that children go on a fruit kick, actually a single fruit kick, as in they will eat only one fruit but tons of it, like 6 bananas a day. And then when you give in and buy enough to last several days so that you’re not going to the store every day, they quit eating them, won’t touch them if their lives depend on it. I had 3 hands of almost black bananas from just such an event. when I discovered that he wasn’t going to eat them I knew that the bananas were going to turn before they got eaten. (I don’t eat bananas.. ewww.) So today I made banana bread. I have 3 loaves in the oven now. I will send one to work with Hubster, give the second away (debating between Father in Law and my Step-Mom at the moment) and keep the third here for the family. I love putting things to use when ever I can.