Day 24…

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I am on day 24 of the I am drinking too much Pepsi quest. Since I started I have had 3 Pepsi’s and I admit it, they have all been in the last week. BUT only one of these has been drank at home. The other two were both drank at a Superbowl party on Sunday, I think I have done really well, and I am very pleased with my progress. I am going to continue with this method, which is… It is ok to drink a soda when you are out, as in at a resteraunt (though I usually opt for water or tea) or at someone’s home (not just while out running errands), and an occasional,  or even rare, soda at home is not bad. I was drinking at least one Pepsi a day, sometimes several, and aside from the cost, which was bad, it was just way too much sugar. I am doing good. I hope I can continue as well.


day 16…

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without soda… I did actually buy some today, because the price came down, and I like to keep some around, for guests and Hubster drinks it some too. But just because it is in the house doesn’t mean I need to drink it.

on a side note, I am almost done with my 4th pair of socks for me this year. I have a  couple of skeins of Patons Stretch Socks yarn that I want to try, it is a wool/cotton/nylon/elastic blend. So I will probably make at least one of those into socks for me, and then I will start considering what socks I want to make my mother for Mother’s Day in May. Yes, I know it is early, but if I get them done early, more the better, and I can consider other projects for other people…

10 days… and another pair of socks

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I have just completed 10 days with no soda, partly because I saw the need to eliminate that amount of sugar from my diet, partly because I am just that cheap, I totally refuse, REFUSE, to pay $5 a 12 pack. Anyway, I have had moments when I would really like a Pepsi, but most of the time, I am fine without it.

I finished another pair of socks this evening, but alas, I am too tired to do the whole picure thing at the moment, so you will have to wait until tomorrow when I get that done. I am probably going to cast on another pair of socks, but I have another project lingering in my mind, I am trying to figure out exactly what I want,  I am thinking I a scarf with a hood attached, but I want the hood deep, like the hood on Jedi robes, where it will hide your whole face. Yeah, I know, I am odd. I am not quite sure how I want this to turn out, so I will continue to ponder it for a bit.

a full week…

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without soda… YAY!!!

I was busy today, Laundry, cleaning, etc. I made steak and mushrooms in rice in the crockpot for lunch, super easy will have to repeat that. I also baked french bread, it was so good, the kids and I cut the first loaf and ate it hot with butter on it… the second loaf got made into garlic bread to go with spaghetti for dinner, definately something I will have to make again.

I also watched a couple of my recorded shows while my 2yo was napping, and got 2 repeats done on my lace shawl, all in all a pretty good day.