Movie Review ~ Underworld: Awakening 3D

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Action / Horror, Released in 2012, Starring Kate Beckinsale, Michael Ealy, India Eisley

When humans discover the existence of the Lycans and Vampires it starts a war to eradicate the non-human species. Selene is captured and held in a chrio chamber for 12  years before she awakens, but can she learn to live in the new world she’s awaken in? Can she find the one who awakened her and figure out who they are?


My opinion? I enjoyed it, the 3D was good without being over the top. The story was decent, kept me engrossed. Though it was a bit reaching. There was set up for yet another Underworld movie, and I admit, I’ll probably see that one too.


Movie Review ~ Everybody’s Fine

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Drama, Released in 2009, Starring Robert De Niro, Kate Beckinsale and Sam Rockwell

When a widower’s attempt to get his children together after his wife’s death fails, he decides to take a road trip and surprise them all. Along the way they try to keep him from finding out the hard parts of their lives but he figures it all out anyway. When he has a heart attack on the way home, they rush to his side and share what they have been hiding from him.

This was good, very touching and far more real than I had anticipated, I recommend it.