An interesting observation.

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I realized something the other day and I thought I’d share it. First, some background.

Because of the field my husband works in it’s a good idea for him to have flu vaccine, despite my personal feelings about the whole thing. Because he’s (part time) military and has no allergies to the ingredients, he’s required to have them. So, for the last 10+ years, he has had a flu shot every fall. The children and I do not get them, for several reasons I won’t go into here.

With the widespread outbreak in the news recently, I realized that despite having the flu shot way back in October, my husband has the flu. No one else in the house has contracted it, but since he’s only spent 2 days at home since he got it (2 weeks ago) that’s not all that surprising.

With more thought I remembered that the last time he had the flu (2009) he was home, not only every evening but he also took several days off because he was coughing so hard he couldn’t breathe. Then, as with this time, no one else in the house (me and three children) became ill.

The whole thing has made me wonder, are vaccines really as wonderful as they’re being made out to be?


Sick kiddos and hubby home

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my oldest has been home sick the last couple of days. She woke up Thursday morning not feeling well, and when I asked her if she wanted to stay home she said yes.  When the child who LOVES school says she doesn’t feel well enough to go, I don’t argue, she stayed home Friday as well, but she is improving. No real major symptoms that require medical help, a little bit of a sore throat, small amount of coughing, and a low fever, if it had continued I would have taken her in, but as she is improving I will probably send her to school Monday.

Hubster is on his third day off, in a row, he goes back to work tomorrow. This is a good thing, he pretty much makes me crazy, telling me what I need to do while he sits on his ass doing nothing… right at this moment he is laying in (yes, in the bed I made this morning, not on top of like a sane person) bed reading a book.  It was nice that he was home yesterday when  I got up with a migraine and after I got my middle child off to school I went back to bed. He kept an eye on the sick child and the baby, but for the most part, he makes me wanna smack him, with something hard.