I give up,

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I can’t do it anymore. Barely the third week  of school, and I can’t handle the sleep deprivation anymore. No more staying up till midnight or later,  just to get to spend a few minutes with Hubster before bed, then getting up at six to get the girls off to bed. Plus waking 2-3 times a night for random crap. As of tonight, I will go to bed by ten, possibly earlier, I am totally drained. Hopefully after a decent night’s sleep I can force my self to get on the treadmill…


April Mileage.

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I have, in the last two weeks, really started pushing myself on the treadmill, more miles, longer times, and trying to push my speed up some to a really brisk walking speed. I don’t even try to run, I know that my knees can’t take that when I am not nearly as overweight as I am, much less with the extra impact. So walking it is. I pushed and pushed and I am doing4+ miles most days, even now, when my back is giving me trouble.and I am very happy to report that for the month of April, I have walked 36 and 2/3 miles!!  Of Course, my goal for May is to beat that, but I don’t think it will be all that hard.  Especially if I seriously walk for the whole month instead of half of it!

Deep Breath…

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after 3 days of playing single parenting, I am drained. And I have a small child who is refusing to take a nap. ARGH.

On a better note, I have a new resolve. I have determined I am not allowed to knit, or read a book, until after my treadmill time is done for the day. This will really help if I can stick to it, because I can’t go very long without knitting, because it keeps the pain down in my joints, and reading is my escape, and is a MAJOR way I relax (well, knitting is relaxing too, but I do them both at once.)

totals (including todays!!) : 2hrs 26mins 37 sec.   and 6.58 miles

how far?

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can I go? I am making an effort to spend at least 20 minutes a day on the treadmill, in addition to all the other walking I do (usually 2 trips to the school and back, 1 mi. round trip) around the house and doing errands. So I am wondering how far can I go? I am going to start sticking a running total to the end of each post, for both time and distance. And I am going to try to change my outlook, I am going to try to keep from thinking of time on the treadmill as wasted, when I could be doing something I actually like to do.  Let’s see if I can manage it.

treadmill totals, 31 minutes, 1.4 miles

Work out TV.

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I got a treadmill for Christmas, it is a high quality, fairly quiet machine, which means I can actually watch TV while I am on it. Now to find something that will totally engross my attention to watch while I am on it.

Last night I found the end of Independence Day, and that worked well. Which got me to thinking… What movies do I have, or can I get, that would totally distract me from walking nowhere (I hate the boredom of walking somewhere too, I am equal opportunity anti-boredom.) I sometimes read, but the corner where my treadmill is set up is kinda dark, plus with the motion of walking, reading gives me a headache.

Well, this morning I was doing my usual, getting the majority of the housework done before power rates skyrocket at noon, when I remembered the one commercial that I really LOVED during the Stupidbowl on Sunday. The commercial for the new movie Fast and Furious with Vin Diesel. I was so excited, I LOVE the first movie, and the second and third, with out Vin, just SUCKED.  Which lead to the thought, that THAT is the kind of movie I need for when I get on the treadmill.

So I went and dug out the original movie, and I will use that when I get on the treadmill in an hour or so, but one movie isn’t gonna last forever, I am gonna need several, if not lots, more.

Anyone have any suggestions?

Wonderful Christmas…

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my son LOVED his race car bed, I believe we will have no difficulty getting him to sleep in it, (he is still camped in the girls room for the remainder of mother in laws visit)  The girls were thrilled with their hauls too, and have spent the last day and a half trashing my house with all the new toys and stuff.

My oldest daughter got me the robe I have been drooling over, the younger one got me the new Mummy movie, and my son got me a scented candle (yes, I actually like them! he even (with the other’s help) got me a fruity one which is what i prefer to floral scents) Hubby got me a crock pot cook book, I love it, it looks like great fun, and in my stocking he stuffed a Nancy Drew computer game. Now if only I can figure out what is wrong with the dvd drive on my computer… it is a driver issue and I am getting , frustrated with it, it may be time to dig out the disks for this computer (eeks that was 3 moves ago, can I find them?) Oh… have I mentioned my big gift? Hubby got me a new treadmill, so far, I love it. it is huge, but I still love it. *sigh*

My husband and Mother in law leave for the airport in about 12 hrs, and my mom will be here this evening, as we are having our BIG family meal on Saturday with my mom and my FIL and his second family, that is 12 for that meal. We are making a big turkey and another meal almost like Thanksgiving.

Wii Fit

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I had gotten out of the habit of using it, but recently (in the last week or so) my husband has made an effort to get involved, so every morning, while the kids are at school right now, we get on the fit and take turns.

First we both do the Body Test, then all of the Yoga, then the Balance Exercises, then on one day we will do the aerobics, and on the next day we will do the strength exercises, usually just once through each.  I always end up working longer than he does, partly because I have used it more and have more exercises unlocked, and on some, because I have unlocked the more advanced modes, or longer workout times.

Then, in the evenings, when hubby is at work, right now I am using the elliptical every night. But soon, the new treadmill will be here (we are replacing an old one that quit, for Christmas.) and I will do treadmill one night, and the elliptical the next. I am seriously considering setting it so that on days I do the strength excercises on the Wii, I will do treadmill that evening, and on aerobics days I will use the elliptical.