I love you, Tomorrow, you’re only a day away!!!

ok, yeah, I have Annie stuck in my head now, but this does express my excitement about tomorrow. Hubster will be home after 3 weeks away. I can barely contain my joy. He is back in this country again, for which I can only be thankful, I was a little worried about those long flights.

I have done a lot of house cleaning, trying to make sure everything looks good when hubby gets home. Major battling with the Laundry Monster, I swear dirty clothes hide everywhere and I can never get caught up.


I decided to try a shortbread cookie recipe, I found it on the Pioneer Woman website, looks good.  I have lots of serving ideas…

I am preparing for school, what to pack in lunches, what do we still need to buy, what we can get away without buying yet, and what is on sale where.