I have made sock progress, I have only 3 inches remaining on the hunting socks, I am hoping to finish them tonight, if not, they will be done tomorrow.  Then I will work on the socks for hubby, only 9 more days till he is home, I think I can finish them in time, and if not, I can work on them while he is at work.

I did get to talk to hubby on the phone this evening. He asked me if  I am aware there are 4 Fast and Furious movies out. (I have the first, and watch it all the time.)  I told him yeah, the fourth was the one that I kept trying to get him to take me too earlier this year, and he wouldn’t… so he says he didn’t see the point since we hadn’t seen 2 and 3. At which point I told him again, (for at least the 3rd or 4th time) that there is no point in seeing 2 and 3 because Vin is not in 2 at all and he has a 3 second cameo in the final scene of 3, and since, in my opinion, Vin makes the whole movie, there is no point in seeing the ones without him in them. He saw my point, but he still wants to see 2 and 3. Thankfully, 3 was on HBO last week and I DVR’d it.

I also managed to catch the first Transformers movie, which we haven’t yet seen, and Eagle Eye, another we haven’t seen yet. Both are supposed to be pretty good movies and he is excited to get home so that we can watch them together.

I enjoy curling up on the couch with him, he lays on the couch, I sit close with my knitting and we watch tv together, almost always after the kids are in bed, it makes for enjoyable evenings.