I have over the last few months, knitted myself a few pairs of socks, and the hand knit socks have quickly become my prefered socks. Since i had so few pairs, I have been wearing them quite often, which leads to wearing holes in them. I had two pair with a hole in one sock, and considering the work in them, I refused to throw them away. So last night I sat down and decided to darn socks.

First I had to figure out just how to do it. There are several tutorials online, all I did was google “how to darn socks” and I came up with several tutorials, both in step by step drawings and in video, I watched one video without sound, because I was to lazy to dig out the headphones on my desk, and got to work. 30 minutes, and about a yard of yarn, later, I had a neatly repaired sock! it was really quite easy, a bit relaxing, adn well worth the effort to get to continue to wear my hand knit socks. Definately a skill I will continue to use!