how I thought she should handle it but I did tell her that if it were MY 15 year old who pulled this, there is no way that she would be getting her drivers license any time soon.

Our plan for tomorrow is pretty simple, pick up the stuff that we determined we could do to help  out MIL, and deal with it. I plan on sealing some windows, filling a couple of cracks in walls, changing locks. Nothing really complicated but some things that will really help her.

Mind your own business.

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This is what my husband told me this afternoon. I wasn’t being particularly nosey, at least I didn’t think so. I asked a simple question, with a reason behind asking. And in response I was given a “Mind your own business.” in a hateful tone. I wanted to kick him, I wanted to scream, I did neither. instead I hid until the initial hurt passed, and then I proceeded to ignore him.

If he wants me to mind my own business, I will. I will no longer do the little things I do for him just to make him happy. I no longer make the coffee I don’t drink, I no longer wash or fold or put away his laundry those things are his business, not mine and I have been told to mind my own.

I fully expect him to tell me I am blowing it out of proportion and to grow up, it won’t work. I am on strike, or in other words, very carefully minding my own, and the childrens’ business until he gets his head out of his ass.

Attack of the Evil Migraine

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I went to bed early last night because I had the start of a bad migraine coming on, and was hoping rest, quiet and dark would help. It did help, but it wasn’t completely gone when I got up this morning, so I got up and started my day anyway. I made coffee for the Hubster,  got the girls lunches packed, and them off to school, I came home and picked up the kitchen from that, fed the monkey boy, and myself, and did a few house hold chores. Then Hubby comes in and tells me he is “Not feeling well” and he is gonna go lay down for a couple hours before he goes to work, and see how things go.  So here I sit, with a headache that is steadily getting worse, taking care of the toddler, because I am the mom, and that is my job. While the man who doesn’t feel well, mostly likely because he stays up way too late and doesn’t get enough sleep, is napping in the other room… Anyone wanna have band practice? I can wear ear plugs and you can wake him up…

Sick kiddos and hubby home

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my oldest has been home sick the last couple of days. She woke up Thursday morning not feeling well, and when I asked her if she wanted to stay home she said yes.  When the child who LOVES school says she doesn’t feel well enough to go, I don’t argue, she stayed home Friday as well, but she is improving. No real major symptoms that require medical help, a little bit of a sore throat, small amount of coughing, and a low fever, if it had continued I would have taken her in, but as she is improving I will probably send her to school Monday.

Hubster is on his third day off, in a row, he goes back to work tomorrow. This is a good thing, he pretty much makes me crazy, telling me what I need to do while he sits on his ass doing nothing… right at this moment he is laying in (yes, in the bed I made this morning, not on top of like a sane person) bed reading a book.  It was nice that he was home yesterday when  I got up with a migraine and after I got my middle child off to school I went back to bed. He kept an eye on the sick child and the baby, but for the most part, he makes me wanna smack him, with something hard.

The favorite child.

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I have known for many years that my sister is my mom’s favorite child, it really doesn’t bother me most of the time, because it means less interaction with them both (trust me, this is for the best.) However, my mother has decided that we MUST all get together for either Thanksgiving or Christmas this year. She called me last week, saying that my sister has to work on both holidays, so if we are going to do something it has to be at sister’s house… (which is a 6 hr drive from me, one way.) She goes on about these really great plans (which actually do sound good in theory) then asks, so, what is (my husband)’s schedule like? I told her I didn’t know, since his schedule is somewhat erratic, and I would check and get back to her. I have been putting her off for a week, not wanting to face this bit of family drama.

So, after my sister grilling me about schedules (she works for the same co. as my husband, but a different location, so she thinks she knows how everything works top to bottom) they have finally accepted that we will not be making the trip on Christmas day… now they are pushing for the Saturday after, and using the family guilt thing.. “I am so looking forward to it…” blah blah blah… I am trying to figure out how to tell them that no, I am not driving 12 hrs for a 3 hr ‘party’ that will revolve around my princess sister and her spoiled brat children (because, her children have inherited the preference from my mother) while I am lectured on how to raise my kids to suit them.

Why do men

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wait until less than 12 hours before they have to get on the plane to begin packing? The Hubster had a flight this morning, at a large international airport, in a city more than 2 hrs drive from us, at 10 am this morning… this means he left before 6am to get there. He started packing at 9:30 last night. I am not kidding. He about drove me insane. Then he got up at 5 and left… *sigh* at least I didn’t have to pack for him.

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