4 year old boys.

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I have one. and he is a hoot. He is the youngest of my children and there is 4.5 years between him and his next oldest sibling. I will state that he is a bit advanced for his age, It’s normal for him to wander around the house counting to 100, or spelling the names of everyone in the house. He plays the computer and video games that his older sisters (ages 9 and 10) play, with as much ease and skill (unless it requires reading, He’s being stubborn about actually reading) as they do.

This morning he is going through my games cabinet (which is not small, and packed) and pulling out one game at a time, playing it by himself for a little while, before putting it away and getting out something else. He told me this morning as I was walking by the cabinet where he was pulling out a new game that he couldn’t play chess, as he had already played it, and he has already gotten his 34 points and won the game. After further investigation, I discovered that 34 points in any game means you win.

This makes me wonder several things.

  1. How do you score points in chess?
  2. How did he arrive at 34 as the magic number for winning?
  3. How on earth did he manage to score 34 points when he was playing Yahzee by himself?
  4. Monopoly?
  5. Life?
  6. Candy Land?

I could see it when he was playing Ants in the Pants, but he has played a large array of games that are way above his age level today, and I guess, if you don’t know the rules, you just make them up.

After only 19 months…

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I have curtains!! As soon as we could after moving into the house we had solar screens made, and they dramatically cut the cooling bill by not letting nearly as much heat in the windows from the sun, they also blocked anyone from being able to see into the house so curtains have been on my want but don’t really need list. (Yes, there is an actual list magneted to my refrigerator.) Anyway, I had decided near the end of this summer that it was time for curtains, and I was planning on getting some with the thermal layer, so that they would block more of the heat from the windows (and glass door) hey, when the temperature outside is over 120 you need all the help you can get keeping the inside cool! My goal was to have them and have them up by this coming summer.

For Christmas Hubster got my big gift (a 6qt Kitchenaid) at Kohls, so he had a large amount of Kohls Cash that he also gave me… I went in and looked there was nothing else in the store I wanted so I ended up ordering curtains for my whole house (minus kids rooms, I had gotten theirs over the summer, and that’s when I noticed how much more heat they block.)

The curtains were delivered at about 6:30 last night.. and first thing this morning I started hanging them. I am thrilled. No more glare from the sun that you just can’t escape, no more the room is too hot to breath in… I am jumping for joy here.

A visit to the zoo…

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We took the kids to the zoo yesterday, made it an all day trip, we had a really great time, We got there when they opened and saw a lot of things we had yet to see… I have been several times and had never wanted to wait in the hour+ lines to see the Pandas… We went there first and had no lines, and lots of time to look and watch all we wanted. I got a few really great shots.



The zoo itself covers 107 acres, and we covered most of it, some parts as many as five or six times as we went from one exhibit or area to another. We saw lots of birds, some of which even seemed to pose for my camera.



We saw my dad, or what we used to tease my dad with..


And I would swear my son was there with him.


We got up pretty close to a couple of elephants, though most were not out in their pens, because keepers were cleaning and setting food in those pens.


and I will leave you with the picture that amused me the most..


The look on that face… it just screams… OMG, look who’s watching this!


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We had a good Halloween. My kids told me some time ago that they wanted to be a witch , a black cat and a broom, the witch and the black cat were easy, generic costume for the witch, ears and tail kit with black sweats and a little bit of face paint for the cat, but a broom.. now that was kind of tricky. I thought about it some… I could have gone to the home improvement store and gotten  the round tubing that is used for pouring cement pylons, but that was expensive, and for what I had in mind, heavy.

In my garage, I still had the box for the hot water heater that we replaced when we moved in (we switched from gas to electric) so I went out and cut out two sides from it.. brought it in and worked the long sides so that it would curl. Wrapped it around the child who would be wearing it ,and cut it so there was only about 3 inches of overlap, not 12. Once I got that cut, I wrapped it around her again, and measured so that if the edge of the cardboard were to sit at her hips, so that she can still walk, where her face would be,  and cut a hole out for her face. after that I cut hole on either side for her arms to stick out, this also means that the weight of the cardboard rests on her shoulders.

Once all the holes were cut, I wrapped it around her again, and taped it, using clear packing tape, into the tube that would be the broom handle. and then we pulled it off over her head. Just before we went trick or treating last night I helped her put the handle back on, over her head and then I took a generic faux grass hula skirt and wrapped around the cardboard at about her waist, making sure that it didn’t quite drag the ground, so she could still walk. taping it in several places around her body. on top of the grass skirt I wrapped two circles of silver ribbon, so that it looked like the wires that generally bind that style of broom. After much discussion the kids had decided that they wanted her to be a Firebolt, like one of Harry Potter’s brooms so I took a magic marker and wrote Firebolt near the top. I think it turned out cute. It won’t win any design or construction contests but it lasted the evening and all the neighbors loved it.


They were adorable, if I do say so myself.

some recent realizations…

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  1. Putting kids to work yields iffy results.
  2. I own a LOT of blankets.
  3. Putting 2 kids on the same job is asking for fights and a bigger mess than you started with.
  4. Windows Live Sync is a wonderful thing. Especially if you have more than one computer you use regularly.
  5. Weekends, when all 3 kids are home during the day, mom gets no more than 37 seconds of quiet at a time, and absolutely no time to concentrate on anything.
  6. A beard trimmer, with guides, will double as a set of clippers for giving a small boy a haircut.
  7. If you say you will do something “over the weekend” this means that the kids start nagging for it to be done as soon as they get home from school on Friday, and continue until the promised event is done or until they annoy you to the point that you cancel said event.
  8. I need a new copy of Office ‘07
  9. I still enjoy cooking…
  10. Google docs Rawks for so many things.
  11. Temperatures over 100 in mid October is obscene.
  12. Well.. I enjoy cooking when it is not obscenely hot…
  13. Men who think they know more than you on a given subject will not accept that you might have learned something they don’t know… no, this isn’t a new revelation, but I feel the need to remind myself periodically.
  14. When PMS strikes, it is entirely possible that nothing will sound good to eat, except dark chocolate, and baby carrots. No, not together, that is nasty…. and no, I am not pregnant.

One day there was

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a little boy, he was only three years old, but pretty quick thinking… He ran into the kitchen, where his mama was working, and asked “What ‘cha doing, Mama?” His mama tells him that she is making banana bread, because she realized that they had some bananas that were getting ready to go bad. At the same time she is measuring and adding the flour to the mixer, and greasing the loaf pans to bake the bread. The little boy looks at her for a minute, and says “I want some ‘nana bread!” then he looks into the oven. The oven is not yet hot, and is still empty. At which time the small boy sits on his butt on the floor in front of the oven and tells his mama that he can’t see the ‘nana bread and it needs to get in there soon so he can eat it.

He waited very impatiently for the bread to make it into the oven…. all of 5-10 minutes… But he was very patient for the hour that the bread took to bake. By then, his older sisters had gotten home from school, and they were all impatient to have some bread as an after-school snack. The bread had a very short life span, and was deeply mourned when it was gone.

Some things I have realized..

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yes, even in I have deep moments.

  1. My children are teaching me tolerance ~ I can tolerate them running and screaming through the house for about 3 hrs.
  2. My tolerance is not yet perfect ~ after about 3 hrs, I am forced to find them each separate jobs so that they will be quiet and stop running.
  3. Knitting is teaching me patience ~ I can wait almost forever when I have my knitting with me.
  4. My patience seems  conditional ~ if the kids are with me, or if I don’t have my knitting, my patience is apparently absent.
  5. Knitting has also taught me that time is relative ~ when knitting a sock, those first 8 inches seem to just fly by, but that last inch, though worked at the same pace, can take hours.
  6. There is no such thing as too much yarn ~ just trust me on this one. And don’t ask how much yarn I own.
  7. I love my extended family, and sometimes I love them more the further away they are from me.
  8. In some ways, I am a very old fashioned woman ~ I love cooking, canning, putting up food, making things “from scratch” as in not using mixes, taking care of my family (though the whole washing dishes by hand thing, it is for the birds)  and just in general being a homemaker.
  9. In other ways, I am very modern ~ I love my computer and internet, and I am not willing to give them, or my cell phone up. (mind you, cell phone is our only phone, we gave up a land line years ago)
  10. Knitting has taught me to plan ahead ~ it is easier to use up extra yarn than to find more of the same color and dye lot to finish a project.
  11. I have learned that beauty is relative ~ I have a red circular shawl pinned to one wall, I knitted the shawl, and dyed it myself, I am very proud of it and I thin it is beautiful, I have had people ask me why I have a huge doily on the wall.
  12. I have learned that by the age of 3 children can no longer hear the sound of their mother’s voice.
  13. A child who loves to read is a gift, though sometimes you may wish that she reads slower, so that it is easier to keep her in reading material.
  14. A child who doesn’t love to read, sometimes just hasn’t yet found something she enjoys reading.
  15. Time spent reading is never wasted. Trust me on this one, ignore the rest of my family.

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