I am working on my 25th pair of socks so far this year. This pair is a little bit different from what I have done the rest of the year, as they are made using remnants of sock yarns. I will walk you through how I have done them, and then, if I remember, I will post pictures once they are done.

  1. Gather up all sock yarn remnants and sort. I don’t want to mix fingering with worsted (yes, I have made worsted weight socks this year.) And I don’t want to mix fibers, mixing a merino/nylon blend yarn with an alpaca blend yarn will lead to wonky results after you wash them. Not to mention that the alpaca felts and the merino/nylon does not.
  2. OK, now I had 13 balls of merino/nylon blend yarn. Most balls are around 30 yds, and I have  a decision to make… Do I want them to be totally miss matched, meaning I grab a ball and knit till it is gone, then grab another, for both pair… or do I split each ball in half and use in the same order to make an actual matched pair.
  3. I decided to split the balls.. but with such small balls of yarn, and no yardage meter, how do you split them evenly (or at least close?) I used my ball winder, first I wound the ball into a cake, then I took the yarn from the outside and the center of the cake and wound them again, together, when I reached the end, and a loop of yarn where the middle was, I cut it and began rolling it into 2 balls. I did this with all 13  yarns.
  4. Next I took two bowls. I put all the balls into one bowl and cast on my first sock, the matching ball to the yarn I was using went into the second bowl. When I ran out of yarn, I would go to the first bowl and choose another yarn, taking out both balls of that yarn, one was added to my sock in progress, and the other is added to the second bowl (second bowl just makes it easier to do the second sock later on, since you don’t have to dig and hunt for the matches.)
  5. Once the first sock was done, you just use the yarns from the second bowl, in the same order (or different if you choose) as the first sock.


I think I may have enough yarn remnants here for a second pair of socks… I will see, I am just over half done with the second sock, and should finish this weekend.